“A word from our sponsors…”

Once upon a time, television viewers would rush to the bathroom or the kitchen during a television commercial, the point being to get back to the boob tube before the entertainment resumed. Ha! Talk about days gone by. Today, it’s possible to build that set of bookshelves you’ve always wanted and still get back for the last of the network promos. All right, all right! Perhaps I exaggerate. It might be necessary to sand and finish your shelves during the next commercial break.
Remember a few weeks ago, I hinted at news from the comic world. I haven’t forgotten. I simply haven’t heard anything yet. I caution you: it’s inside stuff that won’t directly affect you, although it might me. Within a historical context, however, it will be interesting to readers of newspaper comics. I’ll let you know!

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157 responses to ““A word from our sponsors…””

  1. I will certainly be interested to hear that comic-industry news, once you’ve heard it!

    As for commercials, I do remember having to clear time, prepare snacks, and stop talking once the show started! Heck, we might never see it again… couldn’t pause or rewind or just watch it on demand when we wanted. But I do miss the excitement of annual events like A Charlie Brown Christmas or the Wizard of Oz, and the ATTENTION we had to give to such things. I remember seeing The Point one night, and all of us singing songs and repeating dialog from it at the bus stop the next morning. You had to really WATCH television back then!

  2. ….’but wait, buy now and we’ll send you two, that’s two……..for the price of one” (shipping and handling are separate 🙂

    …yes, Sideburns, I do remember….you actually had to get up to change the channel to one of three stations….well, technically there were 4, but PBS wasn’t big business back then as they are now….miss Carl Sagan.

  3. Sideburns, I used to get chided for turning the dial too fast, even though it was one of my parents (never did find out which) who eventually broke it.

    Jimmy, I still do the commercial dashes: brush teeth, wash up, put on nightgown, potty stop, turn down bed, turn down thermostat. But Arlo’s right—I get a heck of a lot more done on breaks than I used to do. Earlier in the evening, I can often get all the dinner dishes done on two breaks (nope, don’t have and don’t want a dishwasher).

  4. @Sideburns, the way I remember “Don’t touch that dial!” was from Zappa’s Overnight Sensation album on the song The Slime. Symply the first rap song ever and a true statement on what the media has become. Truly Fargone!

    Huge storm here in the Northeast right now. Power went out in downtown Worcester city of 200k+ or so….Glad I put in a whole house generator!

    Here is a scene from the deck(If you haven’t figure out who I am well Ludwigs jumped the sack!):


  5. DVRs have made this much, much easier, since you can rewind it back if you took too long. That is, if you’re even watching a live program at all!

  6. I remember having a dial to turn either SW or NE of the outside antennae….remember those?

    Simply, well wishes are with all of you there…. glad you have a generator……Amen

  7. I’ll admit I didn’t quite get this at first but, upon re-reading the ‘toon I noticed that ‘r’ in the final word. Makes much more sense than “old fire hose”.

    I think I really quit giving two petunia’s for what was on the television around the same time we first got a DVR. Not that the two are related. I simply don’t care about any sitcoms or crime dramas I have seen in recent years and would be happy to never see another reality contest show.

  8. Delicious as always Abuelos originated in Lubbock, Texas where I have been eating it since 1980s I think.

    Had chile rellano stuffed with pulled beef, steamed spring vegetables with papas con chile’s. Wonderful food here. Definitely upscale food and atmosphere.

  9. Nancy Kirk I sent you a private message. Yes, I am trying to figure out how to get to Arizona visit New Mexico and Colorado before my knee surgery in April. Doing surgical type things in Tulsa right now. Trying to knock it all out and be done with it.

  10. Found a website that lists the caffeine amount in drinks. I was really surprised to learn that Starbucks “Decaf” has 25 mg of caffeine. Regular coffee has anywhere from 145 to 200 mg while Coke has 34, Dr. Pepper has 41, Mountain Dew is at 54. Lipton Tea is at 55 mg. When I do drink soft drinks (not very often) I opt for Root Beer. Root Beer, Sprite, Creme Soda and Ginger Ale all have no caffeine. I have restless legs syndrome and the caffeine really triggers them.

    I have never willingly gone into a Starbucks but I guess I should order water or orange juice from now on.

  11. Debbe, I’m excited, too, about the discovery of possibly Earth-like planets so near by. But don’t get me started on the classification change of Pluto. I admire Neil deGrasse Tyson a great deal—he was a prime mover in the change—but I feel strongly that Pluto should have been grandfathered in.

