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Another two-fer day, including another cat cartoon, both from 2008. There were a lot of interesting comments yesterday; I regret I didn’t have time to contribute anything myself. In the much-heralded future, I’ll try to be better about that. I do read your comments most days. Not all, I admit! Speaking of changes, there is one significant change I plan to make and probably soon. I want to tell you about it, so when it happens you won’t hyperventilate. The retro cartoon, the cornerstone of our existence here, will consist of a visually arresting link to an old cartoon on the GoComics Web site. I will choose the cartoon personally and comment on it here, all as before. Ah, come on now! It just means one more little click from you. And I will get credit for your visit. The GoComics Web site is very dear to the Powers That Be these days. Well, we’ve been here, doing this, for 20 years now, and I think we should make our presence felt! The blog here, the overall appearance, all the familiar trappings will remain as they are, for now. And when the Big Changes do come, I’m going to look after you. Try not to fret.
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  1. I’ll say it now and get it outta mah system so there will be no screaming by me when the new site comes out. WE NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY BEFORE!!!!!!!! There now I feel much better.

    Everybody, together now! — JJ

  2. Repeating my answer to Smigz on the previous thread (with a couple of edits)-

    The good news: an old cell phone can be used to call 911, even without a wireless plan.

    The bad news: you’ll have to tell the 911 operator where you are because their system is probably not yet set up to use the phone’s GPS info, even if you’re using the latest and greatest device. Most 911 systems won’t have that capability for at least another year. Just saw a story on this on TWC.

  3. I like reading my GoComics first then coming to this site for the more personal conversations. And what’s a couple of extra clicks? I’m sure when I go to the retro cartoon, I’ll go forward and backwards a couple of days to see what else was going on at that time.

    I am hoping visitors will continue to come here as they routinely have, except they’ll see some sort of fancy link in place of the familiar retro strip. I don’t know exactly what it will look like yet, but it would open a new window showing an old strip that resides in the GoComics archive, and I’ll get credit for a GoComics visit, i.e. “money.” — JJ

  4. That is how I ended up on Facebook and a Facebook darling, to help a friend generate traffic on his page and get a page going he needed to add. Traffic is what seems to count now.

    By the by I have been moving friends and readers over to Arlo and Janis on z Facebook and encouraging them to read strip and come over here. I hope you don’t mind?

    You are so right, Jackie. Traffic is becoming the name of the game; it’s the modern “circulation.” Part of the plan is a more vibrant Facebook presence, but the FB phobic needn’t worry. A traditional Web site will continue to be our online anchor. And speaking of traffic, you be careful on your return trip! — JJ

  5. “Beware of Gray Cat” sign? Heck, I wish it were the law that restaurants must post a sign “Crying Baby on Premises”.

    Yeah, I know, babies are cute little critters, but the cute wears thin after about ten minutes of nonstop caterwauling. And of course I actually blame the Oblivious Parents who never stop to think that their little darling could be annoying anyone. Dear OP: “Think!”

  6. Ghost, you have that right. The parent’s selective hearing might be used to the baby’s screams, but for the rest of us it’s like to trying to eat next to a jet runway. And then the older ones want to use the place for a playground, running around getting in everybody’s way. Not all are like this, but enough to make you wish for children-free zones.

    Glad you found somewhere close to stop last night Jackie. Have a safe trip.

  7. OK, I need some help with Facebook. I am not a big FB expert. I use it, but I am never really sure what’s going on. So I decided that I would follow JJ on FB, but, when I went there, I wasn’t certain that I had found his page. JJ, please help. How do we get to your FB page?

    There really isn’t much to my FB page at the moment, but as inefficiently as I use FB I can see the potential for expanding the reach of A&J. I hope to do just that soon, preferably in a consensual, non-spamming manner. And if FB confuses you, a word of advice: stay away from Twitter. — JJ

  8. R.A., my old iPhone 4 also serves as a small, handy backup camera.

    I remember years ago when cameras first started to show up in cell phones, Jay Leno quipped that was so you could use the camera to make photos of the traffic accident you caused by talking on your phone.

  9. Fast comment on the new circulation JJ and I are talking about. Both Wooden Boat magazine and Small Craft Advisor magazine now have Web magazines that are not print magazines. Both have Facebook pages to support their two versions, both have blog and discussion groups to support all that.

    When my friends at Duckworks online magazine, the granddaddy of the net boat zines decided to retire they sold to my friends at SCAMP in Port Townsend. Print is no longer sustainable alone.

    As Josh the editor of SCA said to me last year, the ground is shifting beneath our feet.

  10. Fast comment on the new circulation JJ and I are talking about. Both Wooden Boat magazine and Small Craft Advisor magazine now have Web magazines that are not print magazines. Both have Facebook pages to support their two versions, both have blog and discussion groups to support all that.

