Ain’t It th’ Truth?

January 24, 2001

Speaking of bad moods, the Great Web Project is rolling again after the holidays. This means lots of tinkering around, where one little change of settings–intentional or accidental–could blow everything up. I try to make a lot of changes offline, but sooner or later one must throw the circuit breakers and hope for the best. You know what to do if this site disappears. That’s right: check back until it returns. (How do you like the green? Green is supposed to be soothing to your eyes. No, this isn’t one of the big changes!)

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

42 responses to “Ain’t It th’ Truth?”

  1. The green is fine, Jimmy. It’s the background texture that clashes.
    It looks like a toddler chewed up black and while crayons and ralphed the whole mess up on marble tile. But maybe you like it, in which case, oops.
    I’m just here for the comics.

  2. In regard to the green background, it doesn’t work for my eyes. I see text on a monitor better when the background is a light yellow, about the color of a writing tablet for first graders or of a legal pad. I also use Arial with blue font. For me, it has the effect of using a pen with blue ink and a legal pad.

    I also used to be a teacher of reading, and the studies back then indicated that most – not all – readers preferred the blue on light yellow.

  3. The foreground looks a bit wider today. That’s good. It wasn’t that long ago when most people used 800×600. We would always have to be sure those who still used 640×480 could see it. That made for some interesting pages. Not many years ago I bought a flat screen monitor. I designed my desk to hold it in a little cave. That would handle 1024×768. Who would want more? Yeah. I know. 640K of RAM was more than anyone would ever use.

    Anyhow, it was only a few weeks until my screen had to be expanded to be able to read it. Then there was scrolling right and left. It’s tough sometimes to make a page that looks good on the billion different monitors out there.

  4. It must have taken forever to draw today’s strip! I figure if you look at a strip for more than 30 seconds, it’s got to be good one. I think my wife and I spent 5 minutes on this one! We were looking for the pear tree! 🙂

  5. About today’s live strip. It’s pretty weird. Until you realize the characters are all from the Twelve Days of Christmad song. Then the strip is brilliant. FYI, my newspaper, The Boston Globe, recently dropped a page worth, or about 50% of the comics. Happily, Arlo & Janis was saved! About the website colors…. The blues and greens are pleasant; those colors are related. The background salmon color kinda clashes with the rest, especially since it has texture. The logo has its own texture, and the background competes with that too. Just my 2 cents worth.

  6. Amazing to see so many Villagers returning to comment! Ghost will be estatic.

    Jimmy darling just do what ever you like to the page. You are attraction, not the color of the paper. Stick around and we will come.

  7. Look under the Facebook icon. There is an arrow pointing left with the words Older Posts. Click it and you go backwards in time, just like The Time Machine. No Morlocks, but no Yvette Mimieux either.

  8. My page says “previous” at upper right, just under the line with “email” and “home”. It does get me to earlier pages. Nothing here near the visagevolume indicator.

  9. Above is true after I click on the number for the comments. Before I so click, I do have “older posts” near the visagevolume icon.

  10. Green is more soothing, Jimmy. The LIKE feature stil doesn’t work on my iPad. And my wife only comments on my bad moods. Maybe it’s because she is always in a good mood which, unfortunately, is not the same as being in the mood.

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