  12. Not that it matters to most, but to some it is very important; the water level at Lake Mead, just outside of Las Vegas, is at his highest in over two years. It has been dropping steadily for the past several years, due to drought and usage.

  13. Well, I finally broke down and bought “The Book”. I’m enjoying seeing the evolution of the family about as much as the strips. I’ll be in A&J heaven for a few says!

  14. It was startling to see waterms levels so low out west. There were many reservoirs so low they could not be used for boating at all.

  15. Steve from Royal Oak, Barqs regular root beer has caffeine. Their diet version does not. Don’t know why, but that’s the way it is.

  16. eMb (and anyone else), what is that striped/barred object at the near end of the adult eagle at Decorah North? Is it, perhaps, some dinner leftovers or merely a corncob with an odd angle of sunshine?

  17. Ruth Anne,

    Reviewed yesterday’s entries and Tibby’s sounds like my kind of place. If i ever get over there, I’ll have to pay them a visit. I bookmarked their spot. In my humble opinion, crawfish any way are great. Boiled crabs are another great seafood, as are oysters. Wow! I’m getting hungry!


    Unless I’m mistaken, all green tea has caffeine, unless it’s been decaffeinated. I like to drink at least two cups a day, plus one cup of espresso, early.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  18. Did someone here recommend the chopped salad at Subway? I found myself in one tonight when the Vietnamese pho shop was closed on Tuesday? Glad I did.

    Today’s $6 sub special was chicken breast roasted and they turned that into a giant salad I am still eating. I will do that again.

  19. Debbe: Here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUwUp-D_VV0

    Still think of it when I drive through or fly* over burbs. Actually, ‘university’ may upset lotsa boxes. That’s why certain folks distrust us so. *Flew, actually. Been a long while.

    c x-p: Looks like skin off a ruffed grouse’s breast to me. That nest is in good grouse country.

    About Pluto. For many, it’s about that damned dog. I was a bit annoyed, at first, and remain annoyed at some changes in biological taxonomy, which is a rather different quarrel. Pluto really is something different, a Kuiper object that has become trapped in a 2-3 resonance with a real planet, the ice giant Neptune. There are only 8 planets, as defined astronomically. Lear and his jester knew of only 7: Sol, Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn. Will send quote.

    I am more interested, and delighted, in the several relatively Earth-sized planets ‘only’ 41 LY away. Never dreamed we’d know of ET planets in my lifetime. Am having fun w/ my fellow BUMCers and Bemidji Pioneer readers with the theological implications of our improved cosmological pictures of Elohim’s universe. Cannot discuss those here.


  20. Jimmy has Arlo date himself even more in the last line, when he says he’s just an old fire horse. How many kids today even know that fire engines were horse-drawn before the internal combustion engine was invented? Or that it refers to the training to run to the sound of the bell?

  21. Fool: The reason why the seven stars are no more than seven is a pretty reason.
    Lear: Because they are not eight?
    Fool: Yes indeed. Thou wouldst make a good fool.

    That’s the quote on the title p. of my 6-part Pioneer fictional series on ‘Raki’, an Asperger’s genius in Anatolia some 10,000 years ago, who discovered Uranus with the naked eye, thus resulting in our 8-day week.


  22. Sand, maybe Jackie would rather not know! I wouldn’t (on the fence about this, to be honest.)

    Dear emb, thanks for the link to the Pete Seeger song. I remember when it was so popular; was on the radio a lot; but it’s been so long I’d forgotten all the details. It’s a very cynical song! And I disagree with it. When you think about the real people that are living in those houses, they’re humans and deserve respect. I am really a cynical person about a lot of things but in this case, no.

    Dear Debbe, you are sweet and caring and it’s nice of you to think of me. The big snowstorm is lousing up many peoples’ lives and some have even died. It’s a monster! But I can’t complain, myself: I haven’t lost power, my house is warm and there is plenty of food in the cupboards and refrigerator, and I don’t have to go anywhere.

  23. Dear emb, intended to say that I remembered, after some reflection, that you had told us long ago about — a sort of science fiction novel? It sounds wonderful and I would love to read it, but there are obstacles? Please do let me know if it’s possible. That you had written, I mean, and you just alluded to it.

    Going back a few weeks, when I spoke of seeing the Evening Star, I figured that most of us Villagers are aware that it is the planet Venus, and know about its comings and goings. I must tell you that a few times I’ve been able to see Venus in broad daylight — conditions were right and I knew where to look.

