AKA, “Storage Space”

March 31, 1997

Here’s another way to pass your time during the quarantine: clean out those storage areas! Take all that junk down to the curb. I suspect in most municipalities essential trash crews still are there to cart it away, and I say that with all sincerity and gratitude. If you follow the link, you’ll be reminded of an activity not still available to most of us: yard sales. What, you haven’t missed them? Me, either. Now, I’m going to do a little cleaning in the garage.

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    • Goodwill is a private business, with CEO making, IIRC, about $7,000,000 – on stuff they conned people into GIVING them!

      Find a real charity instead.

        • I noticed the article made a point of “sub-minimum wages” as though they don’t serve a valid purpose. I have autistic children. None of them fall into the category that qualifies and justifies those wages: able and wanting to do some sort of work but unable to do high enough quality work to economically justify the full minimum wage. Some of their friends, though, are in that category… and being paid anything matters to them. Busybodies who interfere with good intent still are interfering and doing harm to others’ lives.

          • You’ve got that right, TruckerRon. Giving a person a chance to do whatever they are capable of and paying them for it, is much better than forcing them to stay home or in an institution doing nothing while being made dependent upon whatever the government agencies decide to provide for them.

  1. Our trash guys are still working – but for now, they will not pick up anything that’s not in a roll-out can (which is only handled by the truck).

  2. Had a check up with the Doctor in order to get my prescription renewed. I have to have it done ever three months and the Doctor will call it in and then give me two more scripts as my insurance is a little funky. However today’s “visit” was done via Face-time. I gave him my weight as I am down 13 lbs since my visit in January and told him that my weight really fluctuates because of the exercise. He reassured me that this was normal, so keep monitoring my calorie intake and keep up with the exercise. Instead of getting the other two scripts, he told me to call the office next month for my renewal. He thought that his office might be closed by this time next month but hopefully I can see him in June.

    A friend has a serious condition that requires a Doctor visit. They had her wait in the car at her appointment time and then called her and came out to meet her with a mask and purell. I am betting that is how Doctor’s offices will start back up. Frankly, that is a wonderful idea. Even though waiting rooms are clean, it is very hard to keep them that way with a bunch of sick people coming in.

  3. When I lived near Houston, you could put stuff out by the curb and it would be gone before the trash pickup ever arrived, assuming it wasn’t really garbage. Hmmm, what’s the difference between trash and garbage?

    I too am looking at the room off of the garage and trying to work up ambition to clean it out

  4. OMG, I sorely miss thrift stores and garage sales being open! I have things I need to buy, really, but I am just not going to pay full retail price when someone wants to get rid of his/her item. I am a huge proponent of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Plus you keep one widget out of a landfill. The disposable society has ruined society. Sorry, you hit a hot spot of mine.

  5. Trash is that rare collectible that you’ve had in the garage for years. Garbage is that cheese that looked great in the store, but now it’s some unrecognizable color.

  6. Jerry and Ghost combine to define garbage vs trash. Garbage is only someone else’s treasure if the are composting for the garden! 🙂

  7. The problem with that approach is people are dying from suicides as they give up hope. As their dream jobs end. As the business they spent building years dies. It’s impossible to outlast an epidemic. The virus won’t go away even if everyone shelters in place for weeks or months.
    At some point, now that most hospitals have geared up and are ready for the inevitable patients, we need to open back up our economy while we can.

    • How many are going to die from medical procedures being postponed?
      How many are going to go blind, lose limbs or have organ failure?
      Hospitals and surgery centers are laying off their staff.
      Some Doctors and Dentists are shutting down their offices until this is over.

  8. Sister!?? I had forgotten that…..
    No, the trashman will not leave his truck at the moment. In fact, I think they’ve trained new folks- cans are left fallen all over. Or maybe they’ve got folks out sick and one guy is covering two or more zones….hmmm I should be nicer.
    I REALLY like the Sunday strip about cutting the hedge!!!!! Thanks for the laughing 🙂

  9. One of my favorite movie and TV character actors, Brian Dennehy, passed away yesterday at age 81. He was also an acclaimed stage actor and two-time Tony winner, which I did not know. (He also played in my favorite “modern” Western movie, “Silverado”.)

    • Thanks, Mark. Already have some on order that should beat the delivery date on those. If not, I’d be ordering them. At this point, there’s really no way to predict with a high degree of confidence how long face masks may be necessary (or at least prudent and/or recommended).

      • I hear you. I found some on Ebay last week and bought them. Got them Tuesday of this week. Thanks USPS for quick delivery. 5 for $15 and free shipping. Next time I looked that seller had sold out. Glad to hear the E visits are working for Jackie. Those should be especially helpful for people like her who live far from their medical providers. The hospital I work for has been doing telehealth consults for quite a while. Before this pandemic came up, they were using those for people who needed specialist attention where we didn’t have one on call or actually in the hospital. That saved a lot of people an 160 mile round trip to Nashville, Chattanooga or Knoxville. It is located almost 80 miles from any of those places that have a top level trauma center, etc.

  10. Jackie utilized the eVisit option with her oncologist on Tuesday, and it worked out very well. She has three other appointments with the same group already booked, and I was able to convert them all to eVisits as well. Even though we have been trying to schedule multiple appointments for the same days, it’s still close to a 200-mile round trip each time we go to Tulsa. This will help. And I suspect this will become the new norm for a lot of physician office visits.
    We did have to go to Tulsa yesterday for a face-to-face appointment. I was a bit surprised how few vehicles were on the roads compared to our last visit, especially the 18-wheeler variety. (I suspect this is the case for most metropolitan areas now.) I told Jackie it was the first time I remember getting in and out of Tulsa without cursing the traffic.

    • Ghost, you two are lucky. If I have to visit the VA medical center in Albuquerque, it’s about 250 miles each way. I have to go down the day before, stay in a motel and come home the next day. And, if I’d joined the Colorado section of the VA, I’d be going to Denver with the same results. Not only that, it’s almost 100 miles to the nearest clinic here, but the nearest one in NM is only about 25. Hope you two are doing well, and staying healthy!

    • I thought geese nested on or near the ground. In this case, I guess the goslings would have to be like wood ducklings that have to just plunge from the nest and hope for the best.

  11. Ruth Anne, Think the 3 coming hatchlings will bounce ok, but no bets / their walking safely to the nearest water, albeit led by a feisty mom. There is the other nest structure that we saw an osprey at recently. Didn’t realize at first that it has no nearby webcam. It still has 1 osprey.
    Have no idea how many cranes are still settling in for the night on the water in the NE NE refuge. Large ## come down, but later whole flocks rise up & start flying again. Don’t think we’ve enough Villagers watching in E SD & ND. Am writing this w/ those cranes still calling & flying in the background.



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