The Tell-Tale Part

You’re not the only ones who’ve been neglected this crazy spring. Off and on for the past six weeks, my cats have lived their own version of the above A&J from 2012. At least they have one another for company; they seem to spend their time creatively rearranging lamps, photographs and light furniture. Speaking of reality comics, the odd little A&J series running in real-time this week is based on recent and very real musings. My own yard has many flowering shrubs that were planted in the early days. They have matured, and this cool, damp spring seems to have inspired them to floral excess. It was very gratifying, but at the same time it literally was a vivid reminder of the passage of years, of how much fun and anticipation were in the journey. OK, OK! Leave it to me to get morose over beautiful blossoms. It’s Tuesday, the virtual “Monday” here at, and beginning today I’m going to get back into our routine here. Thank you for coming.
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