  24. emb
    you beat me to it – was all set to post Pete’s song when I read your entry.
    The new addition to town has “Ticky Tacky” houses – 2 different designs
    but they flip them left to right from time to time.

    My Grandmother had a fire chiefs horse from The City of NYFD in the 1920s
    when the city changed to motor cars. His name was Prince, when going to town
    someone held his head (by the bridal) till everyone was aboard. When the
    last person put their foot on the step he was off – he would run till he was winded,
    stop, rest and then be off again.
    He was also in love with the cow. One time the folks went visiting, he was
    left hitched to the buggy, when done visiting they came out – no horse or buggy.
    Following the tracks in the new snow they found where he
    took the buggy over the stone wall and was standing with the cow in the pasture.
    Grandmother said they never did figure out how he got the buggy over the stone
    wall without breaking anything.

  25. For me, the Pete Seeger song was typical of many young people’s attitude towards people they don’t know but mistakenly believe they fully understand. After all, people outside their little world aren’t worth knowing or caring about… if they were they’d be attending their colleges, participating in their causes, and going to their concerts… they’d be like them!

  26. Why is it Walt Disney’s Pluto (a dog) only says “Arf” (or is that only Sandy?)
    Bow wow?
    While Goofy (a dog) speaks English? (in the US anyway)

  27. Jimmy:

    I know what you mean about the amount of commercials.

    I have become so irritated by them that I greatly curtailed my college football viewing last season, and I doubt that I will renew my season tickets for the OU Bobcats this year.

    Four or four and a half hours is a ridiculous length of time to sit in a stadium.

  28. Good morning Villagers…..

    Miss Charlotte, relieved to read you are warm, fed, and safe…..I have seen the morning star Venus while going to work at the hen house. I think in October, isn’t Mars at its brightest? And I didn;t like it either when they ‘declassified’ Pluto as a planet.

    This new discovery of planets are being referred to as ‘dwarf’ planets, and I had read they thought about naming them after the seven drawfs from ‘Snow White’……I hope it was just a joke..because I don’t think this should be taken lightly, it’s just awe inspiring to think that life could exist some 41 million light years away.

    Emb, thank you for that link, I often referred to the ‘burbs’ as Xerox houses.

    And, yes it is the Ides of March…..et tu who 🙂

    Don’t even want to know about the chicken at Subway. I love their chicken subs with lots of green on it. Hope Ian can get on at the one four blocks down. Dropped off his app yesterday morning. Keep your fingers crossed.

    And just how is Indy Mindy doing…..inquiring minds need to know.

    Old Bear, cute story about the cow loving horse, Prince. And yes, just how did he get over that stone fence. B’ugs

    Waiting on Dad to wake up. We all went to bed at 8:30 last night. Of course I was awake at midnight, but managed to fall back to sleep. Heard Dad up at three, and then at five, Tucked him back in both times after he got his ‘fix’ of a little chocolate milk.


    Rick..when do you sleep 🙂

  29. Don’t know about the dog, Pluto, just the Kuiper object. Other Disney animals talk and Kelly’s dog Beauregard Bugleboy talked, but Toto was the only Oz animal that didn’t talk. ‘Course, he was a Kansas animal.

    No, Mars is not at its brightest in any particular month in our year. Its own yr. is about two of ours, and its orbit more elliptical than ours, so its distance both from us and from our orbit varies. Like other outer planets, it is generally brightest when it’s closest, which is at, or close to, Opposition. Opposition is when Sol, Earth, and the outer planet are in a straight line. Planet rises in the E. about sunset, is due S. at midnight [local “God’s time”, but not ST or DST]. Are those of us who enjoy DST therefore heretics? I’m a heretic for other reasons, but a devout, dues-paying one.

    Pax vobiscum.

  30. Charlotte and JJ: “… a sort of science fiction novel? It sounds wonderful and I would love to read it, but there are obstacles? Please do let me know if it’s possible. That you had written, I mean, and you just alluded to it.”

    It was 6 [not quite consecutive] of my monthly columns in The Bemidji Pioneer, which I’ve since combined into one copyrighted file. JJ: I’m willing to share email addresses w/ Charlotte if she wants. Then I can email the file, w/ the proviso that neither of you make hard cc. for others.


  31. I really like Janis’s LBD, with its short skirt, and her high heels. (3-15-17) She should wear that more often.

    So, yes, I’m feeling better. 🙂

  32. Charlotte, this snowstorm that hit you hard was supposed to dump a lot on my area. Fortunately, I ended up with only about 2″ of light and fluffy to shovel.

