A Light Nap

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This Sunday A&J, complete with the bookends header, is from 10 years ago this month. We know you do things like this. We just know. And now we interrupt this post for this important message: if you haven’t already signed up for an account at GoComics, please consider doing so. GoComics, of course, is the Web site of Universal Uclick, the syndicate that distributes Arlo & Janis and many other great comic features. You can sign up for a free account, which lets you set up your own comics page of strips you want to see every day (Be sure to choose A&J!). A paid account of less than $1 per month enables you to view cartoons without the distraction of ads, and the strips you choose will be emailed to you daily. Of course, you can go to GoComics and view strips without signing up at all, but by signing up—for a free or paid account—you will further help the creators. If you aren’t already a daily visitor to GoComics, I hope you will consider it. The future: it’s coming. Now, back to our regularly scheduled post. We like to think you do.

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  1. As soon as I finish my Bible devotions and prayer time the first thing I do every morning is visit my comics page and Arlo and Janis is the first comic I read followed by pickles which brings me to the fact that Their Sunday morning strip still has the bookend which they work into the comic of that day.

  2. Given that the Boston Globe has succeeded in delivering exactly two newspapers to my driveway since December 28 – the date of the ‘new improved distribution system’ went into effect – GoComics is looking better every day!

  3. In a related (?) matter, I understand that Yahoo! discontinued their comics section last week. I would occasionally check in there, since they seemed to normally update about an hour before gocomics. On the bright side, I can now state categorically that I detest *all* things Yahoo!!

  4. You know, there is another idea for an A&J product to sell. Get someone to make up sets of the bookends for those of us who still have real books.

  5. I go to the Seattle Times site and view my favorite strips there.

    Winter has finally arrived in the midwest. Drove from Detroit to Cincinnati last night instead of leaving early this morning. Packed everything but a razor. Went to the front desk, where I asked the bearded man behind it if he had a complimentary one and he didn’t. Worse thing was that I was on a conference call and had to use the mute as my scruff was making too much noise as I held the handset. I’ll pick one up tonight. With the snow and wind today, I’m glad that I drove last night.

  6. Jackie, our little Susie has grown up so fast. She’s over on TDS now, decrying the “weirdos” there who routinely make everything about sex, but at the same time admitting to not only having a “boy friend” but even to kissing him…on occasion. And on another site, she recommends giving a man a “boob-hug” as a way to make him smile. I can only suppose she finally reached puberty.

    Note: One does not have to look at the comments on The Dark Side when one visits there. Nor here either, for that matter.

  7. TruckerRon: I use the exact same trio! Tho with Arc-o-Mess I just have it email the strips to me …the comment area there is too full of trolls for my tastes.

  8. For some reason (perhaps all the vampire cleavage in that video the other night), YouTube is now suggesting breastfeeding videos for me to watch. The greater surprise for me, though, was that there are breastfeeding videos on YouTube. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.

  9. I also subscribe to GoComics and get about 20 comics and editorial cartoons emailed to me every morning. It is the best dollar a month that I have ever spent.

  10. I’ve been a member at gocomics.com ever since they acquired mycomics.com.

    J.J., if you have any influence with gocomics, please have them modify the site so it is easier to follow all the strips more easily should one miss a day. As it is now, you must select the back button on each strip (you can’t select an earlier calendar day until you have selected the back button once). If one misses a couple of days, it becomes a real PITA to follow an arc. It would be very nice to choose a date from a global calendar that presents all the strips from that day.

    I’ve made this suggestion numerous times including on the recent survey. If I get a response at all, it is a boiler plate stating they are always looking for ways to improve the site. WELL, PLEASE GET TO IT.

    This feature, by the way, existed at mycomics.com and is truly missed.

  11. Yes I use GC despite all of it’s flaws, including, but not limited to posting the same few ‘Lil Abner arcs all of the time, and commentary is sometimes totally off the wall. Also Arca Max, Dilbert, Seattle PI for Phantom, plus a few other Indies. But Arlo & Janis is the best of the lot, which I never miss unless out of town.

