A Vine Romance

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I really had not intended to talk about the game again today, and I’m not, directly. However, I’ve enjoyed reading the comments (and the poem) so much that I wanted to tell you so. And it reminds me of something someone said about the Auburn-Alabama game last week, before it was played, that struck me as true and understated. I think it was a post by Ginger in Auburn. Forgive me if I’m wrong here, but I’m running late and don’t have time to look back; I’m sure someone will fact-check me. Anyway, a poster from Alabama observed that the rivalry is fun. Sometimes, too much is made of the intensity, and someone inevitably will report that these people truly “hate” one another. Well, they don’t. Admittedly, the lunatics are too numerous to be relegated to “fringe” status, but the fierce rivalry for normal fans makes the game the enjoyable occasion that it is. I’d like to thank Ginger—if it was Ginger—for making that simple but often overlooked observation. Of course, for the Auburn people, it doesn’t get more fun than this year!