Advance and be recognized

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Blinky the Wonder Wombat was the first this morning to chime in about the obvious colorization mistake in today’s A&J. I won’t go into it in detail, because presumably you’ve already looked at today’s strip. Haven’t you? Anyway, Blinky’s comment, which is attached to yesterday’s post, asks if I see the colorization after it is finished but before it’s released, if I have “approval” in other words.

No, I do not see the colorized version before it is released. Generally, the color guys do a great job, especially—it seems to me—on panels that challenge them. If they slip up, it will be on a mundane image, of which there are many in my work. I’m sure they would say in their defense that if I would get my work in on time, there’d be far less mistakes. That is a good defense. As for having approval beforehand, I don’t know. Again, they might let me sign off on the work if I provided the original art in a more timely manner, but I honestly don’t know. That one’s never come up.