And the quarterback rolls right…

(Note: after living with this project for over two weeks, I’m going to be out of pocket today. Feel free to post comments, but I will be moderating them sporadically. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t show up as promptly as they have. –JJ)2005-09-04-football-fantasy1.gif

This is the last week of football-cartoon season. A&J readership is heavy in the northeast, so I know a lot of my readers are very excited about the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I’m conflicted. Because of my many readers in the Boston area, I’m sympathetic. However, my friends and I watched Eli Manning grow up at Ole Miss and an exciting thing it was. Now, Eli’s professional coming of age has become the other big story this year, along with the Pats’ so-far perfect season. I suppose Eli gives me a personal stake in the game, something I need to truly enjoy spectator sports. However, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see all my New England friends happy. Is that wishy-washy enough?

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