    I just want to note that Malvina Reynolds wrote “Little Boxes”; she was quite an interesting person. http://www.sisterschoice.com/

  33. I just had a very boring teleconference call, so I went through the archives of A&J as sometimes this place acts like a diary. Sure enough, it confirmed what I had thought at the time. (Story is too long and boring here).

    However I did go through about 2-3 months of posts. Most of the regulars are still here. Some of my posts were (and still are) off the wall. I do enjoy the peacefulness that we have developed here. Let’s keep it up!

    Oh yeah the other thing was that Jimmy talked about a revamp of the website. Well I know how these things take a long time, but have you made any progress?

  34. @Old Bear,

    Interesting way my Fargone home town “drives” isn’t it? Amazing how they cut corners, roll through stops and caution lights, tailgate, communicate and still get where they are going with only one of the worst accident rates in the nation.


    Interesting channel for CCR you found, Symply kind of like it myself.

    Worcester is an interesting place; A town that wants to be a city and a city that wishes it were still a town. Conundrum place should be a Square downtown. A HS class mate of mine, now a journalist coined a term in the early 70s for Woos stuh as we call it: “Wormtown” forever trying to get off its’ belly.

  35. Ditto, Sideburns. I had a friend, an Army Huey pilot in Vietnam, whose death in the 1980s was undoubtedly related to AO exposure. You didn’t have to be a ground pounder to be exposed.

  36. Took the US government almost four decades to acknowledge the harm of residual AO to the Vietnamese people. While cleanup has begun, the damage is long-term. We have visited and assisted at some of the clinics and workshops the Vietnamese government established to help the victims, many were born long after the conflict ended.

  37. I too have a copter pilot friend who is severely disabled due to Agent Orange. He had continued flying copiers until recently when illness forced him to stop. He too had to fight for benefits.

  38. Interesting fortune at PF Chang just now.

    “Prepare yourself for a change of events in your personal life.”

    That is what I am trying to do to get ready for knee surgery.

  39. Sideburns…signed, will forward on to others too. I’m praying this administration lives up to its promise about our Veterans getting the long overdue help they deserve…..Amen

    Jackie, interesting fortune cookies you’ve been getting lately….good luck…. prayers will be with you. Go see Nancy….you sound like you could use a little road trip.

    Watching ”Deal or No Deal” here with Dad…..old Howie Mandell….anyone here remember the cartoon named “Bobby’s World”…he was the voice. Right now, I’d take the $71,000 that’s being offered…seen too much greed and they walk away with less than $4,000 like the last one, and she was offered $52,000….but nooooo, she had 4 cases and was wanting that $300,000.


  40. Thank you, one and all. My diabetes was finally judged to be Agent Orange related about a year ago, probably caused by steaming through dust clouds from B 52 raids in ’72 while I was in Tonkin Gulf. Now, I’m doing what little I can to help others in the same fix get the help they need.

  41. Debbe:

    I don’t sleep much, but I was not typing at 3:41 AM. It was actually 5:41 AM.

    I’m usually in my office by 6:10 or 6:15.

  42. As for the soothsayer, we should all remember to beware the ides of March.

    Strange days have found us, as Jim said fifty years ago.

  43. The problem with the VA is it seems to have become a job corps for middle and upper level management, most of whom never served in the military, but have certainly learned how to suck at the public teat in perpetuity.

  44. It could have been worse, Jerry. As my claim had been rejected the first time, when it was finally approved, I received a check for several years of compensation, dating back to when my first claim was rejected, five figures west of the decimal point. I’ve used most of it up on car and home repairs, but at least I had it when I needed it the most.

  45. Good night Villagers….

    Dad’s tucked in, catching up here…and tired too. I seem to be more tired now than when I packed eggs…be glad when it warms up and Dad and I can get out in the yard…which really is a pet cemetery…he made every ‘coffin’ for every pet he had and they are buried out in the back…including the albino raccoon.

    Dad has started to reminisce about the days he worked at Mitchell, IN….home of Gus Grissom. (We watched the movie ‘Apollo 13 a couple of weeks ago.) Dad worked at the RR depot back then and got to know Mr. Grissom…Gus’ father. He spoke of a seventeen year lapse when he took a road trip back to Mitchell and went to the depot and local pub. Mr. Grissom and a friend heard he was in town and visited with Dad. Dad to this day has solemn memories of that tragic day…..they have a small museum in Gus Grissom’s memory there in Mitchell.

