A Mood Thing

A Mood Thing

January 24, 2001

As it has turned out, we’ve revisited some true classics this week, so I’ll close with another. I don’t have a lot of time this morning. My work schedule is compressed because of the holiday Monday, the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. I hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. MLK’s birthday was actually this past Wed, 1/15, but we Americans prefer to observe all holidays on Monday in order to get another day off from work.
    I ain’t complainin’!

  2. TruckerRon-

    The Brits celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in the summer instead of her actual birth date in February.

    Public Holidays for individuals are a minor peeve of mine- if you start honoring individuals, you run the risk of future generations questioning their worthiness (see: Columbus Day). Furthermore, it opens the door to more people that should be honored and the subsequent animosity when they are not honored. Plus, elevating certain individuals seems to go against the American idea of individuality. I think we should replace MLK Day with Civil Rights Day, President’s Day with Democracy Day, and Columbus Day with Immigrant’s Day. This scheme also allows us to spread out these days around the calendar (and give August it’s long overdue holiday).

  3. Blinky

    My birthday is in August – that is enough to celebrate. 😀

    Actually I am acquainted with 6 people with my birth day –
    but not the year. I think dirt was created my birth year – 😀

  4. Old Bear-

    A good (female) friend of mine was born the same day I was, in the same maternity ward. I like to introduce my friend as “my first roommate”.

  5. Blinky.
    Good idea. [Some might want to extend it to another kind of holiday, but not here! Heavens, no!]
    As to family rescheduling, after Elaine died, I decreed that we move family gathering time from Saturnalia to Labor Day Wkd. Since it is mostly my checkbk, all were in favor. Now that I no longer travel well, It’s LDW here, or damn close.

  6. My Birthday is December 22nd. None of my 6 siblings and I celebrated our birthdays except for a cake, because my folks didn’t have the money for it. My wife and her family love to celebrate birthdays but mine often gets lost in the shuffle. Someone suggested celebrating it on June 22nd, but frankly it means nothing to me.

    Speaking of birthdays, my youngest brother became a grandfather today. His son and daughter-in-law struggled through her pregnancy and she began having terrible headaches and high blood pressure. So in the 26th week they welcomed a 13″ 1 lb 14 oz baby girl, Eleanor Ruth. Ruth was my mother’s name and a nurse that worked a few years in OB/Gyn, Baby was breathing on her own but she was placed in NICU. A long road, so prayers are appreciated.

  7. For more than 40 years, I worked in businesses that dealt with thousands of individuals, using their dates of birth as part of their identification. I can recall seeing less than a handful of them with the same month and day DOB as mine, and none of them in the same year. Of course, there is a certain Academy Award-winning actress with the same MMDDYYYY as mine. Big whoop.

  8. Prayers Steve

    That friend & I were talking about birthday frequency –
    Fewer people are born on 4th of July and 25 December than Feb. 29 ( and there are not as many Feb. 29s)
    Highest rate is Sept 9 to 19th.

    Will see if I can find that site – it is on MY computer elsewhere and we are socked in with not quite as much snow as predicted
    but high winds.

  9. Or don’t put your grill under a tree loaded with snow.

    I’ve only met one person who shared a birthday with me, same date, same year. Born in the same hospital, since my hometown only had one. She was a pretty redhead, a bit taller than Jackie.

  10. I ran across a fellow trucker who shared my birthday (and year) in an online support group for people with ICDs in their chests. I’m not 100% sure, but I do believe we had the same arrhythmia that led to our needing the devices.

  11. My late wife and I drove people nuts with the fact we were born on the sane day a year apart. Applications where we had to put that information were usually rejected at least once.

  12. I started to post a video clip yesterday of a case in which “Florida Woman” outdid “Florida Man”. But I decided it was not suitable for a family-friendly site…which as we all know, A&J is. 🙂 It appeared that she was strutting down the concourse of the baggage claim area at Miami International while methodically removing her clothes. All of them. (Anyone who has not seen it, and wishes to, probably would not have any problem finding it on the InterWebNet. And I have to say she looks a lot better than most of the people who insist on getting naked in public.)
    My favorite comment that someone made on-line was that “TSA wouldn’t find anything on her.”

  13. Excuse me? Size 10 is something to be embarrassed about? Thanks a heap! When I wore a size 10 (at 5’7″) people asked me if I had room in there for my internal organs.

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