A Hoagy Is Not Just a Sandwich

A Hoagy Is Not Just a Sandwich

You guys are older than I thought! There were some interesting comments yesterday about “big bands.” I enjoyed reading them and was compelled to follow up on a few of them. Here are the next two installments. On other matters, the collapse of the Thomas Cook travel company is amazing to me! I won’t go into the myriad facets of this debacle; it’s all over the Internet, if you’re interested. I actually have very little to add except: back in my traveling days, I would arrive at the Atlanta airport, en route to Europe, and head directly to a Thomas Cook kiosk where I would convert dollars into Francs. Thrusting that exotic and beautiful currency into my wallet, I felt as if I’d already left the country. Of course, this was just before the explosion of the ATM. I suppose that was yet another of the multiple nails in the company’s coffin.

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  1. Mention of college radio reminded me of my days as a radio show host back in 60s. I had a universal accent so I got to do several shows (most speech/drama students were Cajun) so as an agricultural major I did opera, classical /symphonic and big band AND easy listening shows!

    In 1950s I hung out with my mom and her age group playing cards, golfing and clubing (they thought I was baby sister) so I grew up with generation one age older. Hence more sophisticated tastes than most 50s-60s teens.

    I still love various music. Raul Malo with The Mavericks covers Big Band fantastically with a South Florida Cuban sound mix I truly love.

  2. Love the archive series AND today’s live strip. On the other hand……Sorry to be frosty Jimmy, but…….. Personally, I’ve been fantasizing about the Arlo & Janis After Dark book. It’s been a few years since it was pre-paid for as part of a fundraising campaign. Did anyone else get theirs and maybe I missed mine? I do think an explanation is owed. Hopefully, mine was simply lost in the mail. If so, I humbly apologize but still need to follow-up on it.

  3. I had to Bing (no, not that Bing, the search engine) Hoagy. I’m just a punk kid of 60 who rarely heard as a child and then came of age to rock. I can appreciate big band and swing I just know none of the names.

  4. I’ve got a couple of Hoagy’s records! Don’t know why I haven’t got more (I’ve got tons of Leyton & Johnston, and don’t get me started on the Andrews Sisters). Maybe nobody wants to part with ’em?

  5. It’s pre Halloween and I am on my annual roll/ role posting hundreds of Halloween jokes and other bric a brac. A lot of you already follow me on Facebook but you can find me at Jackie Monies or at Eufaula Friends-A Good Small Town. I use same jokes but different info on news.

    I am told I have good taste in jokes.

  6. About today’s strip: Our cats never gave us trouble while we opened those packets. It was when we started rubbing it into the fur at the back of the neck that they got wiggly. Since it only happened once every three months or so they didn’t associate scissors with a negative. But boy, did they know what popping a pull top can meant! Even when it wasn’t something for them.

  7. We have three cats that are all indoor, so we never worry about fleas. They are getting older, so we do need to comb them more often. Two are brothers and are long hair. We got a short hair a couple of years ago, thinking she would shed less, but she sheds more. She was very scared when we first brought her home and hid for 2-3 days. I finally pulled her out and carried her around the house each night and after a few days she overcame her fears. So now she has bonded with me, so I “get” to comb her out.

  8. I am a little sad. Our small “city” has an organization called “French Art Colony” (the city was settled by the French in 1790), which promotes the arts. During the summer there is a gathering called “Hot Summer Nights”. It occurs on Thursday evening, with live entertainment and legal beverages. It is a great community fun event. One always sees friends and/or acquaintances… good conversation… usually good music… just a good, small town celebration of friendship. Alas, tonight was the last evening of Hot Summer Nights. My friends and I will have to find a new venue!

  9. Today’s strip is our kitchen. My wife was taught to clean while you cook, but I’ve informed her ONLY if I put it in the sink!

    When her mother comes over, she asks”How can I help?” I tell her to pour two glasses of wine and go into the Living Room and talk with my wife for an hour or two.

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