A Romantic Dinner for Two

A Romantic Dinner for Two

Back to the near past, this A&J is from 2017. I hope it hasn’t run here recently. To tell you the truth, it’s easy to lose track. Just yesterday, I prepared an old cartoon, from 2015, for use on the Web site only to discover I’d shown you that cartoon just a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong: I take what we do here every morning very seriously, but it is something that is done rather hurriedly, before I get on with other events of the day. As I said, it’s easy to lose track!

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  1. I’m guessing most of your readers are my age so we won’t remember if you posted the same thing yesterday, much less a few weeks ago. My wife and I are into the third or fourth showing or old Match Game shows and we still get all the questions wrong.

  2. Calamari! I once lived on giant platters every day for a week in Savannah, Georgia.

    Just going home from my oncology trip from Tulsa. I am doing great! Had delicious bahn mi with grilled pork. Ghost had his usual pho and we shared two kinds of summer rolls.

    Now I’m waiting on my 49 cents soft serve cone from QT. Reward for being good.

    • I’m still waiting to try some of that bahn mi! Don’t know when I will get to Tulsa, though. I really like the spring/summer (translucent) roll “G?i cu? n”. That’s the one with sliced pork and shrimp. I could eat a few of those, along with the peanut sauce, and call it a meal.

    • Forgot to add that we had some great calamari in Baltimore, of all places, a couple of weeks ago. We were there with the kids and families. I taught my 10-month old granddaughter to eat the (very tender) bits of the calamari rings. I also taught her to eat fresh lump meat from Chesapeake Bay crab cakes. It became one of her favorite things during the trip… there were a few meals when she didn’t want the food her mom prepared (bits of green beans, carrots, cheddar cheese, broccoli, and plain sweet potato) but she’d eat the crab cake! I also spoiled her with bits of waffle (no syrup), scrambled eggs with cheese, and tiny bits of bacon at breakfast time. The sausage, potato, and egg casserole was also a hit. Her mom is feeding real food with her bottles– none of that pureed stuff that we fed her as a baby… apparently feeding baby food is no longer really a thing.

  3. Re 6-26-19 retro cartoon: Once my all-female staff and I were at a casino buffet, and one of them pointed at the calamari and asked me what they were. “Miniature onion rings,” I told her. At the table, she ate the first one and asked me what they really were. When I told her, she said, Thanks for fooling me; I wouldn’t have tried them if I’d known what they are, but I really like them.

    • I ate calamari on my frequent trips to Japan. Being a very finicky eater, I was surprised that they tasted good. When my daughter was in college we went to the Olive Garden (not a 5 Star, but I liked their calamari) and my daughter asked me when I started eating calamari. I told her since she was in diapers. Considering that I have a severe allergy to crustaceans, I was surprised that I could eat it. I always say that I am allergic to shellfish, but technically it is crustaceans.

  4. Re 6-26-19 Real-time cartoon: A Ghostly Friend once said, “I wouldn’t have to take testosterone injections if my wife would quit reading Cosmo.”

  5. Current cartoon Janis must be lunching in a 5 ????? restaurant. That hasn’t happened to me since the Texas oil bust in the 80s. Although I did eat a few meals with a couple rich boat builders since, they were sweet, polite and no one offered round the world trips!

    The arm band tattoo is nice touch.

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