Adieu to Peggy Sue


Finally, we get to the end of the “Peggy Sue Got Married” spoof, from 1986. (Xerox was hot then.) I failed to note it was a Christmas story of sorts, but I think that’s obvious. Tomorrow, something else!
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  1. In 1961, Xerox was a good guess for the future. However, as an Field Service tech for Xerox from 1984 to 2005 I saw the decline in office equipment. They were a tech innovator in their day. They are still pretty big, but with a completely different focus. Nevertheless, many great memories for me. 🙂

  2. Planning an entry for the boutiques for the local Independence Day Parade. Let’s see, there’s a Mustang convertible, and two shops full of bikinis and other skimpy clothes. Whatever could we do? Oh, I know…find some cute girls to don skimpy outfits and ride in the back of the Mustang!

    Actually, I already picked up, erh, recruited a cute waitress at our favorite steakhouse last night. And one of our sales associates is a cutie, too. I think I’ve got this.

  3. Actually there is a scene in the movie “Frequency” where the boy talks to his long deceased dad via Ham Radio. During the movie the son tells his best friend to remember the word “Yahoo”. Since it came out in 2000, they showed the last scene as his friend is driving a luxury car with “Yahoo” on the vanity license plate.

    I suppose that if we were transported back 40 years, the word to remember would be Apple. Maybe 30 years would be “Google”. Kind of a fun exercise.

  4. I had a chance to buy into Microsoft before Gates have even named the company. He was going pitching his OS to computer companies trying to get investors. My brother and I could tell it was gonna’ be great but he still in H.S. and me working minimum wage we couldn’t scrape together the $1000 gates was asking. Our family didn’t want anything to do with it.
    Still, my life didn’t turn out too bad but I often wonder just what would have happened if I’d been able to be one of his initial investors. Pretty sure I’d at least have a newer house and truck!

  5. DJJG7

    Some guest on the Tonight Show (w/Johnny ) described Edward Everett Horton’s lips as
    2 razor blades. They were rather thin.

    1961 I was heading back to base listening to a talk show extolling Xerox.
    I thought it was a good idea – but I did not have 2 nickels let alone $2 to rub together.

    Their best idea when they could not sell machines was to rent them. With (I think) 25 cents
    a copy – they made out like bandits. Everyone was copying jokes and recipes.
    And since it was so easy make 2 (or 3) copies of real work.

  6. We had somewhat north of 4″ of rain last evening, and had to go to a church-related meeting 6:30 – 8:00 pm since my MBH runs it. The site has a spacious parking lot which can flood. I thought we had found a spot quite unlikely to flood, as only part of said lot really gets wet.

    At about 8:15 I discovered that
    a) I was wrong
    b) the water was 6 or 7 inches deep plus wavelets from sloshing through, and
    c) my special padded-leather diabetic shoes are not 6 inches high.

    I expect my shoes will not be dry for a several more days, whether I expose them to the air or stuff them with crumpled newspapers or alternate those methods. As you might imagine, it was rather a squishy drive home.

  7. Use a hand-held blow dryer to get them started.

    Dress or bathing suit. Either way, Arlo was impressed. Maybe Janis shopped at Steals?

  8. Decades back [maybe 5/6] there were actual premiums in Wheaties boxes, replica miniature metal license plates. Only one I remember said “Turkey” but actually a replica US military plate for use in Turkey. Peace,

  9. Yeah, eMb, I remember small fake license plates from some cereal boxes. If memory serves, one could mail in a boxtop (maybe with some coin) and get a whole set. Loved the variety of vivid colors the state plates had.

  10. curmudgeonly, you would probably like a print that hangs in a local restaurant, then. It is an outline map of the US with each state represented by its license plate, shaped like the state. A neat bit of photo editing.

  11. Yep, that license plate map is interesting. I note that the artist used plates of several different years; would have thought that a single year would have sufficed.
    My shoes are slowly drying. Currently, in the air; soon to be stuffed with newspaper again. I did think of using a hair dryer, but the wet areas are too large for easy application.

    Thanks for the input.

  12. emb / c e-p

    Have 2 of those plates on the icebox now. Picked up at a swap meet.
    Remember when all the state’s plates were very different and there were only
    1 plate per state? There was an ad that ran in the Saturday Evening Post (?) that
    showed the plates for that year for each state.

    Raisin Bran had Cat Eye Marbles.

    Nabisco Shredded Wheat had all kinds of things printed on the divider cardboard.
    You could make up a whole train. A car or 2 per box.

    Make sure you put a tube up into the toe of the shoes when blowing air or moving air will not
    get all the way to the tip – unless they are ventilated there.

  13. OB: I remember some publication featuring the license plates for all states on a single page, but do not know what it was. As a kid, my family got Life, National Geographic, and Colliers until it folded. I’m sure it wasn’t the NG, although some WWII issues did have pages of military insignia. Such a display would have been of similar ilk, though the militaria ran a lot more than just one page.

    Dad’s usual was Cheerios, but, often enough, Shredded Wheat made an appearance. He ate them with sliced bananas and milk & sugar. I was never a big fan of cereals, especially not the hot farina or oatmeal forced upon me (probably during cold seasons?). Bananas and/or orange juice did it for me. I did make sure to read each box for anything even barely interesting and sent in a few box tops now and then.

    If the shoes are still damp later today, I may use a hair drier on them. There is a funeral service I must attend on Saturday. Slippers would not make the cut for that, but I did the weekly shopping today thus clad.

  14. If, as the song says, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”, Janis is already 47% there. (I did the math.)

    Do they still have those “bars in a pool”? The last one I remember seeing was at a nice hotel on the Gulf Coast back in the 80s. Perhaps “barmaids in bikinis” is one of the reasons I remember it.

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