A Long Long Time Ago

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John Hambrock is a fellow cartoonist who creates The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee. I checked in on John’s site this morning, and he was doing some bragging in his blog. His fine comic strip launched in November of 2006, which led John to calculate that he has drawn over 3,000 daily and Sunday strips that, if laid end to end, would equal the height of three Sears Towers stacked on top of one another (about 4,500 ft.). Well, John’s calculations led me to some of my own. I have drawn over 10,700 A&J strips since 1985, not accounting for leap years, which if laid end to end would extend for 2.5 miles and closely resemble my office floor. Hey, Junior! Come back in a few years, and we’ll talk some more! I must say, I do admire the way he has copies of all his strips arranged in ring binders. And if you read John’s bio, you’ll learn he spent years developing his characters before Brilliant Mind was launched by King Features Syndicate. As evidenced by the above cartoon from the first month of A&J, it wouldn’t have hurt if I’d done a little of that.

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  1. Better to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before than sit at home dreaming. With apologies to Mr. Shatner.

  2. Doumacan (that doesn’t look right) I miss Johnny too. Didn’t get to see him as often as I’d have liked but he kept urging me to give up the high life in Houston and come back to the cotton fields. Some of the most intelligent and thoughtful conversations I have ever had were with Johnny and why he did what he urged.

    Of course I have high opinions of just about every vet I have ever had (for my animals) but Johnny was special, a philosopher and thinker who should have written the words he spoke, beautiful words.

    What I said about people from Louisiana who refuse to leave or come back and stay is true and for the reasons Johnny gave. They are often not logical nor based on monetary gain.

    Johnny died way too young. It is not just the famous who die when there is still more they can contribute.

    Love, Jackie

  3. On a lighter note about going to school at USL in agriculture, I was definitely the first woman to make the collegiate judging teams and definitely the first who’d ever been hired as a Playboy bunny, a fact I think I kept secret from the Dean of Women and most of the university unless I had my clothes off. It may be possible I can find a photo of me training a show heifer in a skin tight pair of jeans and a skin tight shirt that still left little to a good imagination. It was the day of the 60’s when women didn’t wear loose jeans that looked like overalls.

    Haven’t heard much from Ghost so we need to wake him up.

    Love, Jackie

  4. Careful Jackie, You’re going to be drinking yourself to sleep and running for miles in the early morning pretty soon. I had those spring rols and Aflac sauce last night.

  5. Jimmy, you have improved your drawing skills. I guess that is a left handed compliment. I had someone compliment me on my singing by saying how much I had improved since I started up again 7 years ago. My first thought was “Wow, I must have really stunk back then”

    Your drawings were still pretty good all those years ago.

  6. Love the drawings. This is how I feel most days coming from work to home and when I reach home, change clothes, and crash….I’m a whole new person.

  7. Jerry, no danger of either events occurring. My knees won’t survive walking, much less running, and the pancreatic disease would finish me off with drinking . Just had honeydew melon and limes squeezed over it, with two small slices of cinnamon french toast. At 11 our time here.

    Love, Jackie

  8. Doumacan, there is another friend from Tensas Parish you probably know, Dr. Mike Cannon, who was with state or federal department of agriculture? Wrote for the Baton Rouge newspaper and wrote very well. He keeps trying to pull me back into the delta too for same reasons as Johnny.
    Those two were in high school with me and college some too.

    Love, Jackie

  9. Jimmy – thanks for a look back in time. I discovered A&J in the mid-90s, but that was quite a while after this one. I can definitely relate to Arlo in this one.

  10. I was peeved about something. I very seldom get peeved, but when I do, I am not good company, even electronically. But I’m all better now and back for the photo of Jackie training a show heifer in a skin tight pair of jeans and a skin tight shirt.

    Today’s retro cartoon: Hmm. Four-poster bed? Interesting. May put the handcuff key incident in context.

    Today’s real-time cartoon: Don’t get smug about Ludwig not being able to get up on the bed without help, Arlo. Remember, it’s likely just a matter of time until Janis hands you a little blue pill and says, “Face it! The day has come!”

  11. Ghost: ‘Remember, it’s likely just a matter of time until Janis hands you a little blue pill and says, “Face it! The day has come!” ‘ I thought you needed an Rx. We managed without them. Take enough pills already. Peace, emb

  12. I didn’t notice the bed. Count on you, Ghost. Is it wood or metal? So glad you are back. I missed you, of course. Who will we have to lead this group astray?

  13. Jackie, does the photo show how you got that show heifer into a skin tight pair of jeans and a skin tight shirt?

    Loon, I am creative. Very creative. 😉

    An older gentleman who was too embarrassed to inquire for himself sent his wife to the pharmacy to find out about the little blue pill. She asked the pharmacist if it did indeed work as advertised.

    “Yes, ma’am, very much so. I know that from personal experience,” he told her.

    “Can you get it across the counter?” she asked.

    “I think so, but I’d probably have to take two of them.”

  14. Poor Luddie! I know how he feels. Three years ago, I broke one ankle and messed the other up pretty well. I had a heck of a time for awhile getting into our very high, four-poster bed. I had to lean against it, fall back onto it, and then shimmy till I got into position. I suppose my husband could have helped, but I’m stubborn…besides, he was lauging too hard to be much use.

  15. We lowered our Chippendale four poster bed for that very reason. When I go to upscale hotels with high beds I often think I will sleep on the floor eventually. I fell out of one once and almost didn’t make it back in.

    By the way, were that four poster of mine fall on me it will take several people to find me under it, the back is seven feet tall and extends from side to side of a queen sized bed and up to the canopy, all solid mahogany. Sort of palatial looking when the canopy and side curtains are in place.

    It is “naked” right now.

    Ghost, the heifer that is wearing the tight, tight cowgirl outfit is me. It all must have had some elastic in fabric or they were better manufacturers back then.

    Love, Jackie

  16. We have an older little dog that is starting to have issues getting up on chairs like Luddie, so we don’t give her hassle for getting on the lower level hassock, we encourage it. Also her newest thing is to come in by my computer chair, go to sleep and start snoring.

  17. TR, think Dilbert’s steering wheel selfie cam explains much about the flying car stalling out. Stalling out was a poor attempt at a lift joke.

    Denise, glad you didn’t call on GR6 for assistance; his creativity might have been too much for your ankles.

    Rainy day here. At present Loon and cat are asleep on the recliner. Productivity rate near zero.

  18. Good one, Ghost!!

    Even I’m curious about the skin-tight attire containing either Jackie or a heifer! I was going to add that same bit of humor about it, but Ghost beat me to it. Rather like Groucho’s elephant in his pajamas, eh?

  19. Ghost, that is a funny joke. I need to laugh. Don’t know what peeved you and I hope it wasn’t one of us? If so, I apologize.

    Was just talking to a family member who I was raised with and who knows me. I commented I did not do well in support groups because I am outspoken and can’t tolerant fools. He said, “Who you, Jackie? Speak your mind? Not you!”

    I am well known for telling how the cow ate the cabbage.

    Love, Jackie

  20. Black light is now a “senior” kitty too. She will be fourteen this year. She has never been a jumper, but at the apartment, she refused food or water if it was on the floor. (What was she, a common animal?!) Anyhow, I had a bookshelf that she used to jump on to get up to the counter, but the last year we were there, I could tell even that was making her uncomfortable. I moved one of her climbing thingys over by the counter. [Which was all “hers,” I must add. No food prep or anything I didn’t want her to mess with went there. Unless, I forgot, of course. We won’t discuss all of the extra hassle she caused me when I absent-mindedly left a traffic ticket – in all of its crinkly-paper glory – on the counter.] When we moved, I took the opportunity to put her dishes on the floor. She groused a bit, but is much happier now. The climbing thingy now lives in the bedroom; bedtime is much easier too.

  21. No, Jackie, I wasn’t put out by any of this Band of Merry Pranksters. How could I be? And yes, I’ve seen some “cowgirls” in some mighty tight jeans, some of them so snugly-fitting I swear I could have read the labels on their panties if they were wearing them inside out.

    Dear Lord, with all the problems we have at home and abroad, do we really need to waste our time trying to determine if Tom Brady’s balls were firm enough or not? Yet, I fear, this is the state of present-day “journalism”.

  22. Just as no baseball batter has ever put excess pine tar on his bat, and no pitcher has ever put a slippery foreign substance on a baseball, I’m sure this is the first time a football game ball has ever been under-inflated.

  23. Who read to the end of this news story about the Saudi Arabian monarchy and saw that the new king suffers from dementia?

    That is reassuring. And the prior king had been unable to rule from a stroke but did anyway.

    On Bill Belichick, was my husband the only one who referred to him as the Elf Lord?

  24. Just add an offical NFL football keeper to the offical crew. They would bring and maintain all balls used in the game; the footballs becomes a league responsibility.

  25. Elf Lord? Yeah, when he’s on the sidelines, and it’s cold and rainy, and he’s got his hoodie up, he could pass for one.

    I believe the reason Belichick doesn’t look or play the part of the corporate-oriented, media-attuned, neatly-attired, TV-photogenic NFL coach like many of them is that he really doesn’t give a flying fig about anything but winning football games. I’ll give him that.

  26. Not much of a football fan but I did read an interesting comment on the deflated ball situation. It seems the Patriots more successful in the second half when they were using balls at proper pressure.

  27. Jackie, you mentioned yesterday seeing a pop-up ad for a brand of men’s underwear I’d never seen. About four hours later, I got a pop-up ad for the same brand. Wow, that’s what I call targeted marketing. I merely read the name of the company online and their ad finds me within hours.