    And someone please tell me why the past two nights I have dreamed of Ian being a baby….even to the point of being in a light dream state and questioning if I had a child….strange dreams. I think it’s because I have two ‘children’ here that are dependent on me…oh, well, someone has to do it.

    Steve…I’ve noticed our post times are two hours behind….stinking DST.

    So glad to be back here…you don’t know how much I had thought of you people and missed you….

    Good night my Village….

  46. Regarding the DST ‘lapse’ in this forum: I believe that WordPress does its timestamp based on its internal settings… which may predate the current DST rules moving its onset to the second Sunday of March instead of the first Sunday of April. Or maybe JJ’s computer’s operating system is that old?

  47. GN & GM Debbe

    Six Undeniable Facts of Life
    1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy, so when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price.

    to be continued…

  48. Debbe:

    Your mentioning “Apollo 13” brought a memory to mind.

    In 1984, I had a promo photograph taken with Senator John Glenn.

    I tried to be cool and talk about the issues of the day, but the nine-year-old boy inside was jumping up and down and screaming, “It’s John Glenn the astronaut!”

  49. Good Morning Villagers…..

    GM to you Old Bear, love your bits of wisdom…must copy them down.

    Rick glad I could stir up a good memory, do you still have that picture? When I was a ‘wittle’ girl, I’d watch the launches…I wanted to grow up and be an astronaut and be the first woman in space. I also was proud that my Dad knew Guss Grissom’s father…a fact I let be known then.

    Mark….this Spotify is spoiling me…listening to “Twin Sons of a Different Mother’ by Fogleberg and Weisberg, great flute playing…an album I had and played and played.

    gotta go…just heard Dad get up…


  50. Debbe it is usually so cloudy up here that it is sometimes hard to figure out when the sun is out! Monday was the first drive to work in the dark and the snow covered up the twilight. The good news is that by the time that I got home, there was enough time to shovel in the light. I’m not sure how good of news that is.

    I had a few tests at the Dr. office yesterday. An EKG, x-ray and breathing test. Not really going to spot something underlying, but if there is an issue, it might spot something. I had an issue after walking 20 miles, but I assume that drinking a cola on an empty stomach is why I felt a bit funky. April 1st I am going to walk 26.2 miles, so I plan to be a bit smarter with the food intake.

    Let’s see what time this posts. I am at 8:20 AM….

  51. Good morning, Village!!

    It’s 29 degrees here in sunny Dahlonega, and I just had to thaw the ice out of the outside cats’ bowl. There are reports of light snow a bit north of us, but so far none here. While I don’t mind snow I’m just as glad there’s none today because I have to venture forth for my second post-surgery checkup. He’ll most likely say I’m good, and don’t need to see him again. Jackie, when you have your surgery, DO THE PHYSICAL THERAPY!! You’ll need a designated driver for a while, but it’s the best thing you can do for your recovery.

    And I have to stop by the vet and pick up meds for my 17 year old cat. She is not doing well, and the doctor says she is anemic. I will have to give her a pill twice a day. This should be fun.

  52. Also, Happy St. Urho’s Day! Now, what am I missing / today’s TIP BlogSpot?


    All I know is communion wafers stick to the roof of your mouth. [We Methodists dip real bread into grape juice (Welch’s was actually invented for that purpose back in the 19th c.), and we ‘know’ it is just bread.] Whoops! Religion.


  53. Just watched the Baltimore peregrine site from 0906-0923. When I arr., a bird was incubating and the other was in the ‘doorway’. Bird in doorway shifted position a bit, incubator +/- motionless. Hard to judge relative size bcs webcam is so wide angle. Finally, 0915 or later [?] doorway bird hopped in, picked gravel for minute or more, incubator got up and flew off. Remaining bird settled on the TWO eggs, shifting position often, settled in. Am guessing it is the larger of the two. If so, it is the falcon and the bird that left is the tercel.



  54. Debbe, I think you’re right about the reason for the dreams. The light, watchful sleep you’re getting now is probably similar to that you had when Ian was a baby.

    Good beginning, Old Bear.

    Ghost, I hope your under the weather feeling isn’t due to a resurgence of the creeping crud you had forever.

    GOOD MORNING, TRAPPER JEAN! So nice to hear you’re doing well and the PT has been valuable. Jackie, what Jean said. I have seen it make a huge difference in both function and comfort for several people.

    The Villagers and their companion animals are in my nightly prayers.

    emb, Polly wants a cracker…the classic parrot line.

  55. Hi, Jean dear! Good to hear you’re still kicking. You can still kick, can’t you?

    Thanks for your concern, Li’l Smigz. All better now. What I had was obviously just a shade of the Martian Flu-like illness I had late last year.

