A Scant Memory

A Scant Memory

Today’s is a real oldie, from 1995. This was a transitional period, and I think it is evident in this strip. Janis’ face in the first panel bears a more-than-passing resemblance to her face today, but in the remaining panels she more resembles the earlier Janis, with a smaller nose and a less rounded jaw. With the exception of his haircut, Arlo has pretty much been Arlo since early on, once I got my feet under me as a comic-strip artist. They both looked pretty weird in the first couple of years.

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  1. On the GoComics page, people are discussing knee replacements, pro & con. I have had both replaced and have no complaints whatever. Since then (2008 & 2011), procedures have improved so that time laid up is a lot less. So, if you are a candidate, go for it.

  2. From earlier today:

    21 marathons and I have never had any issues with my knees. The rest of my body is another issue. However I have always undertrained more than overtrained. My hip replacement, per my surgeon, was due to genetics and that my running may have held that off for a few years. No issues with it.

    I tried to walk 20 miles this weekend and for the second straight time had to stop at 15. I “surfed” the web and looked at potential causes, but considering my latest blood work, I realized the biggest issue is that I weigh too much.

    So the past two days my wife and I have been counting calories.. I walked 1.5 miles Monday, then 2.2 during the day and another 1.5 miles last night. Maybe because we have been eating smarter, I really feel great. I know, 2 days in we ALL feel great, but I am hoping to update you on my progress here (without boring you all to tears)

  3. I’m pretty sure by the way Janis is leaning forward in panel 3 that Arlo remembers “little” as tight-fitting. I’m betting the sweater contents are what catches his attention.

  4. Ghost even remembered the retro strip without even seeing it, just by me describing the dialogue. He said the little sweater was low cut, tight, exposed her midriff and was short sleeved.

  5. Current strip is TOO accurate! Even my replaced knee was hurting today! I am constantly reminded of my “,bad knee” of course.

    Today at orthopedic centers we shared a ride in parking cart bus with one of my surgeon’s patients. Total knee replacement at nine days and had driven himself thete.

  6. It’s 3 p.m. and dishwasher unloaded and loaded. I have intentions of a fast cheating version of chicken and dumplings as neither of us is eating properly.

    Hope continues that I get bathrooms cleaned..Neither Ghost nor I have working hands. I have been in arm wraps for months, plus both hands with carpal tunnel, RA and osteoarthritis. Nothing to do since Stage 4 cancer precludes any treatments

    A couple weeks ago Ghost developed a sudden swollen painful arm with no logical explanation. Finally got him to orthopedists eho put him in temporary cast, now wrist brace. No diagnosis but much pain. Between us we don’t even have two hands.

  7. Jackie and Ghost – I hope you can feel all the love we’re all sending. If our hugs were real rather than virtual, you’d be smothered!

  8. Thank you so much for love and prayers. Ghost ate the dumplings so I made cocoa brownies from scratch. He ate that with milk so I am trying to find things he likes. He has lost appetite and I am a worrier.

    By the way, cocoa brownies from scratch are a lot like molten lava cake, almost flour less, must have been decades if ever since I made any. Have used block chocolate forever. Cocoa are better!

  9. Still trying to convince Ghost to join Facebook to keep up with Villagers. Cannot convince him he can limit his friends to those he want’s to hear from. I follow all of you and check on you so I know he’d enjoy if only I could convince him Mark Zuckerberg and a unicorn won’t show up in our bed!

  10. I had to copy and paste today’s strip and sent it to my wife. We live on a circle drive, no sidewalks, about .375 miles long. My wife does 2 laps and I do 4. I have always walked fast (she’s 5′ 2″ and I’m 5′ 10″) so I start out slow with her and then speed up for my last 2 laps. Until the last year or two, I walked nearly 3.5 miles everyday at work, but stress at work meant less time and less motivation. My wife’s reaction is a mirror of Janis’. She commented “That dude is spying on us AGAIN!!!!!!

    I started this week (see above comments) because I was concerned that my weight was the main reason that I could only do 15 miles instead of 20. However I read an article by 3 time Olympian Dathan Ritzenheim,, who a local runner that my son competed against in High School and he wrote that his hamstrings cramped up late in marathons (like my son’s do) and that he found just a bit more speed work helped him succeed. Walking everyday does not constitute speed work, but just walking every weekend like a weekend warrior is a major reason that I am crapping out.

    But losing weight is literally a huge reason. I have lost weight in one week and see the doctor next Friday. I hope to have shown some progress since I saw him last in July. Jackie, I need to look at some recipes for low fat brownies. With little to no flour, it might be a healthy option.