    Since underwear is one of the things I try to buy in the best quality I can afford (shoes, tires, mattresses, bourbon, condoms, etc.), I did check it out. Note above, I said “the best quality I can afford”. I don’t see myself buying any $20+ jockey shorts or $30+ undershirts, at least until I hit the lottery.

  28. Our Tulsa station is predicting temps in high 50’s and 60’s for next few days to a week. I did however put on my red and white fleecy bottoms just in case. No flannel nightgowns for me, a la Janis. I switched to bottoms and tee shirt tops after mooning the neighbors, when we have any, in short tee shirts between knee and butt. It is normally pretty empty around here except some on weekends in summer. so it didn’t seem to matter what I gardened in.

    I have seen more serious snow and ice in West Texas than I care to see in times past. The barren landscape made it a serious silk flower market as live didn’t seem to be do able. The obsession for high school and collegiate football made it a serious market for football mum ribbons, both products that paid some bills for us.

    Love, Jackie

  29. I am going to start paying more attention to these targeted ads too, simply for same reason you gave. Someone mentions without actually even clicking on a link and I will get ads too.

    As I have boat designer friends and others in New Zealand and Australia, I get a lot of those for travel, ditto ads for Caribbean and Gulf coast. I am wondering if they are targeting from content and how? I bet Sand knows.

    So, which bourbon do you favor? That seems innocent enough to ask.

    Love, Jackie

  30. jUst got an ad for HyundaI in Odessa, TX and a Home Depot ad for cabinetry and remodeling bathrooms when I read an article on Wooden Boat about custom built wooden tubs in homes and boats. Coincidence?

  31. Jackie, Maker’s Mark is my everyday bourbon. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut is my current special-occasion drink.

    Now I wonder how long before you or I get a pop-up ad for one or both…

  32. Cookies, and not those the Girl Scouts sell. If your browser accepts cookies from websites you visit, these becomes a micro beacon. Without running ad blockers these cuties can be tripped by clever advertisers to display ads based on your browsing history. I am starting to see cookies used to gather email addresses for mass mailings.

    Advertisers get paid fractions of pennies each time they place an ad in front of an eyeball. Click thrus pay pennies each, that is when you click on the ad and redirect to the advertiser website. Optimize your cookie bot right, those pennies start flowing like a loose Vegas slot and someone makes real money.

    Learn to manage your browser settings for cookies.

  33. Lol, one of my email accounts lives on a robo-advertising list for an upstate New York auto dealership. Have never figured where or what caused the link.

  34. I have written for and will probably do so again for Small Craft Advisor magazine, a legitimate boating magazine. I just got a junk email to me as part of the staff of the magazine which I did not open of course, just minutes ago. I have never represented myself anywhere except on their masthead listing and blog site as a staff member, I just sometimes write articles or contribute. Wait a minute, Mike did more than I and I am using his email rather than my own!

    Someone in China ? thinks I can make purchasing/financial decisions for the magazine? I need that computer geek right now!

  35. Some day I’m going to see if I can browse Kindle Books in a way to make Amazon think I’m a middle-aged black woman in the UP who rides steeplechase and does home canning.

  36. GR6, that is a simple one. Buy a new laptop. Go to Starbucks. Buy a $3 coffee, add the free half & half. Log on to Starbucks wifi. Emulate a Marinette Michigan IP address. Go to Amazon and lookup the following products: canning supplies, horse tack, and Afro haircare products.

  37. Jackie, I know you from more than just your browsing history, and I sure as hell couldn’t categorize you with much confidence I’d get it right. 🙂

    That’s a good thing, by the way. Who wants to be predicable?

    Speelchek tried to change “categorize you” to “catheterize you”. I’ll not comment on my chances of doing that correctly.

    Harking back to an earlier question, I’m guessing “brass bed.” Although handcuffs would have likely made for much clanking. Clanking and danger of loss of key could have both been eliminated by the use of old nylons. (Not to mention danger of chaffing.) But perhaps Janis wanted to play “Naughty Shoplifter”.

  38. That is what I think Sand because all this talk of cookies and tracking makes me realize they probably think I am a single person, and while I have always used the internet far more than Mike, I gave up trying to keep a number of separate accounts and just went to using the one.
    There are peculiar ones like baby websites I did for daughter and grandson but in my name, all the boating and outdoor magazines and groups, blogs, women’s clothes, books, cooking, gardening, travel, lots of medical portal and patient information sites, just a hodge podge of things that in my opinion would confuse the trackers.

    Lots of restaurants, department stores, sports and knives and coins and investments, lord, I can see where they’d be mixed up.

    Love, Jackie

  39. Ghost, do you remember the Secret Service a year or so back? The one where the advance agents for a Colombia visit were enjoying the local services? I saw a newspaper headline that combined that with “Secret Service needs more women”. And my mind made connections that the writer probably never intended.

    sandcastler ™ I saw a Craigslist ad that was titled Underbed Restraints in the General category. When I clicked on it, they were something A&J could have used on that bed in place of handcuffs.

  40. Silk scarves are better unless nylons were taken off and easily available.

    OK, I chickened out and erased rest of comment. My children are unlikely to read this since I am not on Facebook but who knows?

  41. Erasure bad. Candor good.

    Yes, silk scarves are better, if you don’t mind it appearing a bit calculated. Nylons give the impression of wild, spur-of-the-moment passion.

  42. Mark, while some parts of the Gubment (DOJ, BATFE and Really Big Fires, etc) seem to be doing their best to keep legal firearms out of the hands of honest citizens, another (Secret Service) has still not located a full-auto M4 carbine stolen from an agent’s vehicle while he and his partner were in a hotel room making the beast with two backs. Go figure.

  43. Unless you were wearing panty hose, in which case do you rip them in half or use the wine opener to divide them into two parts? We have discussed the failure of women to continue to wear hose? Knee highs are hardly erotic!

    A wine opener would probably be available, as no beverages with screw caps consumed and I am sure we wouldn’t go anywhere without one. In your case, Ghost, you’d have at least two cutting implements available and a Swiss Army knife to utilize as a backup.

    Mike always said he had to build all his boats and homes with a dull Boy Scout knife, so he’d probably say the same thing about being prepared.

    Poor Jimmy, look what comes of a few cartoons with black hose, bras and handcuffs?

    Ghost, you make me laugh which is good.

    Love, Jackie

  44. Today’s new daily——- Janis looks like the female character on 9 CL, not Martine but the blonde daughter who plays the cello and piano and is a ballerina. When she is doing her “rage face” look with really scary face.

    Good night all. We have probably scared off the remainder of the Village that the troll didn’t run off. At least any with puritanical tendencies but if they do, they are probably at the wrong comic strip anyway because I do know what the Arlo Award is based on and it isn’t undeserved.
    And often hard to win.

    Love you, JJ-


  45. I get Allegra and Viagra mixed up, so if I start sneezing, look out! We went to see Midtown Men tonight. They are the original Broadway cast of The Jersey Boys. They were great.

  46. Today’s strip (well, I guess at this point in time, I should say yesterday’s) with Ludwig having troubles getting up on the bed … this isn’t a prelude to Luddy’s dying because he’s old?! I hope not!!!!!! Luddy is one of my favorite cats (my own cat, Pumpkin, comes first, of course) and if you kill him, I will be so upset, I won’t read your strip anymore! I have been a fan since it first appeared in the Tampa Tribune many years ago and I was one of the first to order your book — please don’t break my heart by killing off Luddy!

  47. Good morning Villagers….

    Jerry, do you carry a towel? Sneezing can be hazardous 🙂

    GR 😉 Ann can still hit those high notes….scrolled down and read some of the comments…man, people can be so rude. Idiots.

    Doumcan. (I think I spelled it right without looking back) I work in one of those backyard hen houses…it’s about 25 years old. Packing room could use work as it is rather drafty in the winter. We have to turn the heat way down when we leave….the night it was zero, I went in that morning to find ice in the toilet bowl…now that’s cold.

    Merle…I briefly thought the same thing….I don’t believe Jimmy is going to go that way…Luddie is a very important part of A&J/

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    And can anyone explain today’s real time strip….I don’t get it.

  48. Arlo is dreaming that he has been waked by Janis’s whimpering, so he dreams that he wakes her, and she turns into a vampire. Neat. I’ve had lots of weird and sometimes convoluted dreams, but never that kind of switch [that I can remember]. Most of the times I wake up, I’ve been dreaming, but also have forgotten all or most of it but the time I’m fully awake. Once in a long while, I remember the details, and have gotten two newspaper columns from that.

    Freud claimed that the dream you really had is not the dream you remember. I’ve read a little of Freud’s original writing [ages ago, for an Honors class where I was the natural scientist of a 3-man (it happens) teaching team], but also heard lots about him from the psych and lit profs on the team. F. was an MD, but not really a scientist, IMO. Also, an expert manipulator, as demo. by his take on dreams. Has this colored my take on shrinks? Yes.

  49. emb, Janis looks more snake-like than like a vampire. The slit pupils and tongue with fangs seem more characteristic of a snake, don’t you think?

  50. emb, I cannot resist noting that Freud’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s cupbearer’s dream in Genesis 40 would likely have been markedly different from Joseph’s interpretation… 😉

  51. I step out onto the Village Square this morning only to learn I want to bed too early last night. Then I see the daily offering. Now wondering if I’ve awaken in the deep, dark woods on Dante’s Inferno.

  52. “Naughty shoplifter”? Don’t know about that, but there is a petition going around among my daughter’s friends for their dance teacher (the belly dancer) to start a burlesque troupe named The Ilumin-Naughties.

