And today there’s the “wildcat”


I know we’re all great sports fans here at That’s why this cartoon remains a classic, ten years this month after it first appeared.

I can’t believe what I did last week. One day, I touched off the endless Mac vs. PC argument, and then, the next day, I brought up diet and dieting. Sheesh! I’m not about to revisit the former topic, but I do want to clarify my comments on the latter. I agree with our friend Peter Steiger, who commented to the effect, weight is a (mathematically) simple formula of calories in vs. calories out. I did not brag on my own weight loss to set myself up as a diet guru. I wouldn’t do that to you. My intended point was a larger one: I simply eat healthier than I once did, and I think it has paid off for me in several ways, one being a few pounds lighter. And I get to feel superior.