  12. Tom, at the top of the comics I get a Previous button for my entire selection. Selecting it allows me to go back a day at a time; there’s also a calendar tool for jumping back farther. I’m using Safari on a MacBook.

  13. Dave, click on the little calendar icon next to today’s date. Then you can go back as far as you want and just keep clicking on the right arrow till you catch up. Saves a lot of time versus backing up repeatedly.

  14. Catching up: Concerning Hefner, Inc, I caught a line somewhere that Playboy was dropping the nudity element. Haven’t had a moment to research it for validation.

    The roads, the weather, the job, and doors (of all things), have been points of extreme vexation this week. My high point was coming home today to find my neighbor had shoveled my steps and sidewalk while I was at work. I had no real intention of shoveling any time soon.

    Please be patient tomorrow if you intend to venture into a Powerball retailer. And if you have a moment, spare a thought for me. Tomorrow just might be truly awful.

  15. @TR

    No global Previous Button on Firefox or Chrome at the top of the page. Could this be a feature of the Pro version?

    The only Previous Button on “MY COMICS PAGE” is tied to the individual strip.


    Again, the calendar on my page is on the strip header not the page header. I’m talking about the page with the 7 strip icons at the top (8 after the second selection is made.)

    I did find out that in Chrome, the calendar allows for selecting any date for that strip whereas in Firefox one must step back with the aforementioned Previous Button. Until then all the previous dates are grayed out in the calendar.

    I don’t use Chrome often because it is agonizingly slow to display the home page on start up as if it is communicating with every Google server on the planet first. Oh, wait, it probably is.

    When using either the Previous Button or Calendar, you are taken to the strip’s unique page. Returning to your MY Comics Page is simple if you only look at one previous strip as the browser BACK button returns you there. If you have looked at several previous strips in a row then using the BACK button is not practical. You must reload the page (probably using your bookmark). If you have read several strips you must step through them again until you reached the point where you used the Previous Button. Of course you can click the rightmost icon to advance more quickly. This is poor web design.

  16. Tom, if you use Chrome with Adblock it loads very quickly. I just looked at the current strip and my blocker shows 12 ads blocked. When your computer waits on every one of them to load before showing you the strip, you will/do notice the wait. Other sites show anywhere from 20+ to 75+ads being blocked. That is why people have turned to using the adblocker software. Without it, it is like going to a movie where you have 20 minutes worth of ads before the movie even starts.

  17. Do not you just love the “reaction” shots of the audience members at the SoTU address? About two-thirds of them appear to have been embalmed. Oh, wait. Could that just be the Botoxβ„’?

    Lady Mindy, I too read that Playboy was now going to publish only photos of “partially nude” women, whatever that means. Perhaps I should pick up a copy and do the math, to ensure none of them are more than 50% naked.

    But did you purchase a ticket? πŸ™‚

  18. Eating dinner tonight I had to listen to table behind me playing power ball fantasy. I have been in convenience stores today, already bad. God forbid you want anything besides tickets. I actually bought $10 worth what with I throw that away more frequently than I should.

    Don’t consider flowers in backseat thrown away. They make me smile. I remember back in 1980s when I opened an upscale bucket shop the concept of loose flowers was radical. Now I can buy at any Walmart but limited choices.

    What, Susie left the nunnery and has discovered another sex?. That is of course were one to know what Susie was to begin with

  19. But then most of the “partially clothed” models became “unclothed” models.

    Jackie, Susie’s “bio” elements on TDS are “Christian, Medical Technologist, runner, singer, cook, artist, friend, lover, and smartaleck”. One is free to reach one’s own conclusion as to which are authentic and which are spurious.

  20. Also, a cropped head-shot of this image from a t-shirt site is what “Susie” is using as her TDS avatar. It appears to be the same female in another t-shirt “Susie” was using on Book of Faces at one time, IIRC. I guess she just forgot to list “t-shirt model” as part of her bio.


    Of course, my avatar on TDS is a WWI fighter pilot, but I don’t believe anyone would think it is supposed to be an actual photo of me, so…

  21. Mark, thank you for posting the link, yesterday, to the u k Telegraph newspaper. The archaeologists’ discoveries of the well preseved Bronze Age village in the fens of East Anglia is fascinating! Most enjoyable to read about and see the photos.