    Some years ago when my sisters Pugs got too old to jump up on the bed she went to PetSmart and bought a stair for them, much like this one: http://www.petsmart.com/dog/ramps-steps/pet-gear-easy-step-iii-pet-stairs-zid36-7414/cat-36-catid-100020?var_id=36-7414&_t=pfm%3Dcategory

    eMb, these days I don’t remember much of my dreams either, which makes me rather sad. I used to have some pretty interesting dreams, the best of which had freeze-frame shots and Russian end-credits. I never have figured out that as I don’t speak Russian.

  53. Ah, but you see, that’s the dream Joseph thought he had, so that’s what the scribe wrote down. He really dreamed about lox, cream cheese, and raw onion on a bagel. If we’d known that, there would now be peace in the Middle East.

    Peace, emb

    P.S. Haven’t had one of those since I went low fat in ’07. Sob.

  54. MerFest? Meh. IMO, real mermaids do not wear bikini tops, or indeed any other type of tops. A detail Jimmy got entirely right in his Simple Fisherman series. Remember that MerJanis didn’t have a clue about the proper use of a brassiere when Simp Fish gave her one.

    I did discover Hannah Fraser, who bills herself as a “Professional Mermaid”, among other things, and who gets it almost right.


  55. Sleep apnea prevents the mind entering certain stages that promote dreams but I am sure you know that. I saw Arlo’s dream last night and thought Janis looked like a snake, which would fit in with my snake nightmares and dreams of bed being in water with really scary things in the deep.

    I am avoiding driving about 90-100 miles to hospital for lab work for my diabetes doctors and I know I am doing so and need to go. Blood sugars running too low and I have appointments where they need the labs.

    Last night I ate a huge baked potato late at night and was really regretting eating it after reading some of Ghost;s comments and now Loon’s photos of topless women. Figured it would give me enough complex carbs to get me thru night, got up to low sugars again just now.

    I think the epaulets are supposed to be barnacles but I suspect they are there for use in some form of support for her equipment in act. Equipment other than her body, I mean. I had read about her, she supports herself as a mermaid entertainer and does personal appearances for events, etc.

    Love, Jackie

  56. The problem I have with the “Free the Boobies” movement is that it would seriously impinge on the frequency of appearances of semi-mysterious, tantalizing, imagination-firing pokies. Pokies gotta have something to poke through to be pokies.

    Speaking of which, I briefly noted this week the return of two familiar faces to The Weather Channel (“The Cable Network I Love to Hate”). Samantha Mohr, who I always considered the classiest act on TWC, and Alexandra Steele, who, although a bit on the anorexic side for my tastes, seemed to be TWC’s Pokie Queen (as well as a very good weather presenter) back in the day. I have no idea if they were appearing just temporarily, or if TWC has come to its senses and is returning to the concept of “on-camera talent” that actually possesses some talent. Since Jennifer Lopez and Dave Schwartz also seem to have returned, I have some hope that it is the latter.

    And Jim Cantore joins Sam Champion on TWC’s “happy talk” AMHQ show next week. Wonder if they will have to enlarge the studio the accommodate those two egos being in the same place at the same time. 🙂

  57. My impression from their TV ads: “Liberty Mutual…Insurance for Whiny People Who Don’t Read Their Policies Until After They Have a Claim”.

  58. Jackie, as one diabetic to another, please, please get those labs done! Your doctor’s going to need the results (Probably an A1c is involved.) to know how to adjust your meds. I had some blood work taken on Tuesday, and Wednesday morning my doctor called me. My numbers were much too high, so he made a minor adjustment to my insulin which seems to have been Just Right. I also have another bladder infection, which may be causing the bad numbers, and I’m taking the same antibiotic that knocked out the last one. At least this time they found it before there were any symptoms!

  59. Jackie, how can you go rescue critters half way across the country but not take care of you?

    John in Richmond,,,,, thoughts continue your way

    Jimmy.. a 35 year anniversary party sounds like fun. Let us know when to start celebrating 🙂

  60. Aquatic nip-slip? Let’s see…wrap yourself in a big filmy red scarf and gyrate around underwater. What could go wrong?

    Well, I guess you’d have to say Hannah won the blog today. I would, anyway.

  61. Reading down through the comments on today’s real time strip, I found a reference to Starrigger, by John DeChancie, so I emailed him the url and told him to look at the comments. He’s going to put it up on his FarceBook page, but I told him to wait until tomorrow so that I can send him a “permalink” to the page with comments included.

  62. In all the confusion in my life I forgot to mention the return of the TWC babes. When I saw Alexander Steele I thought instantly I should mention it, she was always a favorite of Mikes.
    You are right about the anorexia however, she is so tiny she wears a size 0-2 at most. Our late troll would have said a good size.

    Got my blood all sucked by the ghouls at little effort. so both diabetic doctors will have it by next week. Now this is the weird thing, I was super worried because it was low when I got up, I didn’t eat, drove an hour plus to lab, drove an hour plus back and realized I didn’t have insulin with me, so I ate a tomato juice and four chicken strips, no insulin all day and went and got my hair done, finally made it home and sugars were still totally perfect? No insulin since midnight last night.

    So, crazy thought here, maybe I could control it with diet, exercise and less stress in life.

    How and where did I read or see a special on the mermaid? I remember they showed the tails and how complex they were to build and how expensive to make them so real. It must have been on a science show on mermaids that Mike was watching. I did say he was a breast man, right? But he liked tails too.

    Love y’all, Jackie

  63. “…maybe I could control it with diet, exercise and less stress in life.” Ya think?

    I know you have a lot on your plate, Jackie, but do not neglect any of those three things. They will not only change your life, they can save it.

  64. That’s why I said it was a crazy thought! I have a chance to change my life and no excuses now.

    Watched the long video of Hannah Mermaid. That is a totally awesome routine. I have never seen anything so beautiful. It makes every act I have ever seen look so lame and inane that was at aquariums or marine parks. Not to mention the famous WeekiWatchi Springs mermaids in Florida, but for some reason I think she has some history there? Her parents. mother?

    That would absolutely have appealed to Mike. I did mention he worked in the very early days with Robert Ballard in Hawaii at Sea Life Park? Mike managed the restaurant after he graduated from hotel restaurant school at University of Hawaii. His office was in front of the big shark tank aquarium windows, he would have loved to have had this in the tank too!

    Love, Jackie

  65. We ate the last of our Vietnamese spring rolls with Aflac sauce and they were great. Their homemade but not in this home. My wife knows a Vietnamese woman who makes them. We’ll have to make a spring roll run soon. It got very froggy before dark and has been drizzling since.

  66. I am still laughing, Ruth Anne. Thank you, I also watched Bette and the Harlettes do “Boogie Woogie Buigle Boy” in the mermaid costumes. She is a great entertainer and has always seemed to have fun making fun of herself. I like that.

    I am going back and watch her and Cher do Trashy Women routine.

  67. Sorry, that was “Trashy Ladies” with Cher in underwear, stockings and garter belts for those interested in such. I would link it but youtube hates me. I feel lucky to be allowed to watch.

  68. Ah, the Divine Miss M.

    She and Cher were wearing Merry Widows with attached garter belts, stockings, high heels, feather boas, and, apparently, tassels on their butts…not that I was particularly paying attention to their costumes.

  69. Got test results by email, boy was that fast. I think I am OK but two specialists will tell me if I am not. I never, never have some things like vitamin D or potassium because I just don’t seem to “uptake” any despite supplements from doctors. Like 50,000 IUD of vitamin D multiple times per week. And giant potassium pills. Why can’t they make those smaller? I did find out why they don’t ever give me IV potassium, although they have made threats.

    Faithful 10# dog is curled up on desk asleep, so I need to eat something to buffer the pills.

    Some people have lives and get to go out on Friday night. Lucky people!

    Love, Jackie

  70. It has been years and years since I had any bourbon whipped cream but it is divine, like Miss M
    and might somehow be connected to same responses.
    Mark, this group leads us to sin I tell you, sin, even if it is like our great Southern President Jimmy Carter said, “Only in my mind.”

  71. Thanks, Matt, but the Weight Watchers point total for one cup of that hot chocolate is equal to about two and a half Big Macs from McDonald’s…or about 80% of my total daily allowance for all food. Actually, the bourbon has a reasonably low point total, so I’ll just stick to that for my nightcap. 🙂

    Jackie, I usually use Friday nights to decompress and get ready for Saturday night.

  72. Like most Southern women who are not of the Baptist persuasion, I consider bourbon, rum and brandy to be like vanilla flavoring and essential to a good cook. Well, port too and cognac.

  73. Not that I mind bourbon and boobs, but here is something completely different:

    I just finished the current (February) edition of “National Geographic” magazine. On page 125, writer Laura Parker mentioned a South Miami family who devised a clever name for one of their pet fish in their pond.
    It’s a real hoot!
    I won’t spoil it for you; look it up.

  74. Dearest Ghost, Thank you for asking. No, I am in fine shape and in fact am never sick (I know, “famous last words”) and I got my flu shot in October. I have read every word of all these comments, and have much enjoyed the wise and witty remarks. Really I am in awe of the knowlegable and kind hearted folks who create such interesting and friendly stuff! It’s better than reading fiction!

    Feeling that I couldn’t add much wisdom or adventure to what’s being said; tomorrow I will see if I can sparkle a bit.

  75. I was awestruck that New Hampshire was picked as the best state in America in which to live, tying with Michigan. I may have to come visit again. Just now contemplating taking a sailing course in Maine at the Wooden Boat School in August. I drive, not fly, everywhere. And Michigan is already one of my favorite places to visit. Small towns or big, they seem to offer so much.

    Of course, Oklahoma is always at bottom of the barrel, we were #44, a good reason to visit others.

    Know I have told this one but I was in NH in mountains in spring and I stopped at a small gas station/store high in mountains. I gushed, “What a wonderful view you have! It must be just glorious in the fall!”

