(A note from housekeeping: I’ve been on the phone again with the good people at Earthlink, trying to implement recent updates. If the site should disappear again in the near future, at least those of you who read this will have a clue. Should all go well, I’ll have new shopping-cart software, and who knows? Maybe there’ll be A&J junk for sale someday. Just in time for the Greater Depression.)

The above cartoon was one of the first cat cartoons to run in A&J. It appeared about a week after the introduction of the cat, who did not have a name at the time. It was an immediate hit with cat lovers and toleraters. The tummy is a sensitive area for most cats. You have to be on very good terms with a cat before you’re allowed to even touch it. Some never allow it. I’m proud to say my cat Stella lets me wub her widdle tummy. Which isn’t so widdle any more, if you want to know the truth.

Remember I told you to look out for holiday cliches? Check out today’s A&J.