A Christmas Growl IV

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I’m a little behind the curve on this one, but I was disappointed to hear “Brother’s Barbeque”, Hurd’s restaurant enterprise in Bay Minette, Alabama, ceased to operate late last month. I don’t know what the pressures were, but I know it wasn’t lack of barbecuing expertise. Hurd brought a rack of ribs to me when I made an appearance in Mobile last spring. They were delicious. I’ve always heard the restaurant business is tough, and I know Hurd worked hard. I’ll wager it wasn’t an experience he’ll ever forget!
I don’t bring this up to tweak an expert like Hurd. He can spell barbecue any way he wants. However, I had a stickler of an editor when I was a young newspaper reporter who insisted we spell it “barbecue,” with a “c.” Most people, including myself until I was upbraided, spell it with a “q.” Dictionary.com lists “barbecue” as the preferred spelling, but it also lists “barbeque” and even “barbque” as acceptable alternatives. Every young reporter needs one such editor in his career. But only one.