    Reply, “W’all tain’t so glorious when you’ve been looking out the same door for 70 years.”

    Love, Jackie

  76. Dear c ex p, thanks for the good wishes. It’s supposed to snow here on Saturday; I think it’s coming straight down from Canada.

    Jackie, had not seen your story before, from the NH mountains. It’s a good one, and rings true. Hope you do come to Maine in August. Bring warm clothes, it can be chilly on the coast even in August — but you probably know that already. I think you are sensible to drive, not fly.

  77. City Slicker asks Uncle Ezra “Have you lived here all your life”?
    UE “Noht Yet”

    70 years or not I’m just glad to be able to look “Out the door”

    Back on the “Pibgorn Couch” Trolls were “(something)bridge symbionts” there was another adjective which escapes me at this time.

  78. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 ….awww, the sea of love, where everyone would love to drown. Thank you….good song. I have a niece by that name, but spelled the biblical way.

    At 61, I’m just glad I can see….still have not contacted the eye doctor. My son told me that they don’t do cataract surgery until it’s real bad. At the other hen house is this lady who is going to have cataract surgery when they purge the house in March. Then there’s my SIL who has had cataract surgery and I’ve spoken to her about it….matter of fact she suggested her doctor.

    Will come home today and look at health plans…I’ve been in contact with a very helpful Anthem agent all week, and she has put together a plan with dental, vision and such. Husband and I are discussing budget…..Even with my aid, premium will run close to $200 a month, but the deductible is $1700 which beats $6,000. Like I’ve said, all this is mind boggling.

    Yup, it’s Caturday……ya’ll have a warm day…..rain and snow here tomorrow….yeah!!!!


  79. G’morn Debbe, I’ve already eaten a muffin but thinking about eggs has me thinking about some with bacon and grits later after my morning nap. Charlotte, do you know of a state park in NH that has a walkway around and over a river, a small one? I’ve followed the trail as far as something called the bear cave although I don’t remember right now what that was. I was there two years ago, but didn’t have the time to explore as much as I would have liked. I promised my wife a trip to Paris this year, but I think that New Hampshire might be a better idea.

  80. Jerry, your mention of bacon causes me to brag. I’ve started curing and smoking my own bacon. It’s very satisfying to start with a couple of slabs of raw pork belly and convert that into thick slices of crispy, salty-sweet deliciousness.

    I saw a tip for cooking a few slices of bacon in a skillet without burning. Start with a cold skillet, arrange the slices, the add water to fully cover all the slices. Use high heat until the water starts to boil, then reduce heat to medium high. Once the water is almost gone, reduce the heat further. The boiling process starts to cook the bacon and render the fat. Until the water boils out the temperature is controlled at 212F/100C. With the water gone the bacon is largely cooked and can crisp up. This works really well for bacon bits.

    If you’re cooking a lot, baking is still best. For a few slices, though this works really well. (It may be that everyone else already knew this. I’ve been skillet-burning bacon for years. I did not know it.)

  81. Charlotte, Shirley Temple wrote that her mother was always on the movie set with her. Just before Shirley filmed a scene, her mother would say “Sparkle!”

  82. I would be remiss if I did not politely contend with Our Humble Author about his assertion that he should have done “a little” of the “years developing his characters” done by another author, “(a)s evidenced by the above cartoon.”

    My good man, you could draw that same cartoon again this very day, with Arlo in his current appearance, and it would be perfectly consistent with the character as we know him today. No one, save the readers of this page, would be any the wiser that it is almost 30 years old.

    One tends to be harder on oneself and one’s work than most others would be. While there may be something to be said for a comic strip springing fully grown like Athena from the brow of the author, the characters’ appearance may have changed somewhat, but the characters of A&J have been pretty much who they are from the git-go. As I have previously noted, some of the veins of humor have changed over the years, ie, no more “little kid” humor from Gene, and Janis ultimately concluded that Arlo was going anywhere if he hadn’t already, but everyone has acted consistently true to their overall personality from Day One (you see what I did there, right? 🙂 )

    Do not fret, Gentle Author, that “Arlo and Janis” is not “King Lear.” If it were, most of us could not bear to read it every morning. Trust me (and your legions of readers) on this one: it is just as brilliant and profound in its own way, and we do not fail to seek it out.

  83. Good morning kindred village spirits.

    After visitation to the the altar to view the daily offering, I can only say “score one for the home team.”

  84. Probably the same part of Louisiana that the operator’s of the Mexican cartel that was operating the roadside honky tonk and bar on the property next to my mama’s farm in north Louisiana?
    When the first bartender got killed I became concerned. By the second one, most concerned.
    By the third one, every alphabet in Federal and state law enforcement was out in the mud around the place when I drove by with mama.

    The sentence is too short, of course. The distribution and money laundering is being covered up in these smaller areas but it was going on long ago when I lived in Houston. My next door neighbor (literally) went to prison for it, along with others I knew back then. Bank presidents, attorneys, South African safari operators, you name it.

    I am being more than a little philosophical this morning, due to a shortened sleep and getting up too early and being insightful too early.

    Someone post a cute cat photo or a chicken or a nude (ish) woman for relief!

    Love you, Jackie

  85. I just wrote a comment, twice, each time clicked Submit, it left, and put me back to the top of the page. Only one URL. This is a test, with no URL. emb

  86. Mark, I am definitely a crazy cat person, but I already knew that, as well as do all my neighbors. I get asked to take in all the cats people need homes for. The fact I am down to only four inside cats is amazing, given that.

    Made me smile and laugh, thank you. I used to have a LOT of inside cats who slept with me like the ones in end of video. I said if I died and God elevated my body, an outline would be left of me surrounded by cats, just like a police body sketch.

    Love, Jackie

  87. Re a comment on Luddie dying over on TDS a few days ago, that were it Lynn Johnston of For Better or Worse he’d be dead. I have to repeat the anecdote Lynn told about killing off Farley in the strip when he became old. She considered Charles Schulz her mentor and told him about her plan to kill Farley. He said he would have a truck hit Snoopy and have him recover to take some of the pressure off her actions and to show support.

    Love, Jackie

  88. I was intrigued by Jackie’s comment about Charles Schulz showing support for Farley’s death. I knew Farley died, but had Schulz ever had Snoopy hit by a truck?? Off to Google! And among the results was a screen capture of a page from “Suddenly Silver: Celebrating 25 Years of For Better Or For Worse” by Lynn Johnston!

    The pertinent passage reads as follows:

    “Charles Schulz was now one of my closest friends and confidants in the business. When I told him I had to do away with Farley, he was genuinely furious. I explained that I had no choice. Since the strip developed in real time, the dog was much older than he should be, and to allow him to stay in the strip would be contrary to everything I was doing. When you’re working in real time, you have to deal with life spans! He was angry nonetheless, admonishing my decision. He threatened to have Snoopy hit by a truck at the same time and taken to the hospital. ‘Then nobody will care about your stupid story,’ he said. He was serious, so when the time came to write the series, I didn’t tell him. The episode came as a surprise– and he never forgave me.”

    She added, “Like some readers, there are cartoonists who take these characters far too seriously.”

    I cannot comment as a cartoonist or creator. As a reader, my impression is that Ms. Johnston is really DOES view her strip more as “King Lear” than a comic strip. She is one of the cartoonists she comments about! “…contrary to everything I was doing…” is a very passionate stance to take! Was she working on the Manhattan Project or something?

    As for “Arlo and Janis,” I do not mind a bit that Gene grew up and got married, nor do I mind that it was outside of Real Time. Ludwig has clearly gotten older within the strip, but he can live forever as an Olden Kitty in my book. I do NOT want “a very special episode of Arlo and Janis.” EVER. It is a fun strip, sometimes a tad nutty. It is witty and clever and a touch suggestively ribald upon occasion. It is overall a ton of fun. It makes me smile.

    I watched “Downton Abbey” with my Comely Bride to the end of Season 3. The last 30 seconds of the last episode of that season sprung a development that was absolutely devastating and out of left field. Additionally, it seemed gratuitous. It was for damn sure “A Very Special Episode.” That was the last time I have ever viewed the program.

    All of which may explain why I stopped reading Ms. Johnston’s work ages and ages ago.

    Keep doing what you do, Brother Jimmy. I think it is classic and brilliant. And may Ludwig live a thousand years! 🙂

  89. Thanks Evan, I had not read that interview. Or whatever. The fact Ms. Johnston based her story line on her own life which ended with a nasty divorce I have heard? makes it very personal to her I am sure.

    Totally agree, Arlo and Janis and Ludwig can live on like Dagwood and Blondie, more or less frozen in time. Forever. I don’t want them old or dying or tragedy happening. I have enough in my own real time. Let them live in as my favorite Alabama author says, “Alabama time” when things go on forever alive, forever young and timeless.

    Love, Jackie

  90. Jackie, you are spot on.

    “Arlo and Janis” is its own unique classic. May it never come for a thousand years, but in the day that the strip is no longer produced, I imagine that Our Humble Author will opt for this something like this, whether or not it is expressly stated: “But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.”

    That place reminded me of another place where a little boy and his Tiger will always be in a magical world, exploring. That was probably intentional.

    Our Humble Author has shown himself to be very wise in myriad matters thus far. After 30 years, I am confident he knows us, he knows himself and he knows his characters. It will not be exactly the same as those other places, but there will be a place with mystic connections to both of them when the time comes, and as with those other places, we will smile.

  91. Evan and Jackie, you’re right. Jimmy is not doing Gasoline Alley and different characters here are on different timelines. Gene is a perfect example of that. I did not stop reading For Better or For Worse because Farley died. Ms. Johnston was honest with herself and her readers, since she made it obvious that people were growing and aging, and did not make an exception for Farley.

