A Word for Our Sponsor

(Cartoonist’s note: this is another repeat post, but I’m busy this morning. I might have not posted at all, but we’re all getting weary of the Bastille Day tome.)

I am always cynically amused by commercials, aimed at adults or children, that depict relentless moochers always trying to horn in on another’s prized product. The message is always a variation of, Go get your own! As in, Buy your own. How stupid do they think we are? I say, share! If the thing runs out, pass the hat and then go buy more. Probably you don’t need that much of whatever it is anyway. Except newspapers. If you want to read the comics, buy your own newspaper. They need the money!

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  1. All too true. I hate to point out an error, Jimmy, but that rabbit was always the “Silly Rabbit.” Maybe it’s better to show than to tell, and you were trying not to “horn in” on a trademark? Thanks again for all your great work!

  2. I get looks (both puzzled and admiring) from my coworkers when I bring my paper copy of the Seattle Times into the break room so I can read the comics (yes, including A&J!) and work the crossword over lunch. It’s actually quite the conversation starter 🙂 I’m very grateful to have an independent hometown paper to support!

  3. How about “how’d you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?”, with the questioner flattening the guy who says yes?

    The one cereal I really miss is one from Kellogg’s that was named Concentrate. That stuff was good! I wish they would bring it back. No sugar coating, no fancy flavors, just high protein content in a delicious little flake.

  4. My point of contention with the sugary cereals are the television commercials that feature the cereal surrounded by juice, fruit, toast, etc., and then the announcer says, “Double Frosted Choco Bombs are the delicious part of this nutritious breakfast.”

  5. Well there was “Mother I would rather do it myself.”

    And not long ago any male in a home situation commercial
    was portrayed as dumber than a box of rocks. I notice lately
    that men are doing washing and other domestic chores.

  6. Old Bear:

    Have you seen the commercial in which a father is teaching his daughter how to shave her legs?

    At least I assume it’s her father.

  7. Silly cartoonist, newspapers are passé. It’s all about being online so push your fans to get a premium account at Go Comics and save some much needed trees. It’s a win win for all.

  8. Hey! I’m happy Bemidji still has The Bemidji Pioneer, a 6-day weekly. Well-edited, open to diverse opinions [owned by the Fargo Forum, but only has to toe their line on national issues]. Write a monthly column for it on whatever I please, and actually have fans.

    Avoid politics as such, but have my say on lots of issues: sustainability, education, overpopulation, literacy [structure and usage, mostly], organic evolution, cosmology, even religion, that many have politicized. A recent column was titled [approx.] “How do we know what people believe?” [We don’t, and they may not know themselves.] Have even admitted preferring James 2:18 over Luther.


    P.S. Also check some 16 strips on Go Comics A-Z page.

  9. First time I’ve ever seen Jimmy put himself in a strip, came here to say the same thing!

    Maybe Pastis is rubbing off on the rest of the industry? 🙂

  10. That’s not JJ, it’s Arlo. His Dad had the same nose. Not at all ~ photos of JJ.

    Merriam, Eve, poet, writer. (19 Jul 1916-1992). I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, “Mother, what was war?” [= quote / today’s AWAD]


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