And a froggie ARM


I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so incensed yesterday about sports. Someone else more or less said it better in comments yesterday; when did it cease to be just a game? I know, I know: about the time broadcasting networks and universities started getting filthy rich. However, I won’t get started on that again today. But when a coach makes millions of dollars and his employers are grubbing for every nickel, suing t-shirt vendors over logos and such, and the players who make it all possible cannot (legally) accept a hamburger, something is wrong. Don’t get me started. I know, I know: they get a college education. However, football players two generations ago got scholarships, as does the tennis team today, but none of them reaped millions for the athletic program, as do big-time football players. Just be honest. Pay ’em! You did it. You got me started.