    As for Gasoline Alley, the biggest shock I had was when Walt’s wife died, after the Mr. Scancarelli had set the scene to make it look like Walt was the one on the way out!

  92. Not only did Lynn Johnston kill off Farley, but characters as well, like grandparents, she had strips on rape, on single moms, mixed marriages and children, any number of themes not often covered in strips with continuity. I am still a fan and read the reruns because she is changing up things a little. After all, how often can one rewrite their life?

  93. Mark, to be honest, I wasn’t reading Ms. Johnston even at the time Farley died, so I heard about it later. I simply like my comic strips to be comic strips. Her strip had long before become an ongoing series of “Very Special Episodes” covering Important Issues and I have no interest in such. And thank you, Brother Jimmy, for never going there!

  94. This is a personal note to Ghost. Cleaning out stuff today I found Mike’s silver tasse de degustation, or his Tastevin cup and chain. Shoved in a box full of odds and ends in the back of his amoire, with a whole lot of stained tee shirts covered with paint and epoxy smears in front of the box. Obviously, he could put prior lives in a box and forget about them, over and done with, go on to something new and don’t think about what’s gone.

    May I be given the strength to do the same. Not doing so well and I will keep the tastevin. It’s on shelf behind me now. Remembering a lot of really great French burgundies Probably would have walked on hot coals to drink a really good Latour.

    Love, Jackie

  95. You are so sweet Nancy. So much is making me go way back in time and mind, so Jimmy’s “A Long Long Time Ago” is so appropriate. Having joked about drinking Chateau Latour (I don’t drink at all and haven’t in about 35 years) I went and looked to see what it is selling for todaY. It was one of the wines Mike sold, along with “Chateau Door Knock” which our 2-3 year old hawked from a wine case of empty boxes and bottles. Chateau Domecq was what she was trying to say.

    I would have to walk on coals to drink either nowadays apparently because 1961 Latour which I know I drank back in the day (before it’s time no doubt) now sells for from $1,500 to $7,000 per bottle! In fact most of the wines we drank day in and day out would require you to be so rich in today’s world.

    How life changes!!!

    Love, Jackie

  96. I was just reading in today’s paper about some astronomical money amount of wine was stolen from a VERY VERY VERY high class California restaurant recently and was just found in a “private wine cellar” in North Carolina! That is exactly the kind of wines they were talking about. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?!

  97. It boggles mine and we spent about 20 years in the business, Nancy. Among the odds and ends triggering my journey back in time were some items like wine openers, stuff that made me think of our earlier years and all the “great wine” we had access to and drank. It wasn’t cheap then but not what it is today. Mike worked for the most prestigious European wine importer, a company that originated in England and then moved to New York. I just looked at what some of my old favorites are selling for today and it is almost unbelievable.

    Must have mentioned the time I had a dinner party in Houston not long after Texas started being legal to drink anything, which was why we’d been sent over to get restaurants trained and selling. One of the guests got drunk and ended up falling into our flower beds, Mike informed me she was to never come again, he wasn’t going to have people drunk on Chateau Latour. That was the wine in article from Sotheby’s auction they were predicting would set new records for cost. Think if someone got drunk on a bottle of $1,500-7,000 wine!

    No wonder someone would steal it and smuggle to Carolinas. By the way, for a hobby Mike liked to drink California wines and was president of the state chapter of the American Wine Society while he was a v.p. for a European company! He was always a person who thought for himself.

    Love, Jackie

  98. Denise in Michigan: I hadn’t seen that story before. Shirley Temple’s mother’s advice seems to have worked very well! She certainly did sparkle!

    Jerry in Fl: Glad you have visted our scenic State. I haven’t vistited many of our State Parks, so I’m not familiar with the one you speak of. NH has a Website about all of them, so maybe you could locate the one you went to. Yes, do come back!

    David in Austin: Your method of cooking bacon, with some water, is so intriguing! And it’s simple, and logical … wonder why it’s not known by everbody! I will try it. I learned, however, to start bacon in a cold skillet (cast iron of course) and cook it very slowly, so as not to burn it. You have to start well ahead of time, mustn’t hurry. This doesn’t work if you ARE in a hurry, or have a large family. It IS possible to put a whole pound of bacon in a large skillet, without separating the slices, and cook sort of medium temp. and keep turning it and getting the slices apart. You have to keep at it. I was taught this method by a dear Southern lady who summered in NH … a real aristocrat who probably didn’t have to cook, but she sure knew how.

  99. Charlotte in NH and David in Austin, a local meat and three restaurant here puts their bacon in the deep fryer to cook it. Never saw that before, but with their breakfast crowds I guess they went for speed.

    And Charlotte, I hope Southern women know how to cook. But these days, who knows?

  100. This morning I was telling my new helper (who is cooking for me, Yea!) that Southern women considered bacon, butter and booze, the 3-B’s to be essential to all cookery. And irreplaceable.

  101. It has to be all the testosterone filled websites I am on. I not only keep getting ads for concealed carry but I am still getting ads for expensive men’s underwear. Brand is called MackWeldon.com and briefs, boxers, etc. were $20 each pair. Oh, and just now I got an ad for Speedo men’s swimwear. You’d think I’d get kayak ads or something like that? I did get a fishing charter ad tonight.

    The liquor ads have not appeared as Ghost and I thought they would.

  102. Love the Sunday real time.

    And if Martine *does* finally lose on 9CL, there will likely be another six months of Bill losing is mind BEFORE anyone finds him to put him in the hospital where Edie ends up finding him. I forcast another year ofor this storyline.

  103. Charlotte, if I have to cook a lot of bacon I use the oven, set at 425. A 1/2 sheet baking pan (we call them cookie sheets) covered with foil works well and will hold a 12 ounce package.Turn only once if desired. Leaves more time for other stuff. You can use more than one sheet, but you have to rotate pans to get even heating.

    Mark, I’ve tried bacon in the fryer and it is both quick and delicious. One needs two fryer baskets to keep the strips straight. The second basket on top provides pressure to keep the bacon from curling. I hope the restaurant has a second fryer for vegetarians. I remember the fuss when McDonalds sold frys cooked in partial lard, then later with beef flavoring.

    Jackie, the underware ads are probably because they want you to buy as gifts. I get lots of ladies garments ads… Which I always mark as objectionable. I also got ads f ok r ladies in my area that want to talk. I also kept marking those and finally they went away. Recently I’m seeing ads for hunting equipment and game processing. Thats probably because I searched and bought an electric smoker, a slicer, and a meat grinder.

  104. Last panel in this Sunday’s A&J [click above] reminds one of the last panel in 9CL a few years back where Eva says to Bill, “I recognized your salute.”

  105. Good morning Villagers….

    BACON, I love bacon….and I’m going to mention to my husband, David’s discovery of ‘frying’ bacon.

    Indy Mindy, are you hunckered down up there? Sitting here watching the clouds rolling some rain and snow in…..I too loved today’s real time strip….I miss dancing, can’t gyrate the old hips like I use to 🙂

    Jackie, I love reading your little stories, you have such memories….good ones at that. And yes, I would agree with Mike about getting drunk on $$$$$ wine.

    Mark, sad to have read about TD’s loss….didn’t realize they did the background to this unforgetable movie scene…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1421914688&v=nRW-gQQbKj8&x-yt-cl=84503534

    I need to get moving before the rain/sleet gets here….I need a hug from my Mom.


  106. 100 years ago today the first transcontinental phone call was made. Participants included: President Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, and Mr. Watson. Will the wonders ever cease?

  107. Debbe, you know I thought I had seen “Risky Business” but obviously I had not. That is just incredible scene and music. And cruise, my favorite cruise.

    Nice morning start.

  108. Who being from Texas besides me remembers the chicken fried bacon they used to serve in the little country restaurant whose name escapes me that was north of Houston? Well, most of the little towns north of Houston are now IN Houston and had Dallas developed more to south than north the two towns would just meet out there on Interstate 45 somewhere.

    Does anyone here do bacon in oven coated in ether maple syrup or brown sugar? That seemed to be on some trendy menus I saw on some of last trips we made. Not that I got to eat any.

    Brown sugar. That has a nice sound to it after the cruise. Good morning Ghost wherever you are!

    Love, Jackie

  109. Sand, Siri has gotten you again. You have someone to blame other than your fingers and mind, I need to get one besides mine. See, that would confuse her no end!

  110. Thought the Village was already snowed in, it is so quiet. Perhaps the other half of the country is having beautiful weather and they are out frolicking. I am listening to baroque music and wasting time, if baroque music can be considered a waste of time. It makes me find peace.

  111. Near 70° here. Loon is doing spring garden cleanup. Cats are asleep. I am reading and composing thoughts on a current project. Harmony prevails in our some patch of the quilt work.

  112. Do you like harpsichord also? I always wanted to learn to play one and Mike almost bought me one, he was going to build the wooden case for the keyboard. One of those impulses from when we are young! Wonder why baroque? I love all music but baroque is my go to music, all my life.

  113. Around 60 F here in West Alabama, but tomorrow high predicted in upper 40’s with lows near freezing. I like roller coasters, but not in my weather forecast!

  114. Ok…now I have to look up baroque…

    Gal…remember the Bugs Bunny tune where he is fighting the bull….what a gullabull 🙂 Whant an ultramaroon….. 🙂

  115. Baroque: in need of repair. Our car baroque down on vacation and had to be towed to the repair shop. 😉 At least they played soothing music in the waiting area, lots of Bach and Vivaldi.

