An Ounce of Prevention

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About those tee shirts: you won’t be any happier than I when they finally become available. That could be as soon as Friday or Saturday, so watch this space. I had hoped to offer them yesterday; December 1 had a nice ring to it. However, we still had a few ducks breaking rank and wandering around aimlessly. I know we will be pressed to get shirts out in timely fashion at the height of the holiday season, but we’re going to do our best. My advice would be to order as quickly as you can when sales do open. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. From the tail end of ‘Next’, so no one miss the surprise for the cable guy:

    emb on 02 Dec 2015 at 7:33 am # 183.

    Today’s TIP BlogSpot:

    NB: It’s Debbie, not Debbe. As to resemblance, beats me.

    That cat looks like it’s yawning, not screaming.

    Peace, emb

    Ghost Rider 6 on 02 Dec 2015 at 8:58 am # 184.

    Great way to insure the cable guy will be on time if a second service call is required.

    And my impression is that Debbe is somewhat more svelte than “Debbie”.

  2. JJ, I would say I’m waiting in breathless anticipation, but I also understand quality work takes time. And yes, there are those pesky ducks.

    Nonny Mouse, I have herded a few cats in my day, and they are as bad as ducks. Maybe worse. 😉

  3. My nickname among some in the boating world used to be Mama Duck because I shepherded the other ducklings. I have a sail bag with that embroidered on it along with a yellow duck, a gift.

    That and cat lady status. I’d say equally hard and not alike. I think I will put my cat lady leggings on for the hair dresser who wants to see them. I am actually rather fond of Nonna Mouse and Annonie and other varients. Special, not anonymous.

  4. I am wondering, too. Just returned from the kitchen, fixed and ate supper (a sort of smorgasbord). The computer is in the living room. Have no smart phone. Maybe some day I’ll get a laptop, no immediate plans.

    Maybe the Villagers are all watching the news — terrible sadness. Or shoveling snow?

    I enjoyed your compass rose photos on FB. Pictures of cathedrals are very pleasing (for the architecture and artwork).

  5. Charlotte if you go to my second page Boat Widow there are a ton of photos from the Cathedral Basilica I put up in October. This was my daughter’s church and where she was married. She had it all including full mass and two cantors, choir, organist and mama (me) got to decorate cathedral. That was my role in wedding, cathedral decorator, unfortunately.

  6. Not her wedding photos, just lots of cathedral photos including the Tiffany Chapel. The mosaics and stained glass are magnificent. Services there are magnificent. Nothing that isn’t.

    I am ordering seeds for my spring garden and listening to what sounds like the Piano Guys. I recommend something similar for all.

  7. Good morning Villagers…

    Regarding today’s real time…we always called the sweater/knitted caps ‘toboggans’…so I asked “define toboggan’ in my search engine…Wiki said it started sometime in 1928, the page give a list of definitions from various sources….but don’t go to Urban Dictionary….whoa.

    Emb…thanks for clearing that up 🙂 ‘big’ difference between ‘Debbie and Debbe’, as GR eloquently stated 😉

    Mark…thanks for reminding me of that line…I will use it today…think I’ll take George for a walk through the aisles today….he actually lays his head on your shoulder as you pet him. Ian started that.

    They delivered the CO2 tanks yesterday…..sigh!!!

    later……………ya’ll have a blessed Thursday

  8. GR 😉 I got sidetracked with songs on the left….Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” to Canned Heat’s “Vietnam Song”, I copied Reed’s link “Walk…” but decided it didn’t belong here. So I have no song to post…..sorry.

    Tomorrow, I’ll make up for it 🙂

  9. “Toboggan”? Must be another southernism. Here in the our portion of the Northeast, we call then “knit caps” although a few people call them “tooks”.

  10. We don’t call them toboggans in Alabama. Mostly we don’t get enough snow to use a toboggan sled, so not familiar enough with the term to use it for anything else. Only special name I have for it is “watch cap”, courtesy of my tour in the Navy.

  11. Regarding toboggan. Always called them watch cap.

    Debbe, being male I had to disregard your Urban Dictionary warning. Not only does it sound deadly it is clearly not fun.

  12. Gal, I was thinking the same thing last night. Last news here was on the 29th, after he was back from the hospital. Hopefully there hasn’t been a return visit!

  13. Hi.
    Re: Dec. 3/15 cartoon.
    We in Canada call a type of wooden elongated sled a “toboggan”.
    A knitted cap is called a “toque”. (If you want me to tell you how to pronounce this – contact me). Arlo’s waering a toque not a toboggan.

  14. Here in Georgia we call them knit caps, not toboggans. Of course, we also call toboggans sleds.

    Sandy, neither is a “toque” a hat or cap here. 😉

  15. I suppose that wearing a “toboggan” on one’s head when riding a “toboggan” makes a certain amount of sense. Wearing a “bicycle” on one’s head when riding a “bicycle”, not so much.

  16. Toboggan….. Large wooden sled that I used to ride down County Toboggan slides with my kids. We never made it to the bottom of the hill without someone falling off. Great fun! Unfortunately the lawsuits managed to kill the fun and the slides are gone.
    And a knit hat is a watch cap even in the Army.

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