    It’s nifty to think that the people who lived there could have been among our own remote ancestors. A lot of mine came from that area. It makes them seem so real to see the actual timbers of their village and the pots they cooked in.

  22. I must confess Snoopy came to mind.

    Today was a first in a long time, skinny jeans, skinny sweater, cashmere shawl (not granny at all), cute cap and knee high leather boots! Well, there was more to outfit but I could have modeled it. I noticed my obese doctor who is my daughter’s age isn’t all that taken with me now. I felt good wearing this. Totally age appropriate because it fitted, looked good and no one cares how old I am because I don’t. Ageless.

    Got a new cat gifted to me, a munchkin mini cat. Named Sylvester. Past owner was putting it down, beautiful nine month old down playing with my toes. Mackerel tabby mini. Crazy cat lady.

  23. I registered on GoComics several years ago.

    Which is better for the artists? The free or paid version? Or is there no difference because of the advertisements?

  24. Good morning Villagers…..

    Jackie, no cat ad here….Ad block πŸ™‚

    Near the Amish community, they are building little log cabins with front porches….cute, but I cannot imagine living in such a small amount of space….I need my space….like my big, bathroom with the french doors into the master bedroom. I come home from work, shut the door and disappear for a while, and come out smelling better than a hen house πŸ™‚

    I’m a member of GoComics, I just can’t remember my password…oh, well.

    Mark, Mr. Bowie also painted….did you link up to Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’? Read an article about Bowie taking the group out for dinner…told them that if he didn’t get to play with them on that song, he was going to steal it.

    Fashion statement today….thermal leggings and jeans, turtleneck, thermal long sleeve over turtleneck, followed by sweatshirt. Two pair of thick socks, and to top it all off….Carharts πŸ™‚
    4 degrees on my front porch, and 59 degrees in the hen house. Can’t shut off any more fans, have 5 running, other wise the hens and I would die…and I’m not quite ready for that.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…

  25. @MiTT.

    Thanks, Mark. I do use Ad-Block in both FF and Chrome. So many factors contribute to the performance of a browser that each of us will probably have a different experience. On my system there is a difference of several seconds when starting FF and Chrome from first click to a fully displayed home page, FF being ahead by a long shot.

    I’m the guy that stands in front of the microwave oven saying, “Hurry up, Hurry up.”

  26. Jackie doesn’t feel well today, something you don’t often hear me say. I need to get some new scripts filled and threw some away. Took me off some, upped dose others, added at least one new. And I am feeling punny and new cat is by my ear purring loudly. There is a mother cat that goes with him they needed to catch. This one and Dickens are on bed

  27. Both of those guys remind me of leather ads in the New Yorker.

    Today’s full frontal TIP BlogSpot http://thatispriceless.blogspot.com/

    is hardly sexy, and would have qualified for the Japanese edition of Playboy, since it neither shows pubic hair nor any trace of anything else. And, considering my ignorance / sports, you should be proud of me for getting it. Gotta go: wonderful cleaning lady coming in 2 h 45 min., so must pick up stuff.

    Peace, emb

  28. Debbe πŸ˜‰ Zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip. (Don’t think I’ve had on a pair of thermal underwear since I gave up riding. Had some good ones…very lightweight, very warm, dark blue in color…Damart, perhaps? Wonder if they are still available.)

    So, emb, you straighten up ahead of the cleaning lady? πŸ™‚ Yeah, me, too.

  29. And emb, the referee lady with nothing to hide is apparently just the center piece of a portrait of three comely Japanese females. (I’m not sure what infractions the other two equally naked ladies are signaling.) Since all the sites I could find featuring them are in the Japanese language, and I don’t have time to translate them, that’s all I can tell you about the three little bares.

  30. Have seen a couple of TV shows about people building “tiny houses”. To me, they seem rather expensive for what you get, and once the novelty wears off…permanent cabin fever.

    And don’t even get me started on half-million-dollar tree houses. Robin Williams once said that cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have to much money. Those may be the architectural equivalent.

