All Downhill from Here

All Downhill from Here

Good morning! I’m sorry I missed posting Tuesday. There have been crews with weird machines crawling all over my neighborhood for weeks, planting little flags and spray painting lawns, all in the effort to install new fiber-optic cables. I’m blaming them for the Internet being down this time yesterday. Anyway, the above cartoon, from 15 years ago, pretty much sums me up when I’m creating a new post for you.

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  1. Early this morning, Jackie and I made our weekly medical trek to Tulsa. With sufficient time between appointments, we had a leisurely lunch at Tally’s Good Food Café, a long-time diner located on old Route 66 at South Yale. (I wonder if Tod and Buz ever stopped in there.) Jackie had a Popeye Omelet, and I had a Reuben Sandwich. Both were excellent.

    I quickly noticed that each of the all-female wait staff were quite pneumatic, which reminded me of the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry pointed out that all the waitresses at a coffee shop were large-breasted, leading Elaine to assume the owner was hiring them based on their chestular accouterments. (As it turned out, the waitresses were all daughters of the owner.) The young ladies at Tally’s were obviously not related, but they were excellent waitresses, so I’ll not offer any animadversion of the owner.

  2. Jimmy, we had the same problem when Verizon installed fiber optic cable a few years ago here in Florida. They cut my cable line not once but twice. First time was when they dug the trench and second time when filling in the trench after laying their fiber optics cable. We never ordered the fiber optic phone or internet from them. Few of my neighbors did and eventually Verizon sold off that business. :/

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