Creative Panic

I’m going to begin a little series today that I’ve always liked, from when Gene was living at home and contemplating his future. When I was a young boy and knew nothing, really, about higher education, I imagined I might go to “art school” someday. This was because my teachers and my parents, especially my mother, gushed approvingly over my childish drawings, which were marginally better than those being produced by my peers. I had a knack for it, which is to say, a little talent. In later grades, it was discovered I had a knack, also, for words and writing. VoilĂ ! A natural-born comic-strip creator. This didn’t come to me immediately, however. I went on to major in journalism, which turned out to be an excellent training ground for my eventual life’s work. However, a little art school wouldn’t have hurt.

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