  31. Thanks, Mark; that’s them. All these years later, they don’t seem to have increased very much in price. I should probably get a pair. I’m sure they would come in handy at least once a decade around here. πŸ™‚

  32. GR6,

    Sounds like you live near me. We’ve hit a low of 30 degrees once in 2016 and maybe a half dozen times in 2015. In my 77 + years, I’ve seen snow accumulate maybe 10 times. Went skiing in ’85 in Colorado. That will last me the rest of my life. I prefer the Southern Caribbean or equivalent when Winter comes. God bless us every one.

  33. Ghost do you NEVER plan on leaving the Mississippi Gulf coast?

    I knoe, why leave the most perfect place in America?

    I am back in bed with Sylvester. I almost said who the heck would sleep with a Sylvester? Then I remembered Stallone. Who the heck WOULD sleep with Sylvester or an Arnold either?

    Listening to Sirius I discovered I liked Jackson Briwne. They give name of song and artist. No one here ever mentions Jackson Browne. Is there a reason?

  34. I am going to Australia in November when it will be late spring or early summer if my Antipodean calculations are correct. Lots of friends but just going to ramble around alone, connect up with friends in different parts of country. One is a member of the Village here that has moved there. It’s a big continent.

    I am back on to go to Antarctica in January but not signing on until zip see Orthopedist on Thursday and cardiologist end of month. I will need some of that underware, thank you Mark.

    Summer trip in 2017 will be England, Scotland Ireland and Wales.
    Waiting for warm season there and this summer is totally booked in America. With a side trip up into Canada now and then. Gary I will have to get to middle to come see you. Thinking of going to North Channel so that would put me closer to you.

    Right now I am shooting for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida for six weeks hopefully.

  35. Have Damarts in the bottom draw – been in unopened bag 35+ years.
    They are only L so maybe that is why.

    We are having a heat wave – a tropical heat wave. +19*

  36. I quit Facebook about a year ago when I bought a new computer and didn’t want to have the attendant privacy concerns on my new machine that Facebook would cause.

    Might be a pure coincidence, but spam has dropped to near zero, even though I increased my online purchases in the last year.


  37. Tiny houses:

    I won’t mention his name, but a fellow who used to post here now lives in a tiny house with his wife.

    It’s been nine months to a year, I think, and, the last I heard, they love it.

    Think Thoreau and his urging to “Simplify, simplify.”

  38. Rick: β€œThink Thoreau and his urging to ‘Simplify, simplify.’ ” Recent New Yorker* has a disturbing article on a thwarted ‘school shooter’ who may be of normal smarts but on the ‘autism spectrum’ and a critical article about Thoreau, who turns out to have been a phony in some respects [e.g., Mom brought him food sometimes, and he often went into town only a few miles away] and who had trouble empathizing with others. Today, we might characterize him as of normal smarts but on the ‘autism spectrum’. Spooky. *It’s around some place, but cannot find it just now. One of the Oct. ’15 issues, I think.

    Peace, emb

  39. “All the world is crazy but thee and me.
    And sometimes I wonder of thee.”

    Did Thoreau claim to be a hermit?
    Renounce All material things?
    He just wanted to be alone for awhile.

  40. Y’all: Fave local supermkt had a clearance sale on gri’its [not Quaker, some other brand] two mo. ago. Bought four boxes, have been using it, liberally laced w/ red seedless grapes, as a non-fat breakfast cereal. No butter, make it w/ skim milk rather than water. Bought some yellow cornmeal at the co-op, did the same thing. Cornmeal mush, I guess. Detect little if any diff. in flavor. Why one rather than the other?

    Peace, emb

  41. OB: In ‘On Walden Pond’ [if that’s the title], he claimed quite a bit, incl. the delights of not having to be w/ others, and more self-sufficiency than he really had. Lots of quotes, and also lots of posthumous adulation, much by people who seem not to have read the book, but have romanced his β€˜Simplify, simplify.’ I’ve not read it either, just the review, which has lots of direct Thoreau quotes, some not from the book.

