All about the Genes

Today’s old A&J strip is from 1997. I thought you might enjoy a look back at son Gene. Oh, and by the way (BTW), Gene and family make a return soon. Remember where you heard it first!
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  1. I was always impressed how Our Humble Author mined each vein of “Gene Humor” as our young protagonist grew up. The “Little Kid Humor” was great, the “Trying To Figure Out Girls” stuff was fantastic, the “Surly Adolescent” era was a virtual documentary… and so it went. Now Gene is a young parent and skillfully presented as well. We could, in theory, see the return of “Little Kid Humor” with Meg, but she seems to fill a different role. Still, she IS a girl, and that offers up an entire playbook of opportune humor. Our Humble Author is one of a handful of male authors that can script the Vive La Difference aspects of females with precise accuracy.

    To coin the old joke with reference to this retro strip, “A sweater is what you wear when your mother feels cold.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It will be great to have Gene back. JJ, a request: The one about the Friday that Arlo is pensive about and Gene is happy? I hope you can find it JJ. Thanks and War Eagle!!! Pax te cum.
    God bless us every one.

  3. Capitalizing on the “extra” hour of daylight, Operation Spring Spruce Up has been proceeding apace at my mom’s apartment this week. I’ve cleaned and filled both her bird seed feeder and her humming bird feeder (yep, almost that time again in these parts), as well as relocating them to optimize her ability to view them both through her front windows and from her porch chair. Her old birdbath, which had cracked and sprung a leak over the winter, has been replaced and relocated for better viewing. This afternoon, I’ll stop and pick up some wind chimes to replace the old/damaged/terminally tangled ones she has.

    Over the weekend, I’ll see about some plants for the three urn-type planters in front of her three living room windows. Any of you green-thumb types have any suggestions for (minimal-care) plants? The planters are white and about 24 inches tall with openings of about 12 inches in diameter at their tops.

    Oh, and a couple of above-the-ground tomato plants will be set out at the end of her building weekend after next.

  4. Ghost, how much direct sunlight will the urns get? Second question is how often will they get watered? If not very often, you may find on a hot summer day that the plants need no more maintenance whatsoever. ๐Ÿ™

    Petunias and Impatiens are great for part shade: will bloom continually and do not need dead-heading. I am sure others will have comparable full-sun alternates.

  5. Evan: When I said “minimal-care” I didn’t mean “can survive without water. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m there literally every day, so watering wouldn’t be a problem. I was thinking of plants that don’t need fertilizing on some schedule, or are not fiddly about pH or soil types, or stuff like that. (As a horticulturist, I’m a great pilot.)

    The urns are south-facing, so partial sun. I checked with my mom and she likes Impatiens, so I’ll probably go that route. Thanks.

  6. Impatiens are fairly simple to grow and not fussy about fertilizer. They will tend to wilt temporarily in direct afternoon sun (at least in Texas) if not up-to-date on their watering, but will bounce back pretty fast once water is applied.

    If your part sun is several hours of afternoon sun (after shade all morning), it might possibly be too sunny and warm for impatiens. Vincas (a/k/a periwinkles) like hot sun and drier conditions; they also bloom continuously and do not require dead-heading.

    It will really depend on how much sun and how hot it gets locally. If mostly shade and a couple hours of sun, impatiens would be the way to go. It is a judgment call as to your conditions.

    Brother, this sounds like the 6am Farm Report. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Good morning Villagers….

    Another beautiful moon set yesterday, but a different setting on the horizon, and the sunrise was hidden behind some clouds…still a good day.

    From the national radar it looks like some of us are in for a thunderstorm or two.
    Then temps drop……

    Steve, I remember some 50 years ago that on Good Friday, every store closed down for three hours starting at noon. Wish it was still that way.

    And no Jackie!!! Hope she is ok……Gal, is she posting on Facebook?

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ you are such a sweet boy…..making sure your Mother enjoys the simple pleasure of life…with tomatoes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Be blessed….

  8. Debbe (and others)… Jackie appears to have reached her destination. She and friends are working on the “Saturday Night Special” boats. She did have some drama (of course – this is Jackie we are talking about!) on the way there. But – all’s well that ends well, so I shall let her share the details.

  9. Shall be gusty here in SE Ohio today, but – thankfully – no huge storms of ice and snow to anticipate. Looking forward to a 4-day weekend. I think my daughter is planning to go to church with me Sunday – !!!

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