And football…

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OK, I know it isn’t Labor Day yet, but we’re heading into the week of the Labor Day weekend, and at the rate I’ve been posting lately, this has a good chance of holding up. You may remember early last January, I promised you there’d be a brand new Web site in place by the 30th anniversary of A&J in July. Well, I’m sorry that didn’t happen. Instead, it’s not been a very exciting summer around here, but I’ll try to do better—at least post more regularly. I thank those of you who’ve expressed concern. I’m OK. And I thank all those who return only to be disappointed. I apologize for that. Please don’t give up just yet.

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  1. Summer in the South should be about staying cool, in every sense of the word. “Very exciting” would seem to work against that. As long as you drop in often enough to keep the conversation going, I think the Village will be OK. Of course, we’d to love to hear from you more often ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Glad this place is open again!

    I’ve been teaching myself a little Swedish while y’all’ve been gone. The site is most interesting and good for probably 12 or 15 languages. Try and mess around until you find what you want; I’m too new there to give more detailed advice. I know it has a home page (useful to get to where you had left off earlier) and there is a sign-in just to keep the scores apart. Free. My daughter told me of it; she’s trying Spanish, and I remember seeing Danish and Greek listed before I selected Swedish. When a non-English letter is needed, they provide a selection from which you choose the desired one by clicking, so as to allow you to spell whatever you need.

  3. This time, not all of the orphans cried over being locked out of the orphanage. Malcolm Burkwistle, Prunella Mountjoy and Cyril Bicksford-Smythe have run away to join a big top circus as, respectively, clown, trapeze girl, and elephant mucker. Nigel Arbuckle, who has no discernible talent, volunteered to be kidnapped by gypsies.

  4. We had a scary night this past week: after attending an evening meeting dealing with feeding the hungry in town, the MBH forgot to take her purse home with her. I noticed as we neared our driveway some 15 or 20 minutes later, so we hastened back. The warehouse was totally locked. Her purse held all her various identifications, including her signature, as well as our checkbook = instant identity theft and/or withdrawals from said account [in my mind]. Phone calls to the woman running the meeting only went to voicemail; no answer from the lady running the place. We spent a nervous night wondering about, say, a night cleaning crew, or who gets there first in the morning to receive shipments.

    Although I usually sleep late, I was up before the sun the next morning, anxiously awaiting the time when I knew the place would be open for shipments. Got my rear in gear and hastened to the warehouse. They were receiving shipments and a large chap took me into the office areas, where I pointed out the room of the meeting and described the purse. It was still there, and, apparently, untouched!! Yay!! After I identified myself to the guy’s satisfaction, I took the purse and scrambled home again. In the grand scheme of things, it was only a minor incident, but fraught with problems. We give thanks.

  5. Glad to see Our Humble Author check in and signal all’s well.

    This website has been, from its inception, One Big Bonus. I am glad to see each new entry and even gladder when an old comic that is not available in the online archives reappears, but I realize that OHA may have more interesting and important things to do. As George Harrison said about being a Beatle, “(The fans) gave their screams, but we gave our nervous systems.”

    It is a kindness to We The Fans whenever you post here, Brother Jimmy. Thanks.

  6. Thank goodness the orphans have a place to hang out tonight! We have all really missed our usual gabfests and exchanges of stories and complaints. So glad that J.J. is all right, too.

    c x-p, very glad the purse was found and nothing bad happened. It’s so easy to leave it behind like that.

  7. So excited! Haven’t read anyone but Jimmy. But I for one have been bereft without my Village and all its’ denizens of the deep, sort of like Loch Ness without Nessie.

    Thank YOU for coming back, Jimmy. I began to fear we had angered the Gods of comics and this was divine retribution. Now I will go read what others said! Love, Jackie

  8. Surprised no one mentioned today’s grim anniversary. Although JJ was spared Katrina’s wrath (barely), his heartfelt cartoons and blog posts shined light on the horrible damage the entire region suffered, not just NOLA.

    Another reason to be thankful for A&J and JJ.

  9. During PBS Pledge Week thirty years ago the camera crew came to my florist-gift-candy shop in Houston to film a “commercial” for our donation, a generous one. I mentioned Apollo and Gemini my two cats loving to carry helium balloons around by the strings and play with them. Camera crew thought that would be adorable to film.

    Balloons, camera crew, two cats. Who exploded into the ceiling tiles and shot into the attic of the shopping center not to emerge for days, despite frantic efforts to locate them by staff and owners. We had later cats equally charming and more camera hogs that posed but PBS never suggested we use them in any promotional spots! I think the cats leaped onto the camera man and the camera in their escape riot.

