So many of you questioned why Arlo was stylin’ against a vintage sports car instead of a sailboat that I thought I’d favor you with this cartoon. As you can see, I’m still rearranging the furniture around this place, but things are settling down. This is my (i.e., today’s) plan for the future. Every morning, there will be a new old cartoon, such as this one, with commentary. Yes, that’s every morning, as in 52/7. (What, you don’t believe me?!) There may or may not be, in addition, a separate post from me, depending on what I have to say.

Let’s face it: I enjoy spouting off here, but a lot of the pressure of the old Web page was trying to think of something worthwhile to write when I had other things on my mind. This is an attempt at an optimum solution. And don’t forget: you also can peruse my random replies to your posts. It’s gonna work!