A true story


I guess back then a cat skin was cheaper than a scrap of nylon. I’m betting the market for cat-based teaching supplies is way down these days.

Dan in Jackson, TN, left a comment yesterday mentioning one of our favorite authors, Rheta Grimsley Johnson. Remember her? She is the author of “Good Grief,” the biography of Charles M. Schulz that can be read without a truss. For those of you who missed Dan’s post and my reply, Rheta has a new book out, “Poor Man’s Provence,” a paean to her adopted home of Acadian Louisiana. I know a lot of us here enjoy travel writing. This is a great travel book, although, strictly speaking, it’s more about putting down roots.

The above link will take you directly to her publisher, NewSouth Books, but you have an inside connection. I recommend you email Rheta directly and tell her “Arlo sent me” and that you want a book. You’ll get a personalized, autographed copy. And you can ask HER all those embarrassing questions about our former association.