  116. Sandcastler: That’s a good one, funny. (Wish they would play Bach and Vivaldi in waiting rooms!)
    Jackie: Wouldn’t that be something, to have your husband build your very own harpsichord! You would have been good on the keyboard. I have no talent for playing an instrument but I do have a talent for listening! Harpsichord is okay but my real favorites are the woodwinds — I adore them; along with orchestral music. Mozart, Beethoven — Chris and I listened together all our married life, and now I listen and am reminded of him; it’s nice.

  117. When we first came to N MN, in ’58, and on into the ’60s, I used to tell people that our January Thaw came in March. Actually, it was often in Feb. We’ve had at least two so far in ’15, and another is due later this week. 1 Feb. is next Sun.

    While we’re on the subject of the great outdoors, here’s a different youtube, no doubt a minor local disturbance.


    Peace, emb

  118. Well, that was fun to wake up to! Watching a glacier calf while listening to baroque music and eating guacamole with pita chips while drinking a Diet Coke!

    That would pretty much describe this group I think!

    Jerry, I actually like Pink Floyd too although I tend to associate that with galactic and cosmic explosions, either man made or celestial.Like fireworks and the observatory shows. I have heard Fink Floyd played by symphonic orchestras, pretty impressively too.

    The calving glaciers reminded me I have one group of friends/acquaintances heading for Alaska in man powered (no motors) sailing craft and another one sailing solo, same way, for Terra Del Fuego in smallest boat to ever sail around Cape Horn. Or at least that is what I am guessing.

    Spell check thinks that is “fugue” so the cookies must follow us!

    Love, Jackie

  119. Jerry…just nod if you can hear me…..

    I did not want to make light of the winter storm about to hit the east coast…..I pray all Villagers..will not be in harm’s way….

    Miss Charlotte…are you under warnings?????

    It’s that the whether channel on the boob 🙂 is drowning in this ‘epic’ storm…….they have already put Juno in in the top ten storms…..go figure….

  120. Miss Debbe, really great. What a collection of keyboards! Used to listen to Pink Floyd on the PBS/classical station in Houston who would play them endlessly without interruptions of commercials of course. Confession time, I consider their music both symphonic and operatic of our time. They are awesome musicians. Mike did not share my enthusiasm for Pink Floyd so he never wanted to listen to them except during fireworks displays out on the lake in our sailboat.

  121. Finally the lightning storm is over. Thought we were headed for a tornado! it went from partly cloudy to 9pm dark in about 15 minutes this afternoon. And big difference in temperature behind it. Forecast was for it to happen tomorrow.

    Jackie and Debbe: try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D62l3HXb4QQ

    Jackie, fugue can be either a musical term or for loss of brain function. Don’t know why they use it for both.

  122. Noreasters cuddle up. It’s going to be cold out there. If we have any chance of snowflakes it will not be until next weekend. The winter of ’92-’93 was the warmest ever until suddenly on March 15 it snowed all night and there was snow on the ground all the next day. Unfortunately I was newly divorced and living alone so there were no benefits to be enjoyed from our blizzard.

  123. Jackie: “LARGE whale”? Don’t think so. 1. Whales would probably swim away to avoid ice behaving like that. 2. I think that was bigger than any whale at what I presume was the scale of things out there. 3. I watched twice and concluded it was a large, rounded mass of clear [and therefore black] ice that had formed under special conditions of some sort, and later rounded off by water currents. It was the only piece of ice I saw of that sort. Good question. I know little / the mechanics of glacial ice formation and breakdown, but there’s a bit less Antarctic shelf ice now than there was earlier.

    BTW, the verb is to calve, not to calf. I don’t know why, but it is. To calf, perhaps, is to give birth to a baby cow. For some reason, perhaps prudery of a sort, the expression in rural NY state [I learned this at the NY State Coll. of Agriculture at Cornell, from farm boy classmates] is “to freshen.” [I’ll do a search on that.]

    Peace, emb

  124. Close, but no cigar. Cows calve, so the ice sheet people have just borrowed the term. To freshen (of cows) = to commence giving milk after calving. One learns. emb

  125. Only watched once but saw that big black “Thing” in water which looked like no ice I’d ever seen. We have black ice on highways in Oklahoma where all the cars and trucks spin out. Did not know black ice would form in oceans like that.

    Learn many things here daily, one of reasons I love the Village.

  126. I bet the farm boys used it because women freshened also in the “old days”. I knew that one but didn’t say so, although it has been 50 years since I heard that one! I did not learn much about dairy cattle by choice. Milking hours came early.

  127. I appreciate the good thoughts you guys are sending. A huge blizzard is heading toward us in New England, and what I’m reading about it is scary! It will hit some time Monday night and can bring high winds and lots of snow. I don’t watch the TV weather, don’t need the anxiety and excitement. I can read all about it on the Net.

  128. Personal reply to Jackie: I’m glad you discovered Mike’s cup and chain. Even though I’m sure it gave you a pang when you found it, I can promise you it will be more comforting later to have it. My sister was a great bargain shopper, and my place is full of small items and little nick-knacks she picked up on shopping expeditions and gave to me. Every one of them is a warm and treasured reminder that she was thinking of me in life, as I think of her in death.

    I was, as they say, out of pocket today, having had to make a quick trip to Lower Alabama, and I have just returned. Even though they won’t have any snow there, the wind was hollowing and the temperature dropping at about sunset, a feature of the winter storm, I would imagine.

    It’s beginning to seem that your taste in music is a least as catholic as mine. Remember, if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.

  129. Who me? Catholic tastes? I was raised by that good Southern Baptist grandmother who drew the line at foot washing and snake handling but lots of Bible thumping and damnation. Now that has led to a dictionary of contradictory tastes and interesting life!

    Glad you are back, Ghost. I did something I have never done tonight, I got curious enough to read about the Ghostrider reference in Top Gun and the fly by. Did not know about the Ghostrider bike connection and the comic books. Now that is interesting!

    The trail began with Mark and Debbe and Tangerine Dreams clip from Risky Business which led to cruising Cruise and found that clip on youtube and then started reading on net. My my!

    Love, Jackie

  130. I did know about the song and in fact was born long enough ago to have heard it when I was a kid but did not associate the song with the movie quote, with pilots or with our Ghost Rider 6.

    Did see the video for the biker ghost rider and the movie and comics. Since Ghost has said he is a bike rider (or was) plus a pilot for military, it may be a reference to these and I am just not smart enough to have figured the connection. He has also mentioned gaming in passing although I am not certain he said he was now or in past, but there is also a Ghost Rider video game.

    See, still learning stuff here?

    Love, Jackie

  131. Regarding today’s real time comic, how many remember the “Magic Eight Ball?” I used to keep one on my office desk. I don’t know what became of it. It seems to have been replaced by Siri or Google Now. My guess is JJ’s opinion of either is that they are about as accurate as the old magic eightball. My experience is that if one frames the question clearly and ennuciates that the results are possibly a bit better. I wonder if there is an app for an Ouiji Board?

  132. Good morning Villagers….

    Glad you are back, GR 😉

    David, never heard of the “Magic Eight Ball”, but I will google it…

    Miss Charlotte, please keep us posted…

    Ahhh, Monday morning, no sleep…and back to work. Got much accomplished Saturday with the two teenagers….blew out the whole house, then they had to clean fan louvers…dust was thick….bring on the monthly inspection.

    Husband is sitting with Little Red Chief today and tomorrow…Kyler has become the grandson my husband will ever have.

    ya’ll be safe.

    today’s grin: https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/8327488768/hAC3F4B9A/

  133. I do empathise with Arlo’s ambivalence over cell phones, but oh golly, the Newspad is here and it’s cooler than we thought it would be.

  134. I draw the line at my folding cell phone and the HP pc until they get those right. I know, I know. The new ones are much better. Fool me twice.

  135. Love the Sunday real time.

    And if Martine *does* finally lose on 9CL, there will likely be another six months of Bill losing is mind BEFORE anyone finds him to put him in the hospital where Edie ends up finding him. I forcast another year of this storyline.

    Debbe – Our local police scanner has a Facebook page. A large chunk of the local population follows it. The Texas dog story broke locally just after a rash of missing dogs found their way home with power of Facebook. I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about at first because there is a small town, Galveston, but pronounced phonetically, only twenty minutes away.

  136. The Magic 8 Ball was a pool ball with a “answer” floating inside, black and had a see thru window for viewing. You’d ask it a question and it would give you an answer. You had to shake it up, of course, for the answer. We were easily entertained in the dark ages.

    Ouija was even older and consisted of two people touching a moving playing chip that was supposed to be moving on its’ own power, spelling out words, names, answers. As I said, we were easily entertained and gullible long ago.

    Things are different now, right?

    Love, Jackie

  137. Because I carry my cell phone against/in a breast (I know about the cancer “threat”) and am prone to also dropping them on concrete walks, drives, streets (don’t know how they’d come out?) I carry a cheap flip phone. Not high tech at all but OK with hitting dirt and all, short of bodies of water.

    Mike on the other hand always bought the newest and best but never really learned to use what he had, so I inherited one I need to get younger daughter to go with me to try to trade in on an even newer one with a better program and lots of data time so I can use the computer part of it. His is supposedly waterproof (look at his hobby) and he has lost more than one in salt water and fresh but mainly salt. I just lost one to Diet Coke when my mama kicked over a beverage and my cell phone was in the holder alongside.

    There is an app for everything now, no Ouija or Magic 8 Balls necessary. Just verbally ask the phone and a psychologist will be on line with an answer in seconds.

    Love, Jackie

  138. Jackie

    Did you see any of “The Gentile Giants” when they were in Oklahoma City?
    They were at the Jim Noyick Arena. This was the 6 Horse Hitch Final – what beauties.
    There was a hitch from Yukon OK place in top 12. Percheron hitch won.