    When my friends at Duckworks online magazine, the granddaddy of the net boat zines decided to retire they sold to my friends at SCA in Port Townsend. Print is no longer sustainable alone.

    As Josh the editor of SCA said to me last year, the ground is shifting beneath our feet.

  11. So JJ when you post you oldie but goodie will you still comment on it even though we can see it until we click away? Im here every day even though I seldom comment.

    I love the fact that Arlo is having a beautiful day just being with his wife.

    I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but yes: I intend to highlight an old cartoon of my choosing and comment on it, as I often do now. — JJ

  12. Well, guess who is getting another TV for the living room? This Ghost.

    No, I certainly didn’t decide I couldn’t live without one. I just happened to mention in front of a more-money-than-sense friend that mine had given up the electronic ghost, and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse (read, $0) on a perfectly good Samsung 50′ UHD 4k Smart TV that had been in Kid’s Boy Cave. (Kid could no longer abide having just a 50′ TV after one of his friends got a 75″ TV. Yes, TVs with 75″ screens are a thing now. I think there may be an 85″ on the market, too.)

    And yes, this is a friend for whom I have done a number of solids in the past, not help-bury-the-body-class favors, but close. Sometimes, apparently, virtue is not only its own reward but involves free electronic devices as well.

  13. Going in search of a gas station and a Walmart before I head across the desert to Spokane. I was glad the town was running slow last night. History of town is it was in lead to be capital in 1890s and lost to Olympia.

    We have one of those came in second towns in Oklahoma.
    Anyone else have one.

    Going to see an old, old friend who I suspect Ghost would like and Mark as well. Conservative veteran who seems to have engaged in electronic spying or security rather than just shooting people. I never look up my past so this is exceptional act on both our parts.

  14. Jackie, Tuscaloosa isn’t a came-in second for state capital. It’s a had it and lost it. We were second capital after first location turned out to be in annual flood zone. Then they voted to move it to Montgomery, for reasons I don’t remember. School history class was long ago.

    That road atlas from WM has a list of their stores in it somewhere. Don’t know if you are carrying it on this trip, though.

  15. When Oklahoma City became state capital they had to steal it from Guthrie our first capital including the gavel. True Story. Guthrie is another frozen in time place.

    Eastern Washington is sort of a mountainous desert. There is a huge Lake below me and everything around brown and dead.

  16. Earlier comments about oblivious parents and their children in restaurants reminded me of this notice we saw on a menu years ago: “Children should remain seated to avoid accidents.” I’m surprised insurance companies don’t require such, since the OPs are undoubtedly quick to sue if their little darling gets hurt when a server trips over and spills something on them.

    Then there was the sign in a local art gallery/shop: “Unattended children will be given an espresso and a puppy!”

  17. ‘We have one of those came in second towns in Oklahoma.
    Anyone else have one?’

    St. Peter, MN, was anxious to be the state capital, and laid out its main street accordingly: widest main street in a smallish town that I’ve seen. Don’t know the details re St. Paul and other possible contestants. My kids may, since they went to public school here. Actually, don’t what controversy, if any, relates to the choice of Albany as NY’s capital. Went through it by rail once. Which state capitals, if any, are now the largest towns in their states?


  18. Here I am in Couer d’Alene, Idaho upgraded to a suite big enough for half the Village for just Dickens and I. It has a full kitchen and dining but no jacuzzi.

    I just realized I have friends close by building a Penguin like mine who invited me to their house which is actually a small farm with sheep. And a couple more close by. Who’d have known Idaho had so many boat builders?

    There are children running and jumping overhead. Add that to misbehaving in restaurants.Think I will heat some tomato bisque soup in kitchen and eat here. Not even for free pie Wednesday am I walking across parking lot

  19. Who besides mE knows today is official day of peace and love?

    Here’s a big group hug and buckets of kisses to all in the Village from me. Have to do my part. Love you all.

  20. Pixels; a unit of measure of color dots that make up a digital picture. The higher the screen resolution, in theory, means greater pixelation, therefore a sharper, more colorful picture image. This is a very non technical description and may not meet engineering descriptive standards.

  21. Another Tale of Faded Glory

    I was once flying across south Alabama when my charter passenger pointed out an area on the ground along the Tensaw River north of Mobile Bay. He told me it had been the site of Blakeley, one of the oldest towns in the state, chartered in 1820. During the 1820s, it had also been one of the largest in Alabama. With a population of about 4000, it was actually larger than nearby Mobile.

    In the 1830s, there were several serious outbreaks of yellow fever that caused the entire population to abandon Blakeley, leaving it a ghost town. From the air, there was not a single sign of a structure, or even the outline of one, indicating the site had been completely reclaimed by nature. My passenger knew its history from having had ancestors that lived there.

