And So This Is Christmas?

And So This Is Christmas?

December 22, 1997

I thought I would revive a series from 1997, that has appeared on the Web site before, but it’s been a while. It ran during Christmas of that year, but it’s not at all Christmas-related. I can’t remember what I was thinking; apparently, I was having some kind of allergic reaction to the holidays. Well, zig when they zag, I always say. There weren’t nearly so many instant comments available back then, but there were email and other ways of expressing oneself. I do remember that a lot of readers were concerned with the “change.” They did not want Arlo & Janis to become an animal strip. As a professional humorist (Hey! Technically, I am!), it always amazes me how many people take me seriously. With the aforementioned comments, it has only gotten worse. As usual, if you’re interested in seeing more of this sequence, click on the date below the cartoon.

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  1. Loved this series when it ran. Can’t believe it’s been that long since it’s original run. As for comments, I spend too much time reading the editorial comics comments. Wow! Talk about clueless.

  2. The Super Bowl comic a few weeks after this series – how did you do that? Was that a guess or is two weeks enough time to slip the right teams into the strip?

    • That was an educated guess, six weeks out. I figured if I were wrong (which I expected to be!), the joke would be on me. If I were right, so much the better. As things turned out, everyone assumed there was last-minute trickery involved, even other cartoonists. Maybe I can go into handicapping when this cartoon gig plays out.

      • This year you could attempt to predict as to whether there will be a Super Bowl.

        It is scheduled to be here in Tampa. We have some friends that were expecting to make a killing with their AirBnB. Oh, well.

  3. The only thing missing from that sequence was Luddy. I was wondering if you’d keep him his “real” size, which would make him bigger than everybody else, or shrink him down to the size of a mouse. Either way, it would have been interesting in the short term.

  4. Writing an email or (heaven forbid!) a letter took a bit more time than whipping off a comment on a blog or other website. If I’m not mistaken, it required a wee bit more thought, as well.

  5. I was looking through my memories on Facebook and 2 years ago we went to a Japanese Steak Hibachi Steak House for dinner to celebrate my Birthday. My Grandson was about to turn 3 at the time and his reaction was priceless! We are not allowed inside dining, so I will get a takeout order tonight.

    Also in my memories was an exchange from CVS:
    Clerk: Date of Birth
    Me: December 22nd
    C: Oh Happy Birthday tomorrow.
    M: Uh it’s today.
    C: Oh Yeah! Any big plans today?
    M: Just going to CVS & buying drugs.

    So I just got a notification from CVS. I have two prescriptions ready!

    • Steve fRO

      We get the same from Walgreens. Probably all are the same.
      Call center days behind dispensing.
      Have had:
      Order – Pickup in 45min – 2 days later” prescription is ready”
      and if it is on voice mail all we get is the address. 🙁
      It should not be for the clerk but in Hibernation the days kind of run together
      As a friend said “Saturdays sure seem to be coming faster.”
      I will go one better – “Didn’t I just pay that Electric bill.”

  6. The whimsical cartoons are some of your best work. I think they are hilarious. I love the way your mind wanders. Sorry, I love you but I do often find the mauve sofa with two heads totally boring. A mauve sofa with a cat is preferable.

  7. Ghost can tell you details but our building sold Saturday and we must be out in 30 days. Not a good time

    Ghost is trying to get master bedroom and bath, living room emptied to bring me and wheelchair home.

    • Oh Jackie! I can’t believe they’d do this to you and Ghost (and Dickens and the cats!) — plus everyone else in the building — at a time like this! It’s just inhumane! I know people talk casually about “thoughts and prayers” but I mean to tell you right now: I plan to put a lot of heart effort into providing all the spiritual support I can to your safe and secure transition into a new home that will be a real blessing in every way.

      • Not our home, we own that with no debt. Our retail shop has been evicted. We are one of main businesses in our small town and lease a 5000 square foot old Sears ( historic retail building) store on Main Street. We renovated it from a derelict empty space into a happy cute Women’s Boutique where everything is $25 or less no matter how much it costs elsewhere.

        Ghost, Dickens, cats and possums are safe out in our rural cottage for my return after Christmas.

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