    Son in Concord NH looking forward to hunkering down – he cyber commutes.

    Walt @GA is 114(?)now? Used to have a crush on Clovina when I was a kid.

  139. Unfortunately I did not, Old Bear. My late husband used to ride Tennessee Walkers and gave that up after his teens, if he shared a love of horses with me it was not apparent. I think he replaced them with other things.

    I have indeed seen and stood alongside Percherons which dwarf me. If I remember rightly I stood about half way up their sides at my tallest. I went to school in Pennsylvania in both Amish and horse country, went to a lot of horse related events in those days and got to meet a lot of beautiful animals.

    Unfortunately my native Louisiana was devoid of a lot of horses until I got to south Louisiana where Cajuns supported horse racing and enough oil money to have cutting horses, show horses.
    Where I grew up in my childhood mules were still being used to plow fields and tractors and automobiles had displaced horses entirely.

    Waxing pretty philosophical this morning. The county fairs in northeastern states still had majestic horses and teams, carriage teams, harness racing, steeplechase, pulling teams and I got to see a little of that and know other worlds existed.

    Love, Jackie

  140. My point exactly Steve. Just checked and there is a Magic 8 Ball online with instant answers.

    Laughing about clairvoyants too, so hope no one is offended. My late husband’s great grandfather was a violinist who played with symphonies, ship’s orchestras and in vaudeville. You know how musicians are, a gig is hard to get sometimes.

    During his vaudeville days he met a clairvoyant who he married, his first wife having died quite young leaving him with two young female babies to raise. Turned out she was already married, the divorce was scandalous enough to make the papers, she went back to first (?) husband, they went to New York state and founded a very well known spiritualist church, still in existence today. She was first bishop, as I recall.

    Interesting things you find when you go ancestor hunting.

    We started with Magic 8 Ball and psychologists…………….. I have played with both.

    Love, Jackie

  141. Since so many of the men I know own Leatherman and Spyderco products, I am amazed I have not already seen this product. Thanks Sand, I did not see what price it will be/is?

    This is actually good looking and I bet I will see some on people I know.

    Should anyone doubt I am actually friends, the flowers from Spyderco and their Sage 17 sailboat company are finally dying on my kitchen table. I owe about a thousand thank you’s and can’t bring myself to write them, The Sage 17 won a bunch of awards as a new boat, there is a Sage 15 being brought out and honestly I am considering buying one, I like Jerry Montgomery’s designs. And I like Spyderci and Leatherman.

    Love, Jackie

  142. I did have a great uncle in Louisiana who trained ox teams and maintained some to entertain children and adults. I am descended from hill country ancestors who only got any roads when Huey Long came into power in the 1930’s. His oxen went to Texas upon his death I believe.

    Doesn’t everything?

  143. Jackie, in answer to your question about not being so easily amused: yes , they are. But now they use politics instead of the magic 8 ball. It costs much more but the quality of the answers remains the same.

  144. Tell Loon I probably don’t make as much as she does but I am indulgent of manly excesses like tools, boats, dirt, sweat, sawdust and I occasionally cook.

    Mark, my point exactly about “things have changed?” No, just gotten more costly.

  145. Thanks, sand. That looks to be just the thing for manly adventurers who do manly adventurous things and also enjoy assembling puzzles. TSA will undoubtedly nix it for boarding, on the theory that all those tools could be used to disassemble an airliner from the inside. In much the same way they fear that the two-and-a-half inch serrated blade on my Swiss Army knife could be used to saw through the cabin bulkhead of a 757 and cause explosive decompression. You know, like the James Bond villain who got sucked out an aircraft window that time. I’ll stick with my new SOG Power Assist multitool. I fairly sure the wire cutter will bisect a penny, although I’d of course never deface a US coin to find out.

  146. Jackie, glad to know the Sypderco folks are good people. I already knew they make good knives, based on the four of them I own.

    No, no bourbon ads have shown up on this end, either, after we discussed them. The male underwear ads still are, though. I was trying to find a calendar template online to print out for my Mom, to aid her in keeping up with her appointments, when I (and I swear I am not making this up) came across a link for a “Naked Barbie Doll Calendar”. No, I didn’t click on it, as I could only imagine the kind of pop-up ads I’d start getting from that.

  147. Good point on the assembling puzzles, Ghost. Me who could never get the links back together on
    the choke chains for my big 150# dogs. Dogs, I repeat dogs in chains. They weighed more than me at the time and enjoyed chasing rabbits, squirrels with me in tow getting grass stains and torn rotator cuffs. Laying flat on ground while the wannabe sled dogs dragged my body behind.

    It had occurred to me this looked more complex than the braided cording you wear around your wrist but is supposed to support an entire rescue should one be needed from a deserted island.

    Love, Jackie

  148. Something I meant to ask Ghost about what he flew. We used to have a bunch of the Tomcats down at Ellington AFB I think because suddenly last night I remembered wearing a Tomcat squadron tee shirt because they were sponsoring my bowling team and all the ladies had Tomcat tees with our names on them too. I know darn well I no longer have it.

    Thought that came up from watching and reading trivia on Top Gun and Tom Cruise.

    So, inquiring minds want to know what plane(s) you flew and what bike you rode?

    Love, Jackie

  149. Guys, I tell you that even 20 years ago they confiscated my glue guns, glue sticks, floral scissors, wire cutters and floral knives. They didn’t even want them checked. The glue sticks must look like plastic explosives?

  150. I was afraid I was going to get stopped boarding 25-30 years ago.
    we had a rock with fossils and a carriage clock – maybe they saw no wires.

  151. That is what most little girls do with them anyway, about a week after Santa leaves them. Lose all their clothes and be stark nekkid as we Southern ladies say.

  152. Speaking of band names, did I ever tell the story about the time I was on a riverboat dinner-dance cruise out of Memphis and got invited up to the bridge to meet the captain who was from near where I was living at the time and his instructor from riverboat captain school who was drunk and their two young and attractive wives who had been down on the party deck dancing and drinking came up and squeezed into the the wheelhouse with us and were rubbing themselves all over me in the dark while the captain was letting me pilot the boat back up river? I’m pretty sure I did. Anyway, the two young ladies were talking about an all-girl band they had seen at a bar the night before. The band’s name…My Dolls.

  153. Only thing to make the story better Ghost is had you all been stark nekkid. Nothing like the wheel of a boat, wind and total nudity. Ask Arlo.

  154. HOHO! An excellent entry for the small world category here in the Village! From Jackie’s post a while ago: “Sage 17 won a bunch of awards as a new boat, there is a Sage 15 being brought out and honestly I am considering buying one, I like Jerry Montgomery’s designs.” Our best friends here in Tucson AZ are Ann and Erroll (Monte) Montgomery. Monte’s brother is Jerry Montgomery; we have met Jerry a number of times. How cool is that?!

  155. There is only one Jerry Montgomery, a legend in small boat design and manufacture. I once bought one of his lapstrake dinghies for Mike to use with our big schooner. Back when I had more money to indulge with. Note to Sand, tell Loon a Leatherman is small indulgence.

    Jerry’s boats are most capable sailing and look good too. He usually writes articles each month for Small Craft Advisor for whom I occasionally write, Mike did more often.

    Funny, another friend wrote me to kick around an idea Jerry is thinking of doing which I encouraged because I do think it is another good one. I am a fool for lapstrake, of course.

    Totally nice person too. It will probably turn out that the Village is like the Degrees of Kevin Bacon game and we all are already connected.

    Love, Jackie

  156. Jackie, thinking of getting a custom Leatherman Tread watch made for Vladimir Putin. Get an old school Soviet star faced watch mounted on the Tread band. After a few vodkas at his dacha I think he would see the humor in the gift. 😉

  157. Jackie,
    Thanks for the reminder of the mule farm north of Auburn that we worked when I was in vet school. They had Percheron mares and bred them to donkeys to get huge draft mules in the days when mules were still used on farms. Have been at the LA. Veterinary Medical Convention in Lafayette over the last few days. Saw a whole bunch of my old collegues and young ones too. My first trip to Lafayette, LA in several years. I had forgotten how good the food was there, even though we have some pretty good food in Big BR. My wife and I really enjoyed the crawfish bisque at Prejeans and the Blue Dog Cafe was nice also. Had to work a little extra at the health club today after all that good food. It was worth it. Blessings on everyone.


  158. I hold firmly to the theory that one can never have too many flashlights, and that when one needs a flashlight, there is no substitute. Here’s one that can be worn on one’s wrist.


    The downside…if I saw someone in civilian clothes wearing such an obviously tactical item, I’d instantly assume that person is carrying a firearm. My Surefire L2 flashlight rides in my pocket, out of sight but immediately available.

  159. Ghost: Saw brief flurries this am, but none since then. High today 34F or so, same predicted tomorrow. No calving, at least not locally. Some cars going through thin ice downstate.

    Looking fwd. to a night when it doesn’t freeze. March? Peace, emb

  160. Drove through town at dusk and the centennial clock on corner said it was 67 degrees. Just now in my driveway it was still 58 per Honda. Might be more accurate than official town clock.

    Doumacan, my late father in law built the Blue Dog Cafe. It was another cafe then but the exterior and interior is pretty much as he built it. That is where we had lunch for mother in law’s funeral, enjoyed by all. The food is actually better now in my opinion. And I envy the art collection they have. FIL did not like George Rodrigue. Pity.

    I might have to steal a blue dog to ever get one. The two I have had I picked up off the side of the road and the other one got born at my vet’s, to both of our surprise.

    Love, Jackie

  161. Ghost, I am beginning to wonder about those cavernous pockets of yours. Sort of like Martine’s dress, it must hide a lot.

