High and Inside

This old A&J Sunday is from 1992, when Gene was short and the hair was long. OK, so it’s not baseball season, but speaking of sports: I know there was a lot of groaning and eye-rolling Sunday afternoon when the New England Patriots executed one of their patented fourth-quarter comebacks to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Really, you could not call it a “comeback.” When the AFC divisional playoff game entered the final 15 minutes with the Patriots trailing “only” by 10 points, everyone—and I mean everyone—knew what was coming. And sure enough, it came. The groaning and eye-rolling, of course, come from outside New England and from the fact the Patriots have been in, like, every Super Bowl there ever was. I believe that’s a record. However, now that they’re there again, I must say I’m rooting for them. Boston and New England have been very, very good to this ol’ southern-born cartoonist over the years, and I can’t help but be happy for them. Now, the University of Alabama is a different matter.

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