A few books left!

There still are a few copies of Beaucoup Arlo & Janis left for purchase in our clearance sale. However, the link for purchasing the book on the A&J GoComics page has been taken down. I know from seeing the statistics that a lot of people come here first, and then follow the link to the current strip on GoComics. I wanted to let you know the only link for purchasing the book now is the link below. And I thought I might as well throw in a Saturday bonus cartoon from 2005.

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. It is a rainy Saturday here in Michigan. My daughter-in-law is a girls weekend so my son and grandson will be going with my wife and I to Frankenmuth Michigan. It it has a Christmas ornament store that is really great. It is a German themed town and features a restaurant with a nice chicken dinner. When my daughter was an exchange student with kids from Germany we took them up there. They said ” This is nothing like Germany!” I sure am glad it didn’t take my Mexican friends to a Taco Bell!

  2. These last few days we’ve had more rain (about 2 inches total on average) than fell during the months of June through September. Thankfully there haven’t been large mudslides or other damage and the wildfires that threatened so many homes are now 98% (or more!) contained. It’s all coming from the remnants of hurricane Rosa in the Pacific. And more rain is on the way.

    I guess Rosa was an ill wind that’s doing us some good now.

  3. We keep our carrier where the kitties walk by all the time – but
    THINK about going to the vet, then they are hard to find.
    Or medication – I get up a dozen times, not a whisker stirs.
    But think about a dose and they are gone.

  4. Up until now, Old Bear, I’ve kept his carrier in a closet, closed. Every time I’ve taken it out and opened it, he’s come over, given it a good sniffing and gone right in on his own. He’s the only cat I’ve ever had that doesn’t object to being in one, or going to the vet.

  5. Since “headache” was not listed as a possible side effect of Susafon, may we assume it is a headache remedy? Although it wouldn’t greatly surprise me to one day see “headache” listed as a possible side effect of a headache remedy.

    This approaches the level of the George Carlin report: “Medical researchers have discovered a new disease that has no symptoms. It is impossible to detect, and there is no known cure. Fortunately, no cases have been reported so far.”

  6. Trying to cook a little now and then without much success. It appears cancer has taken away my cooking skills among other things. I have thrown more than one effort down the garbage disposal.

    Tomorrow I try split pea soup, a 50 year tradition. We will see if it is edible. Maybe I can get Ghost to do beer bread to accompany? Split pea soup is a protein source recommended for cancer patients actually.

    And a sugarfree open top apple pie. I have apples that need using up. Guess I could just do cooked apples?

  7. My cooking skills have not returned. I tried to cook corn on cob, brocolli,, sauted, chicken breast and the beer bread. I managed to mess up everything, even beer bread by double salting it.

    Even keeping simple didn’t work. Tomorrow I try green split pea soup and cheese bread. My expectations are rather low now.

    Ghost is sweet and tried to politely eat it. If we didn’t have a good restaurant right down road he’d starve.

  8. It’s going to be a looong day. I got up, dressed and had breakfast. Then I realized I misread my watch when I got up and I was an hour early.

  9. Have you ever noticed that drug names and car model names are often much the same? “Test drive the new 2019 Buick Viagra today!” “Ask your doctor if Cascada is right for you!”

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