    That is indeed a cool watch, combine that with appropriate clothing and it might glow in the dark. Sorry, I am wishing I had one too.

    I have to call power company tomorrow and see about having some more street lights put in my yard, get one of my “helpers” to replace all the security light bulbs and put up a few more outside lights. Someone managed to cut a stainless steel wrapped cord and steal my golf cart off front driveway and load it onto something, since keys to locks and motor were in my office, battery was dead. Unfortunately I have enough stuff around here to appeal to thieves and it is too dark right now. They will figure out what is in that boat shop if they haven’t already. I mean, photos of it are all over internet. Not to mention the stuff that isn’t even inside.

    Wishing I had managed to get the gun class done and the new gun bought. Found all of the above but I have had too %$#@ stuff to do. Got contractor out to see about putting in new additional lighting but he hasn’t gotten here yet. Not sure I can hit anyone with a 45 revolver but I’d be willing to try, just not enough bullets.

    Just looked at mom’s snake gun, a 22 she carried around. Dirtiest gun I have ever seen! Totally filthy, maybe dead snake dirt? Cleaning would appear in order, I am not sure it will work for dirt.

    Love, Jackie

  162. GR8, I have only one “good” knife, a Lapu Lapu Corto designed by Bram Frank (Spyderco has manufactured a number of his designs). I have both the live blade and a trainer. My wife has the same combo. His and hers…

  163. “Everyone must be doing snowed in things.” Not snowed in here, just proofing a contribution for the local daily. Will let it sit overnight, email it demain. Peace, emb

  164. So, I suppose I should read up on internet on how to clean filthy dirty revolvers. And get rust off. I have not cleaned a gun in lo these many, many years. I know first order is to unload the ammo and take them apart. Or I could take them to a gun shop I suppose and get them cleaned and whatever they need. Never looked for a reputable gun shop locally.

    To be honest this sort of thing brings my spirits down. I need the big biting dogs who would eat anyone alive if their mommy got threatened. I dislike distrusting people.

    Love, Jackie

  165. I read fast. The answer is take them to gunsmith or a good reputable gun shop. The one and only guns I ever cleaned long, long ago were clean and not dirty anyway. These are awful, matching the description of what the forums for manly gun cleaning categorize as beyond do it yourself. I am no Martine. The safety on 22 will hardly move and I haven’t gone and looked closely at the other one.

    My mom was 93 when she died last month but you’d think some of those outdoorsmen who hung around her hunting “camp” might have cleaned them for her.

    Love, Jackie

  166. I wonder what kind of ads will show up now that I’ve looked at those two fascinating sites, the Leatherman one and the flashlight-on-wrist one. As for snow, it’s fallen very lightly for hours, but so far the high wind and heavy snow has not hit us. I feel nervous about what it’ll be like when I wake in the morning … it’s 11 pm right now.

    Jackie, that is so sleazy that someone would rob you! It makes my stomach hurt to think of it. You are doing the right thing to light the place up more, I guess … would be best to hire a security guard, but too expensive I daresay. Have you alerted the police? Or would that help much?

  167. Gary, good idea with his-and-her knives. Also would be a good idea for firearms. No learning curve to overcome if you have to grab the spouse’s weapon in an emergency.

    Jackie, you came to the same conclusion I would have suggested…if the weapons are old, dirty, rusty and possibly (probably?) in poor repair, take them to a professional who can determine if they can be cleaned/repaired to the point of being safe and reliable. And if it’s at a shop, look at some of the semi-auto pistols while you are at it. The GLOCK 42 is a new model in .380 ACP caliber I’ve been reading some go thing about.


  168. Charlotte, people often get robbed at times of joy and sorrow, like weddings and funerals. Sad but true. Which is why we are nervous about all Mike’s tools and equipment out in boat shop.

    My insurance agent said because of my high deductible, filing claim would result in nothing but a raise in premiums. Unfortunately, stuff like this helps bump up costs of insurance too. No one wants to know what it costs out here in boonies!

    Cheapest way would be to just clone some of my boat building male friends and take them in. I have had a couple of offers but we don’t know if their wives would notice, as wives often are not liking the outdoors and don’t pay close attention. That is a joke of course, but it is as annoying to my ex-military friends as it is to me because I truly am a generous and supportive person for their hobbies. So, things like this end up affecting us all.

    Had just bought the golf cart to haul people back and forth down to lake and beach back in October, plus to use for my mom and Mike who were unable to walk as much as before. My youngest daughter is truly annoyed and is insisting I report it because she was using it for her and the grandson too. They aren’t registered in Oklahoma and VINS are often ground off and they are sold in flea markets, Craig’s list, that sort of thing.

    Stone mason’s wife is police dispatcher and she was by this morning, told me to report as they were finding some stolen ones and returning. More stuff for tomorrow.

    Bet if I offered to toss in one of the unfinished boats (which all have all their pieces and equipment bought and paid for including sails, etc.) I might get a boat building retired military tenant even if wife noticed?

    Love, Jackie

  169. Ghost, that is a really nice gun and I cannot believe I am saying this, probably perfect for me. I have small hands and short fingers. And RA which sometimes makes for stiff joints and fingers that don’t work as well as once. Reflection, that is a dumb remark. I have had joint problems my entire life, just more wear and tear!

    On subject of guns, I wonder if I will ever get my mom’s hunting rifles and shotguns and whatever else that was my cousin carried off looking like a Cajun Rambo? After his sudden death rest of family went into stoned psycho state and may well have already sold them. I will rapidly say none of these people are “blood kin” or actually biologically related to me, but still Southern good ole boys all descended from illegitimate son of a son of a son.

    I imagine I will need to clean them in case his son was cooking meth over there as I suspect. If I get them back. I have no desire to actually hunt anything.

    Love, Jackie

  170. About to go put on pajamas for night but read back over what I said. It is hard to believe I actually know how to eat fruit from a fruit plate using a knife and fork, eat corn on the cob with a knife and fork and courtesy. Little used skills!! Upwardly mobile knowledge that may or may not have been useful.

    Knowing how to fix a broken auger in a hen house is far more real life and deserving of admiration in my opinion.

  171. Think that is what daughter bought before leaving here after we returned home. She said they are here, so I have to look tomorrow. Another thing to do! Good thing I postponed that in depth eye exam again!

  172. Scratch the serial #on an inconspicuous spot on any equipment – someplace/es
    not readily visible. Inside a recoil cover, air cleaner, then record the location with your
    # in your instruction/parts book.

    Though we have had one of a kind rental equipment stolen – it is out in the woods
    being used – not sold.

    “Locks are only for honest people”

  173. Good morning Villagers….

    Just checked the National Weather Service radar to check on Miss Charlotte….keep us posted, as it doesn’t look good. Stay safe Miss Charollte.

    Indy Mindy…there’s a Galveston, IN? There’s a Paris, IL too. And a French Lick, IN too 🙂

    GR 😉 I don’t think the watch would work for me…not enough lumins for me…I need bright ones. I have a large flashlight that require 14 tripple A batteries….it’s so bright, and you can scope it out to cover a large area, or scope it in to pinpoint that dang dead hen. I just thought of something….I wonder if shining a light on a loose hen running down the aisle would have the same effect as a ‘dear in the headlight’…..must try, as I hate running after those Little Miss Prissies…….

    and Yes, Jackie, fixing an auger is a ..tch. Had to use twine the other day on a roller that through years of use had no bearing in it….therefore causing the belt to continuously roll over causing eggs to fall in the pit. Little ‘Skittle’s rigged that up…I teased The Boss that day, all that’s keeping this hen house together is duct tape and twine 🙂

    later, ya’ll have a blessed day.

  174. Debbe 😉 I thought I was familiar with most flashlights, but I don’t recall one that uses 14 AAAs. Do you know the brand/model name?

    Not sure that “freezing” a hen by spotlighting it would work. They are probably either too smart or too dumb for that. 🙂

  175. Debbe and Mark, here in Michigan, we have both Hell and Paradise. (The former is in the LP, the latter in the UP.)

    Ghost, is that a flashlight in your pocket, or are you happy to see someone?

  176. Good morning all and first, apologies for being as Ghost says “Peeved and not good company.”
    Yesterday was not a really good day and I imagine I will keep having on again/off again days.

    Thought about Ghost and that joke but just mentioned how amazing his pockets seemed.

    You know when you feel really like a dumb blonde? When you are in the aisles of Walmart and you honestly DON’T know which light bulbs to buy or which lock to go on the boat trailer. And there is this REALLY cute Walmart employee helping you voluntarily find it all with politeness and you realize he could be your grandson?

    Hope everyone is safe today, especially those in ice and snow and cold. We do know about those in Oklahoma.

    Love, Jackie

  177. Debbe, you constantly amaze me. As soon as I get where I can turn loose and the weather where you are improves a little and the grass re-emerges I think I will come to Indiana. And nothing about your employees or friends or family can possibly surprise or shock me. See all previous posts about some of mine!!!

    Your list inspired me to make one which is here on my computer desk. This is what I wrote when I returned-#1 Get up #2 Let dogs out #3 Take blood sugar #4 Take insulin with slice of whole wheat bread or cereal #5 Take med’s #6 Get dressed #7 Do 30 mins. of exercise.

    The last two got added this week. Before noon deadline. All else is lagniappe.

    Thanks for inspiring me. Love, Jackie

  178. Est Texas is full of recycled names. Paris, Bogota, New Boston, Pittsburg, Carthage, Athens, Palestine are just a few that come to mind, all possible to visit on same day!

  179. Debbe, don’t know about flashlight to stop hen. Once read how some zookeepers caught loose birds in exhibit building by turning off lights to settle them down, then used flashlights to find and net them.

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