  11. While I can make brownies with good olive oil these called for stick of butter. I substituted a stick of the new plant based “butter” and they were yummy. Four eggs give protein to brownies! Go figure! Pecans give good oils and more protein.

  12. Per request Ghost making a rosemary garlic stirfry with new potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and what appears to be boneless prime rib roast from bottom of freezer. No cognac or brandy. Remember our help who drank our liquor inventory?

    Bought one person mini red wine bottles for cooking at drugstore while filling prescriptions. Anything can be reduced!

    Neither of us can age roast but it has cryogenic seal!

  13. Jackie, that stirfry sounds awfully good! Ghost must be nice to have around, for many reasons! As for Facebook, I have mixed feelings altho I’m on the site a lot. Managing it is so complicated. I like it for seeing photos and activities of my seven children — they are all on it, and many of their spouses, and various grandchildren. I was going to brag by giving an example, but thought better of it.
    Steve in Royal Oak, I bet you can lose weight as you are taking it seriously, and it’s important to you. We are all cheering for you!

  14. Actually Ghost isn’t cooking, I am. Dinner got reduced to a fast boneless ribeye steak, sweet mini carrots, corn, salad and French bread. Something fast in minutes.

    He came back from shop and I was fighting my way against our laundry that keeps breeding and multiplying in the recesses of the laundry room.

    But there is more of that tenderloin left to cook and we will! Many hands as we can muster!

  15. Steve – Congratulations in starting your program! I am cheering you on. You know you will feel better down the road for what you are doing. In my experience, the process is not fun, but the results are worth it. I look forward to hearing your progress, and stand ready to support you when you hit that plateau and need somebody to say Yay! until the results start again.

    Jackie & Ghost – I too am sending long distance hugs. Your battle inspires me when I get depressed about my own little problems. And your meals sound delicious! Kudoes to you both.

  16. Thanks Judy. Of course I had two bowls of Cheerios with lactose free milk for brunch today. Ghost is at shop running boutique during our town’s Fall Art Walk. I just woke up to consider the question? Real fresh mashed Yukon Gold potatoes or the ones in the little pouch? Fresh is winning if I can stay awake.

    Last night Ghost revealed his real fear. He is VERY right handed, whereas I am more ambidextrous and my most damaged arm is my left arm. His is his right. He sees orthopedist again Wednesday. I suggested he see a rheumatologist and he held up his cast arm like I was suggesting a witch doctor instead of which doctor?

    He said suddenly he had an entire covey running tests, sucking blood and casting bones.

  17. Dinner progresses, rosemary garlic roasted carrots, “loaded” Yukon mashed potatoes and one inch thick filet mignon hand cut steaks. Hand cut by me from that big chunk of $15 pound beef lost in freezer! Very aged and probably appreciated in value by now!

    When I took meat cutting back in 1960s butchers trimmed and cut with knives by hand and eye. I got A in course, 4 hours college credits and made meat judging team to consternation of a lot of old school FFA teachers. It was all old boys back then.

  18. Jackie, nice! on the fillet. I love to buy a whole tenderloin, trim, and cut into steaks. The extra bits on the tip are great for a very quick stir fry. I did FFA meat judging in high school. 🙂

    I understand a little of Ghost’s concern about losing use of a dominant appendage! I don’t remember if I mentioned, but I’m having glaucoma trouble. My left eye has major nerve damage and “severe” vision loss according to the opthalmologist. That was my better eye. Severe myopia (20/400+) in my right eye corrects with glasses, but some issues with dominance now. I can still read, but I’m paying close attention to any potential change in the right eye! My left eye is unable to read anything but LARGE print.

    We just have to do like Dory, in the Finding Nemo cartoon movie– “just keep swimming, that’s what we do.”


    • David, I am traveling down that road myself. I have a filter/drain installed in right eye after 20% loss in visual field. It seems to be working, sometimes to well. Pressure tends to run low. Left eye has had several surgeries including the filter/drain, but pressure just will not stay down. Loss in visual field about 60% in left eye.
      As I have heard, “Getting old is not for Sissies.”

  19. I don’t usually post the ‘what I did today’ kind of thing but I’m going to break a personal rule this time.
    I spent last week at Myrtle Beach, in a hotel on the beach. This was actually the first time in my life I was at the ocean where one could walk in the surf and all that. I’d been to rocky beaches a couple times back in the 70s and lava beaches in Hawaii but never one where I could walk in the waves for as long as I wished.
    I think I now understand, if only in the smallest degree, so many people’s fascination and enjoyment of beaches. I still could never live there but I see the reason for visits, even extended visits.

