A Grave Matter

Today’s old comic strip is from 2002. I hate to be the one to tell Arlo, but there’s a lot more gravity in 2018 than there was then. There’s so much, in fact, both my feet rarely leave the ground at the same time anymore without the assistance of an ottoman. It’s Mardi Gras, by the way. The current A&J deals with that in newspapers and over at gocomics.com. When I lived near New Orleans, the NOLA television stations would broadcast Mardi Gras carryings-on all day on Fat Tuesday. I know: it sounds dumb. However, I rather enjoyed checking in throughout the day via TV. It was something different and festive, with no crowds, no parking problems and no unidentifiable liquids underfoot.

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  1. Watching WKRG in downtown Mobile now. When my sons were small, we packed a picnic and spent the day downtown. My oldest son is in from Houston because he wanted his 4 year daughter and 2 year old son to experience Mardi Gras like he did. I always told the boys that you can’t party on Fat Tuesday unless you plan to be in church on Ash Wednesday.

  2. Red Solo cup! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

    I have a good Mardi Gras story. But, like so many of my good stories, I cannot tell it here. Suffice it to say that it involved alcohol; a Mardi Gras ball; a beaded Mardi Gras ball gown* that must have weighed 15 pounds; an unfurnished house; and a bad case of carpet burn. Good times.


    *No, I wasn’t wearing the gown; my date was.

  3. Fifty years ago, a comely student returned from a Mardi Gras trip and presented me with a string of blue beads. I hadn’t the foggiest what they were, and asked her. She merely said she had gotten these Mardi Gras beads while in NO, and thought I might like them. In those days, friendship was encouraged, so I accepted. It was only years later that I found out how many lasses acquired such beads! Yeah, I was quite naive then.

  4. Lived about 15 miles west of NO back in the 70s. Enjoyed going to the Mardi Gras parades. Still have a coconut thrown by a crew I can’t remember the name of.

  5. Kurt Vonnegut featured varying gravity in one of his modern novels. One of the US’s adversaries had learned how to manipulate gravity in different areas of the world and was using that discovery to irritate the Americans.

  6. I lived in Lafayette some years ago and that was as close to N’awlins as i cared to get at Mardi Gras. Lafayette has good, family friendly parades all weekend into Mardi Gras. My son took his little Cajun wife down to NO one year and he came back with a white face vowing NEVER to do that again.

  7. In addition to a slang derogatory meaning, fruit has 2 legit meanings, one botanical, one culinary. In botany, part of a flower is called the ovary. After pollination [not the same as fertilization, which usually comes soon afterward], the ovary ripens into a fruit. Depending on how many ovaries are involved, and on what other flower parts may be involved, botanists have a slew of categories they put fruits in. I once knew them all, and got a B+ in the course. Expect the web can give you more info than you want.

    Fruits may or may not be edible. Two winged maple “seeds” = one fruit. An elm “seed” is a fruit. A sunflower “seed” is a fruit. A fleshy plant product that is a culinary fruit but which, in fact, contains no seeds, is rhubarb, the stalk or petiole of a rhubarb leaf. [The blade of the leaf is toxic.] A coconut is a fruit, as are most ordinary nuts, but I don’t remember the details. The web knows.

    Kitchen-wise, a fruit is something you eat as defined in your culture. Tomatoes are botanical fruits [technically berries, I believe], but we eat ripe ones as veggies, as in a BLT samidge or sangwich, depending on your ethnicity. We eat green ones, picked before the first frost, as fruits, as in Elaine’s fabulous green tomato pies.


  8. Emb…thanks for the info…now to go purchase a couple of coconuts 🙂 I have a couple of targets in mind…..

    Wasn’t there a song with the lyric “you put the lime in the coconut”? Mark, that’s your job today..find that song…please.

    And Yes, I loved the Toby Keith Red Cup song…..never heard it before. I would always get a fresh red cup when it came time to refill…that way I knew when to quit 🙂

    TR…people are stupid when alcohol and guns are involved. Have you read the story about the 19 year girl who identified her killers from her death bed, before she died..may they rot in hell.

    Well, it stopped raining…for now.

  9. Mark, that is the best version I’ve heard…thanks to the Muppets and Jim Henson, the world is a great big smile…love Miss Piggy. One classy female pork chop 🙂

  10. Another school shooting…why? ….I just lost my supper, in the latrine…Why don’t these demented shooters take their own lives before destroying the lives of families. I’m still mourning over the lives lost at the grade school a few years back. The devil is running loose and we need to ask God to protect us from such brutal atrocities.

    May peace and the love of family surround those who are suffering…May God’s love bring them home…for those who die in Christ shall rise up first. Amen

  11. My wonderful Ghost cooked a delicious steak, potato and salad Valentine’s dinner for me tonight with bread pudding for dessert. It was the first anyone ever cooked for me.

    As we keep saying, it is never too late for a first time nor to find love. I love this sweet man.

    I know how lucky I am. Thank you Jimmy.

  12. So happy for you, Ghost and Jackie. Bless your hearts.

    (Wistfully wondering — how did “Will you be my Valentine?” turn into “Happy Valentines Day”?)

    My mother used to make bread pudding and I’ve always loved it. What flavor did Ghost make for you, Jackie?

  13. Good Valentine’s Day. First Feb. thaw [+40F, next few days highs w/b lower], took my beloved [and happily married] cleaning lady to lunch at Cantabria Coffee, and made 6 portions of much-modified New China egg drop soup + egg fried rice for supper this evening and others later this mo. Plan to give up cptr solitaire for Lent. Bedtime.


  14. Ghost made a recipe from Zatarain’s that had golden raisins and pecans with a whiskey sauce.

    I think I will have some for breakfast.

    Our late housekeeper drank entire bottle of Makers Mark, barely leaving enough for sauce. She drank all the liquor in house including all the wine with screw caps!


  15. Current help does not drink!

    We let the drinking housekeeper go over alcohism but did not discover consumption until I was cooking marsala sauce and no marsala but empty bottle.

  16. True love = homemade

    I made my love lasagna for Valentine’s Day. It takes a lot of time and energy, which I don’t have a lot of these days, but then I get to share the results.

    As for Zulu coconuts, I never caught one when we lived in New Orleans area years ago. It was my understanding that the Krewe did not allow them to be thrown (possible injury) so they had to be handed down from the floats.

    I only went to the downtown parades a couple of times. I took my kids to a few parades in Metairie and there was a kiddie parade (Krewe of Vulcan) that went near my house. That one was fun – the Boy Scouts usually ran out of beads by the time they came by our house on the return trip, so we’d load them back up with everything we had caught so they could keep throwing.

    We took the kids to a parade while visiting the folks in Oklahoma and they were not impressed by the bands and the demure floats and the dignitaries riding on horses and convertibles. “Why aren’t they throwing anything?” was the continuing refrain.

  17. Thanks to being associated with Jackie’s boutique, I have now perhaps discovered the job for which I have been looking my entire life, without actually realizing it. Job title: Mini-skirt Buyer.

  18. Being startled by a friend calling out to me, I took a short tumble down 2 concrete steps. Amazingly, I barely scraped my right knee and bruised a muscle in my right thumb in the process. I can’t recommend it as an activity, especially since it resulted in some atrocious puns by that friend. 🙁

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