    Ghostly Definition of the Day – Middle Age: That point in life when work becomes a lot less fun and fun becomes a lot more work.

  56. Ghost,

    A belated “thanks!” for the “TootToot”. That was my mother-in-law’s favorite tune and the crawfish looked good too.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  57. And I know that baseball season must be approaching soon or at least spring training.
    This has always been a favorite of mine forever, Centerfield, and the period video is awesome, worth watching for that alone.


    We always called this “Put Me in Coach”.

  58. And here is a John Mellencamp video from when we were all young and beautiful, one of my favorites of course. For the droolers among us there is quite a Chick dancing in black underwear and a garter belt.


    Reminds me of a teen friend of mine, male, who stripped off naked and everyone ignored him so he put a rose in his teeth and picked up a guitar.
    Saw a photo of him recently, bald and obese. Think about it.

  59. Smigz, you have a very good point there. No one really slept well during the night, I gave in and gave Dad his ‘sleeping’ pill. No more….I told him this morning we’ll just have to go to sleep the old fashion way….close your eyes 🙂 Dad does understand, it’s the remembering that’s creeping away, short term memory loss.

    Steve, pray you get good results on your test…take ‘baby’ tests when ‘gearing’ up for your next marathon…I admire your determination.

    Hello Jean…good advice you are giving Jackie. My Mom was a slacker when she had her knee surgery, and she paid the price for it until she left us.

    Emb, you triggered a memory there when you mentioned the wafers that are used in communion. I went to an all Catholic elementary school complete with uniforms and daily masses. We would volunteer to clean the church’s alter area and the two back rooms that adjoined the alter area. We found those wafers….the ones that had not been blessed yet. And it was “I bet you can’t eat just one” frenzy 🙂

    And it’s March Madness time….need to find the channel, CBS I believe, have my bracket saved in my bookmarks, and Butler plays at 1:30. Dad played basketball when he was in high school. Would love to see Duke (remember, it’s the team everyone loves to hate) go down in the first round, but that’s not going to happen. Purdue plays tonight, Vermont, at 7:30. I’d have to google to see when the last time IU was in the tourney.

    Jackie, I remember dancing at high school sock hops to that song.

    …and GR 😉 , bookmarked that Fogerty tune..love the lyrics too.


  60. You are right Debbe, there were some funny comments after Hurts So Good. I never read comments but I did. I like the one where they said the extras looked like they were pulled from public service as sex offenders. And the one that said they must be Canadian bikers because they were so polite.

    And yes, Mellencamp is too cute and clean looking to pull that video off but you could say that about any of his songs or videos.

  61. Thanks for the video, Mustang Jackie, featuring two of my favorite things…hot cars and fast women. Oh, wait. Did I get that reversed? Nah, works either way. 🙂

  62. I miss the cartoons, I may have to see if I can pick a few (like this page) from the wreckage. (The new and improved cartoons sources now obliterate most of the ones I like with pop-up ads that my pop-up-ads-blockers can not control.)

    Skip the preaching–the old paper suppliers did not obliterate the cartoons with pictures of penis cross-sections and vaseline and such.

  63. emb, having had a canary who was an escape artist, I spot bird shapes well. It was not particularly obvious. I will amend my prayers to include them!

  64. Debbe iu was not only in the tournament last year, they won the Big Ten. I am surprised by the firing but it could be that the administration’s expectations are a tad high. As long as the coach can keep an honest program and the kids out of jail, he should at least be able to last his contract.

    I have been super conscious of my training and very conservative. I need to walk 20 miles this weekend and then the race is in 2 weeks. I will be fine. The victory is completing it standing up.

    There was an article in Reader Digest about 18 mistakes people make. One of them was not timing your sleep right. People that wake up in the middle of a REM are groggy and those who wake up at the end are often refreshed. I have found that to be true. Once during a sleep study, they woke me up at 6:35. I asked I thought that you were going to wake me up at 6:30?” The aide told me that I was dreaming and they like for the paitient to complete their dreams….Now I know why.
    I also asked her if they knew what I was dreaming about. She said “No, but you might want to check with the NSA.” I think she was kidding.

  65. For some unknown reason, I have begun getting a daily email from the White House on my closely-kept personal email account. I blame the [No Such Agency].

    Sadly, I will not be able to attend the therein announced White House Easter Egg Roll on April 17th. Do they really roll the eggs? And if so, on what? Or in what? Or under what? (I always wondered about that.)