  20. emb, I just watched a video on FB that I wish I could share with you. Unfortunately, it was only posted there and unlike photos, I can’t put it here. It was a hawk attempting to catch what it thought was a tasty meal of rabbit. Trouble is, the rabbits were lifelike garden statuary. Watching the hawk stalking, attacking, and then walk around looking at the rabbits was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Finally it gave up and flew away.

  21. Prayers, yes.
    As a devout heretic, I often declare that I don’t believe in miracles [except maybe for the first one, 13.7 BYA], but I/we experience them all the time. Watched/partook in one this morning. No details, for privacy reasons, but first thing at today’s service, our pastor dealt with a difficult heart-breaking situation and made it a heart-warming one for the individuals most closely involved [who had come up front with him], for children and self-selected adults at “children’s time,” and for all of us, working it into the sermon [text = 10 “lepers”, one of whom was a Samaritan]. And those most involved in the difficult situation now realize that they have a whole congregation’s back. Most moving Sunday service I’ve been at for years.

    • It certainly feels good to realize what one has seen or with what one has been blessed…makes one more alert for others, too.

  22. Bryan, I love to visit the beach. I like to walk on the sand, listen to the surf, and watch the stars at night. During the summer, I like to sit in a chair, under shade, and nap with the wave lapping on shore. Still, only want to visit.

  23. I love beaches, used to collect shells, living and dead, beach glass and sea artifacts. In 1960s and early 70s one could walk miles and hours alone in Hawaii, Texas, Florida, southern Eastern seaboard, the Gulf coast beaches.

    That all sadly disappeared with explosions of condominiums, privatization of beaches and masses of tourists. The last times I looked for places I loved to walk they were gone. We are talking 50 years of course but still it shouldn’t have happened. The ocean and its’ sandy beaches should have been left clean and open, natural.

    Of course I feel that way about mountains.

  24. Mark, I too watched that video Tamara posted of the hawk attacking the “rabbit” but hurriedly on my phone. Glad to hear it was stone! Is it not able to copy because it is original posted to Facebook?

  25. Ghost has a cat named Skipper who decided he belonged to Ghost. Ghost says he did not order a cat but Skipper thinks otherwise. He originally belonged to elderly man with dementia who tried to kill him. My deceased pet caretaker brought him to me many years ago. Ghost says the prequel does not make him feel better but I think it sweet.

  26. Speaking of rosemary, I’ve had a problem with flakes on my scalp for almost 60 years. Someone gave my wife a recipe for mixing Selsun Blue shampoo and rosemary. It works! I was skeptical and almost refused to try it. I’m glad that I did.

  27. “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre

    “I keep getting the government my idiot neighbors deserve.” – Tamara Keel

  28. As Jackie mentioned, my right wrist decided to blow up on me a couple or three weeks ago…swelling, pain in my hand and forearm, loss of fine motor skills in fingers. In addition, loss of use of the hand is a pain in another part of my body as well.
    But I suppose humans are nothing if not adaptable. I’ve learned to use my left hand more easily and accurately. (Necessity is the mother of invention, or Mother is the inventor of necessity, or whatever.) And a week’s worth of steroids seemed to have helped my recovery. I actually managed to button my shirt for myself this morning rather than having to have Jackie do it for me. Made me feel like a “big boy”. Of course, she still had to cut my meat for me at dinner last night. 🙁 I go back to the orthopod tomorrow, to see if his Magic Eight Ball has come up with something other than “Outlook is hazy.”
    To paraphrase, “I complained about having a cast on my arm, until I saw a man with no arm.”

  29. Jerry, pleased to hear from you. So, with the rosemary addition, does your wife consider you a “dish”? 😀

    Mine would probably just say I was half baked!

  30. Jerry in Florida — It’s been so long since we’ve heard from you! I am awfully glad you are okay, apparently. How are the cats? Please come back here more often!

    Dear Ghost, The lighthearted way you report how you are getting treatment is entertaining. Very good that you are feeling better! It’s been tough for you and you deserve to relax and feel good for a while. Lots of love to you and Jackie.

  31. A friend of mine, also in his 60s, recently discovered that an innocent-seeming childhood ailment, Fifth Disease(aka Parvovirus B19), can be very painful for adults. His hands and wrists were swollen and very painful. He finally found a doctor (my friend was touring the Middle East with his wife) when they made it to Israel and he got the right steroids to relieve the symptoms.

  32. Just got back from a weekend at the beach with my high school classmates- most classes hold reunions every five years after graduation, whereas we decided to have to celebrate our collective 60th birthdays instead, We had about 80 people show up, about a fifth of our total class- pretty nice turnout.

    One thing I observed during our various reunions is how the topics of conversation change- in the early years it was all about education and career; the middle years they turned to children and vacations. This time around, physical ailments was by far the most popular topic. I guess the next reunion it will be about nursing homes.

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