A Catty Conversation

A Catty Conversation

April 6, 2010

I don’t want to sound cavalier, but it simply is true. The life of a cartoonist can be rather solitary, depending on the cartoonist, and it is in my case. Life for me during the COVID-19 crisis remains very much the same, so far. Of course, I miss eating out occasionally, visiting with friends and family and going to the market as often as I wish without fear of endangering others and myself. Also, I know this does not mean I am invulnerable to the pathological and economical disasters that threaten us all. I know I am, and I am worried. However, for now, I take comfort in my daily routine and consider myself very, very lucky. And I consider myself lucky to be able to come here and talk with you. I fervently hope most of you are coping at least half as well as I. BTW, remember: click on the date above if you’re interested in the entire conversation between Arlo and Ludwig the cat.

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  1. I found it interesting that our Church was recommending that we unplug from social and other electronic media for Advent and then of course, for Lent. I few of my friends totally disconnected for Lent, but a couple of weeks ago came back on. I have said it many times that social media is like nuclear energy. When used for good, it is marvelous, when used for evil it can be catastrophic. I have noticed a lot of people using social media as it should be intended. They are “checking in” and looking after their friends and family. Oh the jokes! If I couldn’t laugh I would be crying…and worrying.

    This blog is a community and it is great for all of us, but I think particularly for you Jimmy.

  2. As most people learn in retirement, a routine is in order to keep from coming unhinged. The world is never going to be the same as it was a month ago and hopefully the routines in the ‘new normal’ will benefit from this interlude

      • We were sitting at the window when the house rolled for about 20 seconds, not seriously but enough to disorient a little. We’re 150 miles or so from there and i haven’t heard of any damage locally.

  3. Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. And yes, my sister and I never failed to ask them if they were actually married, as opposed to being the victims of a long-running April Fool’s joke by the minister.
    Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I miss you, but I’m so happy you were able to celebrate 65 of them together.

  4. Steve from Royal Oaks: Well said. I post pictures and anecdotes about my kids, look in on my family and friends, but I have given up scrolling completely.

    Thank you Jimmy for your work, the dailies and the blog. It helps, and is appreciated. <3

  5. Very brief shopping report from N. IL: a Jewel-Osco store does now have paper towels! Buyer is limited to one 6-pack, a move most groceries should have instituted a month ago (on bottled water and paper products).

  6. There are a few words that I find difficult to roll off the tongue and, for me, “anthropomorphic” is probably the most difficult. When I want to use it, I have to look it up to see the spelling and now with Google, hear it spoken. This tends to slow any conversation where its use might be relevant and/or appropriate.

  7. Sometime in the late 1960s, Peanuts became an anthropomorphic comic strip. Yes, Snoopy early on did Human-type things such as play baseball and fantasize about aerial Dogfights (is that a pun?) with the Red Baron, but he eventually developed conversational abilities through his “thought bubbles”. Charle Brown was able to converse with him, at least telepathically. Garfield and Jon does this as well.

    For me, I lost interest in Peanuts in the 1970s, partly because Snoopy became anthropomorphic. I preferred a dog that could do outlandish things rather than a dog that became human (albeit a cartoon one),

    Sorry Luddie. Arlo is right.

    • Got to agree with Jerry. Though Jimmy has the last word, this would completely change the strip. Arlo’s relationship with Ludwig is perfect as it is. I would hate to see the focus change from a couple I’d like to have as friends to another comic about a cat–already got some on GoComics.

  8. Still no luck sharing a link 🙁 Anyone who feels the need to wear a mask in public but who cannot sew should search “no-sew pleated face mask”. There’s a blog called Japanesecreations with simple instructions.

  9. Today’s April 1st strip is an ingenious way to combine the Covid-19 crisis with April Fools’ Day. Good work.

    As for the conversation between Arlo & Ludwig: I must admit that I read this as a slight dig toward Garfield. I’m sure that our genial Jimmy Johnston would never have such critical thoughts, but that’s what I saw.

    In any case, it was a good week’s worth of strips.

  10. @Jerry Brown- it is not actually clear if Jon communicates with Garfield. The comic can be read both ways. For extra fun, hunt down “Garfield without Garfield”. Very Surrielustic.

  11. I miss going out and eating with my spouse of over 40 years. We have been having take out from some of out favorite places, but it is not the same as sitting down and having a meal. Then there is all the packaging to dispose of. I’m no tree hugger, but it does fill up the trash cart fast.

  12. JJ, I’m confused by Arlo’s statement that editors don’t like talking animals in the comics because readers like them too much and get attached to them. What’s wrong with that? Won’t that sell more subscriptions?

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