  66. Re: aluminum…The first image that came to my mind was the scene from ‘Signs’…where Joaquin is sitting there with Gibson’s movie children with aluminum cones on their heads..

    Dad has this large soup cup that has a gold border trim on the edge of the top of cup…before I put it in the microwave, a voice deep inside me said…’don’t do that’…but, obviously Ian did not hear the same voice…microwave is still functioning though 🙂

    Steve. yes, you’re right about them being in the NCAA last year, (I googled) and yes, I think they are expecting too much from too little input from the team…you play with what you have. Just don’t know about that generation.

    Spoke with my sister who is a librarian at the school system here. She is thinking of ‘quitting’ and not going back to work the next school season. She is tired of rude, crude and socially unacceptable parents who will not take the responsibility of raising their children…expecting someone else to step up to the ‘plate. I know where she is coming from…before I was an egg packer…I also did substitute teaching….May the good Lord have mercy on us when that younger generation ‘comes of age’….

    Mark’s been quiet today….Mark???

    …..later….need to get Dad some supper down him.. he ate a good lunch of beef vegetable soup, which was not out of a can, but it’s down hill from there. Started diluting his chocolate milk with white milk with his ‘sweet’ munchies in the afternoon…just may have him eat some ‘Life’ for supper….or cottage cheese with peaches.

  67. Debbe:

    Actually, I have two photos, one in which we are standing and one in which we are seated.

    They are kept in a safe place, and I hope that nothing ever happens to them.

  68. Re the Oxford [or serial] comma. Willy Strunk was right!

    Vindicated after teaching that for decades [and still doing so]. Wonder if it will have any effect on ‘AP Style’? Or on the NY Times, which still says in the 60’s when they mean in the ’60s. I know, those are apostrophes, not commas.


  69. ‘Do they really roll the eggs? And if so, on what?’ On the White House lawn. There is rarely snow there on Easter.

    That’s right, ‘Life’ is a cereal. Once, it was a magazine [and still is, sort of, in the checkout line at the store]. In the ’40-’50s, there was a routine, ‘What’s life?’ [as in a philosophical discussion.] ‘LIFEs a magazine.’ … eventually leading to ‘That’s life.’ ‘What’s life?’ …


  70. On the first dedicated on-line computer system we had in our office, typing “TIME” on a screen would give the current time. Typing “LIFE” on a screen would give nothing.

  71. Steve, that was so long ago the monitor was green-on-black, and the photos of the swimsuit babes might have lacked a certain degree of, ah, detail.

  72. This morning, a noise from the MBH announced the presence of a deceased rodent at the foot of the cellar steps. I was requested to remove the remains ASAP and did so. This pleased me not, for I employed a well-known firm only 2 or 3 years ago to seal up all possible entries by which a rodent might get into the premises. If I recall correctly, that was $200.’ worth of urethane foam guaranteed to be offensive to refined rodential tastebuds.

    Noted that the mouse was smaller than I had expected, maybe 1.5″ or 4 cm. from nose to butt. Certainly hope it wasn’t just one of an indoor litter, though, in this weather – warmer than normal though it has been – it seems too chilly outside for raising young.

    In the matter cited above by Ghost re: comma, the writing specified in the case was “packing for shipment or distribution” meaning “packing for shipment” or “packing for distribution”, absent the comma. With the comma in place, the phrase becomes “packing for shipment, or distribution” which means “packing for shipment” or “the act of distribution (rather than the act of packing)”.

  73. c ex-p, there is an old saying to the effect that, “If you invent a better mousetrap, you’ll get smarter mice.” Perhaps developing unappetizing materials gets one mice with less discriminating tastebuds.

  74. c x-p. Actually, it’s not a good sentence to start w/, and thus not a good example. But, since commas are primarily a grammatical device rather than a reading aloud indicator, serial commas are a good idea. Let’s hear it for Strunk & White!

    / my favorite book on MN mammals, adult house mouse [Mus musculus] body length is about 85 mm, which would fit your specimen, but on the small side. I presume it had distinct external ears [roughly 12 mm tall], prominent eyes, and a 75 mm or so tail, if undamaged.

    Also assuming you know a mouse from a shrew. Smaller shrews [Sorex sp.] have just holes for external ears, body length a bit shorter than Mus, tail only 40 mm. or less, tiny eyes. Our largest shrews, Blarina brevicauda, are larger bodied, about 100 mm, short-tailed [25 mm or so], also small eyed and ‘earless’. We sometimes trapped them in our old basement.