    The names? They were twin brother gray and white cats from a litter in a hollow tree on the school and church grounds in Nassau Bay which was home to NASA and the Johnson Space Center, just across the street. Had a few members who’d been out closer to eternity than any of us ever went or at least came back. Love, Jackie

  10. Wait, Ghost, is that you or a computer generated message? That is same song and same message from when the Village lock down began. I know because I kept going back to see if we had opened the doors yet. And that was what came up.

    Have been shopping until I drop. Love end of season sales when everything goes on half off lowest marked price that is already 50-80% off. It’s like they are paying you to take it home but if you buy online it’s free freight. Every day is like Christmas around here or my birthday when UPS and the post lady comes or Fed Ex. I honestly think they are just walking by bins and taking something out and sticking it in a bag saying “This woman is NOT going to remember if she ordered this or not, let’s send it!”

    Which I don’t. Love, Jackie

  11. Oops. I had saved Debbe’s song to post but forgot I already had. My long-term memory must be better than my short-term memory, which is sort of the opposite of the way it should be. If I remember correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Most of the packages I’ve received lately have been parts for a shotgun I’m customizing, and no discounts there, let me tell you. Apparently there is no shotgun customizing season.

    Spent a good bit of time today (yesterday, now) thinking about the events of ten years ago.

  12. I leave tomorrow for Gainesville and will be there until at least Tuesday so chances are it will be a wet trip. I will try to leave early so as to avoid as much of the rain as possible.

  13. Ghost, one of my friends and his band were performing in New Orleans this weekend at several venues including House of Blues. I thought about going and cheer them on, I am genuinely proud of his family band, they are good, very sophisticated group, wife is vocalist.

    I could not do it. Love, Jackie

  14. And several Good Mornings Villagers…

    The anxiety, the sweats, the withdrawal…..Jimmy’s back and is well….Amen. Don’t be so hard on yourself, JJ, sometimes life does get in the way ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, where to start….I’ve been working, working and working.

    Steve, good to hear our ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ) wife’s purse was still there….good for you and her for volunteering your time to feed the hungry.

    Miss Charlotte, you will be glad to know Ian got a job. He is working at Longfellows in E’ville, it is a barbecue and grill restaurant nestled near the Ohio river and a casino….he goes in at 4 and does the clean up….it’s a start.

    Jackie….so, are you going to start cooking for two? Reread my post from the last of the comments on “Far Out Cat”.

    Yesterday I bought a solar cross decorative light to put on Mom’s grave. Right now I’m testing it. Think I will put it near my lilac bush as it gets full sunlight. It comes with a battery, but I’m going to put one of those energizer ones in. My stepdad has one, and I am going to replace the battery in that one. We have a dusk to dawn light, so tonight I will put it in the back where there is no light to see if it lights up.

    gotta go, it’s back to work I go.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    oh, to the Village Orphan Society…….love it. You remind me of someone who use to post here a while back….remember Way Out Russell? Keep ’em coming.

    Jerry, be safe on your journey.

  15. I am so sorry Steve….I confused your entry with Cxp’s….anyway, the thank you still applies Cxp.

    Just so excited to be back here, I guess….see GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ , there’s that short term memory loss…again.

  16. Why would anyone complain about a lack of updates at this link. It’s fun as it is and doesn’t need daily care or contributions.

    Great daily comics though and a lot of the themes my wife and I can relate to. And that makes it even more special.

    Thank you.

  17. I have to note that by later today the remains of the current storm will be exactly where Katrina was 10 years ago although it will be weaker. Current NHC radar seems to show the storm may have broken in two with some reformation beginning south of Cuba and moving NW. By the time I post again I will have seen a lot of rain and I hope that is all. See you Tuesday night or Wednesday.

  18. Larry (from Ottawa, Canada):

    Maybe you don’t know that this Reply section disappeared at post # 295. We’d been unable to send or receive for several days, sort of solitary confinement for us addicts.

    Peace, emb

  19. Debbe My sister-in-law lost her purse, but I didn’t feed the hungry. Glad that you cleared that up.

    My ex-SIL (20* years) is in the last stages of her fight against cancer. The cancer is inoperable, but her bone marrow is not producing red blood cells. Yesterday she posted a courageous, beautiful account of her condition on Facebook and that she might have few days, weeks or maybe a month or two. It seems that the Holy Spirit is working as her pain is bearable and her attitude is astounding.

  20. Debbe, the cooking and meals are erratic and undependable. Last night I ate whole grain bread, fat free pepper ham, Muenster cheese and balsamic mayonnaise sandwich about 10 p.m. without benefit of bothering to grill it! But with big glass of tea. It was my second “meal” of the day and you were probably already asleep. Ended up exercising until around 3 a.m. and haven’t had enough sleep.

    Love, Jackie

  21. Thanks, Jimmy and all who have written. I’ve been here too. Thanks, CXP, for the great language site. Language has always fascinated me.

    College football season is right around the corner. We will be making the treks to The Loveliest Village (Auburn) soon.

    Blessings for everyone.

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