  22. Ghost we have established we both love spinach salad, tomato bisque soup, eggs Benedict, omelets, crab cakes, good wines, fresh vegetables, convertibles, Ford products including crown vics, classic rock, classic country, classic classic and classic writers. There have been arranged marriages with far less in common!

    Even my mama belonged to the NRA but not the DAR. Guns,knives , the flag and home cooking is my family traditions. I am a good ole girl at my roots.

  23. And we haven’t even discussed the dowry yet, Jackie. What kind of one do you think I’d command? 🙂

    My Crown Vic’s days may be numbered. I’m looking to trade for something a bit newer, and since there are no newer CVs than my 2011, there may be a Ford Explorer in my future. Wonder if Debbe could read some chicken entrails for me and let me know.

  24. Debbe 😉 I’m beginning to think that, back in the day, you may have been something of a wild thing. But then, so was I. 😀


    Sorry about no tune last night. I fell asleep in my recliner. I blame the cough syrup. (No, I’m not still taking it, but that’s my story and I sticking with it.) But of course you wouldn’t how it is to fall asleep in a recliner, would you? 🙂

  25. I had to see one of my bank loan officers Wednesday to close out some of my mom’s affairs, and I mentioned to her what I was thinking, vehicle-wise. Turns out she drives (you guessed it) a Ford Explorer. The third one in a row she has owned. She told me she’d finance all or part of it for me.

  26. Bought tiny daughter a Ford Explorer, the big one. She loves it. Is a pickup too redneck? I love that caribou brown one of mine which is the Ecoboost six. Very powerful engine. It towed that boat like nothing back there and if you don’t watch it you end up doing 90 and not knowing it.

    Are you stuck on black? I think the extended cab in black with black leather seats and some extra chrome would be a classy ride. Incident ly I named my pickup Trigger.

    Who mentioned marriage? We still haven’t been introduced.

  27. Good morning Villagers…

    …and a good day to you, Old Bear

    Aww…the little darlings in public areas. When Mom had her bridal store, brides often brought in their children..arrggghh! My sister bought Mom a sign that said “Unattended children will be sold as slaves”. Loved that one.

    Had one little boy stomping on the wooden platform that had big mirrors in front and back so the bride could see herself in panorama…I came out of my office, looked at the little boy who asked me “hey, what’s under here?”…I calmly and slowly said “other little boys.” He ran calling out for his mom…wicked, aren’t I 🙂

    Steve, I’ve given that some thought too, car problems going to work in the winter. But we’re so isolated here from towers, the one area I drive with no housing, I would not get any signal on anything.

    I think we’ve given up on the Isuzu….could be the fuel pump. My Farm Manager told me to start the car and have Ian thump real hard on the fuel tank, and if it stays running, it’s the fuel pump…which is in the fuel tank. I’m going to hold out and see what we get from selling the homestead and just go buy a new vehicle…which will be the last one I buy in my life.

    Chicken entrails, GR? Not going there 🙂

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  28. I have a nice email that I get every day that is a reflection of the Daily scriptures of the Catholic Church. When it first started out, they cut and pasted the scripture from the US Council of Bishops website(USCCB), but they wrote the church that did the reflections and asked that they link the scripture. Sometimes I click, often I can recognize the scripture from the reflection. Since there is no advertising on the USCCB site, I guess that they just want the reader to view the other material on the website.

  29. Going back to bed. Despite my best efforts I still wake at 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Just wake up. It is an internal alarm and they are hardest to turn off and reboot.

    Had complicated and highly detailed nightmares that just resumed after intermissions. All night. The dog does the best he can and is never more than a few inches away.

    Opening Pandora’s box is seldom a good idea for me. More come out than exploding hearts and butterflies.

    Did I mention I bought a small jade tail? It is either a whale or a mermaid. I would have like to have had a complete mermaid but I wanted the jade for strength.

  30. When I think about replacing one of my current vehicles I realize I can’t get what I need in an American vehicle and that is sad. Because I live on a hill I need a small AWD sedan for winter. Not a gas guzzling SUV. I have a Subaru Outback which is waiting for the rack on the rack and pinion steering to be replaced, but it is a 2002 and I would like to replace the vehicle. No inexpensive US AWD drive sedans though, boo. More cost effective just to replace the rack and drive it a while longer. Wish I could get a Subaru Impreza though, that would solve the problem.

  31. Jackie, if things do work out (if I could just get Debbe to read me some entrails…), and I get the Explorer, I’ll name it “Bullet”.

    Dowry-wise, I’ll have you know I couldn’t be had for less than two goats, a duck, and six chickens.

  32. Darn, I only have four chickens right now. Ducks and goat are easy. I wanted one to hang out with two dogs in back yard.

    By the way, I thought dowry was what family paid to get rid of the daughters. Are you saying you want the Goat, , goat and chickens paid to you or to me?

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