    Sounds like you have a case against ‘a well-known firm’, perhaps / an entry way they overlooked. Peace,

  75. Larry Sheldon, for twenty dollars a year, I subscribe to GoComics, and get no pop up advertising at all, for the whole year. It seems well worth the money, to me. You might think about doing the same.

    Dear emb, thanks for the ideas about how to get your columns by Email. Trouble is, I don’t think Jimmy reads our posts often, if at all. Remember a year or so ago, I was trying everything I could think of to reach Mr. Johnson, searching for a Villager who’d gone missing? He never did respond, and after a while, the missing person came back.

    I wouldn’t really mind posting my Email address here, but maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea? What do you think?

  76. For reading comics painlessly, I subscribe to “Comics Kingdom” which comes every day in my Email; it’s the “other” syndicate, the old King Features. Prince Valient, Crankshaft, Blondie and Dagwood, Funky Winkerbean, Beetle Bailey. I think it’s twelve dollars a year. Again, no ads.

  77. Charlotte, probably not so good to publish your email; just my opinion, of course.

    eMb, we used to get some shrews, too – if they have extended probosces with some movement thereof possible. At least, that is what I take to be shrewish. Your cited 85mm is more than twice the observed body length. Yes, it did have ears and a tail about as long as the body. I don’t believe I will go out to the garbage can wherein it now resides just to check!

    Ghost, maybe my “offensive” was too strong a term. “Unattractive” might have been more accurate.

  78. I AM Irish. I’d kiss you for both of us to make up for you not being Irish. You’d convert on the spot. My clan is McCarty.

    You could be McGhost.

  79. Sorry 🙁 I pushed a wrong button and wisdom #2 thru #6 vanished,
    I tried retrieving them but no luck. So much for the advice ” Just push buttons.”

    But this was a finally:

    And, finally:?
    The nicest place to be is in someone’s thoughts,
    ?the safest place to be is in someone’s prayers,?
    and the very best place to be is
    …..?…in the hands of God.

    Hope question marks don’t show up like last time.

  80. They did – ignore them.

    Do the rehab – I have known people that have not because it
    was uncomfortable. it was to their detriment. Also do exercises before
    surgery- it makes post op easier.

    In her book “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” Lynne Truss discusses the ‘The Oxford Comma’.
    Her view is don’t get hung up about it. Sometimes it is better and some times not so

  81. Good morning Villagers…

    Been on night watch since 2 am….Dad is not sleeping. Did not give him his Lunesta, sleeping pill as the 4th night of taking them he really scared Ian and me, it was as though he was drunk. You can’t tell me he got use to them in just 4 nights, or has he? He and I both went to bed at 9ish with Ian staying up with him. I woke up to him laying in the recliner and Ian sleeping on the couch. Calling pharmacy to ask some questions about this drug.

    Oh, and Happy St. Patty’s Day ….. who’s drinking green beer today?

    Rick,,two photos…do you have them framed?

    …I’m back, Dad still getting up and down. Gave him his morning meds…..will take blood pressure next time he gets up. He is also saying he’s not feeling well.

    GM Old Bear, love your final bit of wisdom.

  82. In addition to “Taoiseach”, I’ve learned another Irish word… gobermouch.

    Fortunately, The Village seems to have a minimal number of gobermouchs.

  83. ….stinking blood pressure monitor and I do not get along……three failed attempts, finally gave up as I didn’t want to raise Dad’s blood pressure. I think I’m going to tell my ‘baby’ sister, who is one of two POA’s to Dad, stop by Wally world, or better yet, Walgreens and get me one of those self activating ones that the home visiting nurse carries with her.

  84. GR, thanks for the link to the sleeping pills. Dad was not under any medication as such when he hit the gas pedal instead of the break pedal when backing out of his driveway, resulting in a crash into the modular home across the street.

    That one took Dad’s license away and a total loss on his car not to mention the damage done to the home across street.

    I’ve met her, the neighbor across the street, and she is very nice and supportive….said if I and or Dad need anything just to let her know. I really welcomed that.

  85. sand, Ghost, cxp, and emb: I love the Oxford comma. (Not TMI.) It will have to be pried from my cold, dead pencil.

    Debbe, sending you good thoughts. Coping with an elder’s sleep-wake changes is difficult. Thank God Ian is there with you.

  86. Thank you Smigz. 🙂

    Hung up with pharmacist and we are in complete agreement, the prostate issue is overriding the sleeping pill. No more sleep aids…they are sending me an empty bottle, labeled, to put unused pills in.

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