A lot of celebrities have them


The tomatoes are coming in! Oh, happy day. I’ve been living on sandwiches made from home-grown tomatoes for a week now. First, I take two slices of whole-wheat bread, a sop to my mortality and my aging digestive tract. A classic tomato sandwich would include mushy white Wonder Bread, or the equivalent. Once I made the adjustment, it’s not so bad. (See “mushy,” above) Then, I peel and slice the tomatoes. I know. That’s perfectly good roughage going in the waste basket, but it was how I was raised, and I have not managed to make that adjustment yet. I slather the bread with real mayonnaise, apply the sliced tomatoes and top with salt and pepper. That’s it for the first couple of weeks. When the new wears off, I’ll broaden out with the usual variations, bacon, lettuce, etc. Life’s little pleasures.