A Midsummer’s Night Theme

Today’s cartoon is from the near past, 2014. I should have shown it to you a few weeks ago, closer to true “Midsummer Night,” but I just ran across it again. I like the zany stuff from time to time. And a shout out to my writing partner on this one, Will the Bard. I hope you didn’t spend all your money on Rheta’s books yesterday. Tomorrow, I will have definitive information on the start of the elusive Kickstarter campaign. It’s getting close.
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  1. JJ, no offense to Rheta and her excellent writing skills, but in a word~~Libraries! As it is I need to take several car-loads of books to a used book store so I’ll have space for more books.

    Nah…just buy more bookshelves…and build a room on to put them in. 🙂

  2. To LLee on the tangled wires. Yes, it’s like the way unused coathangers go in single and come out hooked together. And that reminds me of those metal puzzles where the object was to untangle the thing into its component parts.

    Just home from the VA after orientation meeting for weight control. To my surprise I have lost 16 pounds in the last month. ?

  3. Debbe, there are two definitions of sultry. I am assuming that you mean it is “hot and humid”. I’m not sure that you could possibly get the other definition in a chicken coop….

    Hopefully that mental imagine will bring a smile to your face. I know that it is probably hard to do right now.

  4. Debbe, I had problems a few years back with my A/C. It seems that my filter was a bit clogged which reduced the air flow. During a very humid period, the condenser managed to ice up which further reduced the flow which then caused it to ice over more. The result was very little air flow. I had to thaw the condenser and put in a new filter. I quick thawed it by turning the A/C off and turning up the heat. The hot air managed to melt enough of a path though the condenser. Then I turn the heat off and just left the blower on.

  5. Debbe, we had the icing problem with our unit, which was only about a year old at the time. Service guy showed me that installer hadn’t corrected brazed a joint and the coolant had leaked out. He repaired the joint and refilled the system. Two years later and it’ll still freeze you out at 77.

    Charlotte in NH, thank you. It surprised me because I didn’t think I had done enough to produce that kind of result this soon. Anyway, this VA program looks like it is really geared to help reeducate a person on their eating/exercise habits and get lasting results. They even supplied all of us with brand new scales and pedometers. And a large workbook.

    Here’s the website for anyone who wants to check it out: http://www.move.va.gov/

  6. Mark I am proud of you for the weight loss and for changing your eating habits. And exercising will produce lean mass and muscle. You will feel better for all this and have more energy. Having said that, we got in to my daughters in Quincy, IL late and ate too much. Now I’d exercise but Dickens is asleep on my thighs and I can’t move. Any excuse.

    Got truck oil changed, tires rotated, filter changed and checked out engine. Everything fine and I wasn’t over due on oil change.

    Tornado hit nearby while we breakfasted with my friend Jim Michalak the boat designer. Poor Dickens was out in truck alone. We knew storm but not tornado. Went to history museum for anow exhibit on Route 66 which seemed appropriate, all about classic road trips on the Mother Road.

  7. Ruth Ann
    That program was about extremes
    The swans arer the heaviest fliers at 32# they actually walk on water
    to take off
    The falcon 160-200 mph
    the smallest

    Last in series Crowded Skys next Wed. July 13 7PM central.

  8. Mark, if you’re not already using it, get an account at MyHealtheVet, https://www.myhealth.va.gov/ so that you can refill and check on your prescriptions online. With a regular account, you need to know your prescription numbers, but if you take the time to get it upgraded to a Premium Account, you can see the names and you get access to Secure Messaging which lets you discuss things with your doctors by email. It’s a great time saver, and doesn’t cost you anything.

  9. Mark I am also impressed that VA is doing the exercise and eating modification programs for our veterans. I am convinced that food misuse, lack of education, lack of exercise causes most or many of the ills our country suffers from. We all need help and glad to see they recognize this and offer it.

    Good luck and keep going!

  10. Thanks Sideburns, for the info on the website.

    And thank you Jackie for your encouragement and words of wisdom. Glad you got to your daughter’s with the playset parts for your grandson. That’ll be a load off your truck, too.

    Everybody have a great day and enjoy your weekend when it starts.

  11. By now I’m sure that you are all aware of the horrible events in Dallas last night with 5 officers killed. Immediately prior to the beginning of the shooting there we were seeing video of man shot during a traffic stop. In that video we can hear the panic in the officer’s voice as he continues to hold his gun on the female passenger. I do not defend poor police work that results in a needless death, but considering the events that followed in Dallas with the police running into the gunfire it puts it into prospective to see things from their viewpoint. Sorry to start the day with something so serious.

  12. I live with a police officer and he has become family. No, he isn’t my boyfriend, no I don’t sleep with him, he is my resident security living in my guest mother in law apartment we built for my mother. He lives there because they don’t pay him enough for him to support his five year old son he adores. He works as many hours for me repairing and painting my house as he does as a deputy because he doesn’t earn enough to support his son and all the legal costs involved with his child to keep partial custody and visitation rights.

    I am not sure what I respect him for most. But I know he faces danger and death daily for too little pay. I consider the help I give him small payback to police officers who all need us yet get small reward. My personal feeling for police comes from the close relationship I developed with those handling my case. They cared, it was personal to them. I care too, they are personal to me.

  13. I called mine to tell him I love and respect him. He was going to court on his day off to testify in case. He had friends in Dallas on force that were there. Yes, it was ambush.

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