    Three of us used B.F. Skinner’s ‘Walden 2’ in a team-taught intro honors course, along w/ other readings, but that’s different. Used A. Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ the same quarter, I think, Ursula LeGuin’s ‘The Dispossessed’, and perhaps Thos. Moore’s ‘Utopia.’ Also used ‘The Dispossessed’ and John Fowles’s ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ together. They pair very well. Hon. 100 wasn’t always about utopias and dystopias, but that was a natural. Also Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ one of those terms. Fun.

    Peace, emb

  42. Modern grits are commonly made of alkali-treated corn known as hominy, in which case it may be called “hominy grits”. “Instant grits” and “quick grits” use hominy processed for faster cooking, widely sold in supermarkets. — Wikipedia

    There’s the difference. Corn meal comes straight from corn, grits generally takes a detour through hominy.

    Difference may be mostly in cooking speed and color. And on the farm, hominy may be easier to grind? I grew up eating hominy at great-granny’s in Pocahontas.

  43. One advantage of pro is being able to have the strips emailed to you. If you fall behind you have them in the inbox for when you get to them. I’ve been pro for several years and would not give it up. Cheap entertainment compared to the near 450.00 a year the paper has gotten

  44. Good morning Villagers….

    Yesterday was a good day, despite the cold. Really like my new co-worker, as a matter of fact, he is ‘Skittles’ older brother…..as I’ve said, Jonathan is the new Farm Manager, and I’m not related to him (Ian was once, then Andrew). It’s going to take time, but we’ll get that hen house back in shape. The Boss wants to see another 25 years out of it…..well, better be prepared to spend some money, honey πŸ™‚

    Emb….re: today’s TIP….don’t even go there….besides, they spelled my name wrong πŸ™‚

    I’ve no idea what brand my thermals are, I just look for the front, which is sewn for a man. Maybe I should look into women’s thermal….nah, these do just fine.

    Jackie, pray you get to feeling well soon. Don’t like to hear it when you are under the weather. Like Mark said….that purring can put you to sleep.

    When I hear the word ‘grits’, I think of the mini series “Roots”, “they’re called grits, dummy”.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  45. GR πŸ˜‰ Your post put tears in my eyes….playing Motown for your sister, great era of songs there. Was she your ‘baby sister’?

    When Mom had the bridal shop, we would do bridal shows on Super Bowl Sunday. We opened the ‘show’ with that year’s prom dresses. I picked the music, showed the high school girls how to strut their stuff down the mini runway….I always opened with this….


    They did great during rehearsals, but froze up on the audience, so….there I am behind the speakers, below the runway, strutting, hollering, move it babe, strut it, all the time dancing to the tunes….it helped ease their ‘stage fright’…we put on some good bridal shows. Mom knew I was one crazy daughter, said she never worried about me being on my own in my younger days, because she knew I had survival skills….that one always ‘slayed’ me πŸ™‚ Miss my Mom.

  46. EMB:

    Except for the new topic of autism, I am aware of the various valid criticisms of Thoreau; I used to be a teacher of literature.

    However, such observations do not necessarily invalidate his point that simplifying can have benefits.

    The degree of simplification is the real question.

    Perhaps Arlo said it best when he asked Janis as she poured coffee from a turkey-shaped dispenser, “Can we agree that we have enough stuff?”

    With a bit of luck, perhaps the former poster who now has a tiny house will someday let us know how things are going for his wife and him.

  47. EMB,

    Trucker Ron covered most of the points on grits vs cornmeal, except grind size and corn type. Grits are typically coarser. They are most often made from dried white corn hominy and the seed coat is removed with lye or other caustic base which allows the endosperm to fluff up. Also, the corn types normally used (dent) have a softer starch, so the end product is smooth and creamy. My understanding is that corn meal/flour types have a very thin seed coat. A third type used for polenta has harder starch and retains a graininess even after cooking. Dent corn is the type also typically grown for livestock feed. In earlier days it allowed farmers to use the same crop for two purposes– for man and beats. By treating to remove the heavy seed coat, it could be consumed by people, untreated or just cracked it was a great source of calories for stock.

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