Ahoy, there!

I have decided what we need is a Daylight Spending Time, one that adds 12 hours, or even eight, to every day. Then, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess. Oh, of course I would! I’m going to make this up to you. You’ll see.

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16 responses to “Ahoy, there!”

  1. Speak Like A Pirate Day is still 6 months away.
    (Maybe the snow will be gone then – Over 6″ new on the ground.)
    JJ is just trying to get a jump on the Pirate speak thing.

  2. And you can tell it is by a pro because most kids and most adults would never think of drawing haunches. It’s like Jimmy can see it in his head before he draws it!

  3. Mrs. Cripps, AKA Little Buttercup, is a “bumboat woman” [peddler on docked ships] in HMS Pinafore. Turns out that, when she “was young and charming” she “practiced baby-farming” [= wet-nursing]. She eventually ends up wedding one of the infants she raised. The other baby she nurses, of roughly the same age, ends up marrying the daughter of that first baby. Not clear if he is still married or is a widower. WS Gilbert doesn’t bother to mention the age difference in either marriage. Still a fine operetta.


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