And we’re back

How does that song go, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Well, it’s back! It’s not exactly paradise, but it’s no longer a digital parking lot, either. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but a very nice young man named Frank, with EarthLink, fixed everything for me. I couldn’t quite place his accent though: perhaps South Carolina tidewater. It seems I’ve been gone forever, first with a lot of non-cartooning stuff that required my attention and then the big technical blow-out, but it’s good to be back. Frank did tell me I need to update my version of WordPress. Can’t wait for that.

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  1. You literally would not believe the results i got when I googled the error message I’ve been getting here for the past few days. The response threads appeared to be in English, but I was pretty sure that I wanted to understand them I’d have to find a 20-something neckbeard living in his mom’s basement to translate for me. On the plus side, it reassured that the problem was not with my device.

    Also on the plus side, Jackie has not succumbed to either her cancer or her cancer treatment, and I’m still kicking as well.

  2. We did add a few new members to the Facebook fan page from the outage but I’m glad it is back. Also, I tweeted out the Duck and Cover cartoon from many years ago and it has gone crazy on twitter. I did tag you in it, Jimmy. Last I checked it was pushing 11,000 impressions. I have some friends who are big on nuclear things and their friends liked it too.

  3. Oh boy, now we can talk to all our friends in the Village. Finding out what they have been up to since the Great Disconnection. For me, the big news is that Nancy’s mother goat gave birth to four kids, two boys and two girls! All are healthy and doing well. My daughter Nancy is delighted. Some of our family went to visit, took pix and the cute babies are now on Facebook.

    The Boston Red Sox have been burning up the League, and some of my children, spouses, and friends have tickets for Monday’s game, the same day as the Boston Marathon. Hope all their travel plans go smoothly — I get worried by this sort of thing.

    Love from NH. Still cold here.

  4. We’ve had several highs above 32F lately, but not yet a low at night above 32.

    Retired biologist lives on a lakeshore next Co. south, watched her chow x lab x mutt mix play w/ a probable yearling coyote for over a half hour, on and off the land and snow-covered ice. No actual contact or butt-sniffing but each took turns dashing twd the other and stopping. Other would run away, but then turn, crouch face the first, then dash twd it, and they’d repeat this back and forth. Standard young dog bluff and chase, which I’ve seen often in pets, sometimes w/ a dog and cat. Coyote eventually left. Mutt followed it a bit out on the ice, but then came home.

    There’s a family of 7 coyotes in the area, presumably mom, dad, still together in that area. Domestic mutt is 5-6 yr old, but we’ve selected for puppyness in domestic dogs for millennia, so it’s not surprising. Probable May “Pioneer” column. Tomorrow’s is mostly about the last BSO concert.

    It is good to be back. Baltimore peregrines are incubating 4 eggs. BSU is planning an osprey nest structure w/ webcam.


  5. Greetings All

    More snow coming Sat. 5″ -may not reach emb.
    I know our friends to the North have longer – but enough already
    there has been snow on the ground since October.

    I’m not so sure about an inner child, but I have an inner idiot that surfaces every now and then.

  6. Last Saturday I completed my 20th marathon. Since my hip replacement, I have missed the training and the event itself so the last 4 years, I have walked the entire 26.2 miles. I have to admit that I enjoyed this year’s race the most, at least since 2000. I did push myself the last 3-4 miles and had a bit of tummy trouble, but I found a sleep cheap and drove back unevently on Sunday morning.

    I think that my brother did his 157th and 158th marathons. He runs/walks. It is odd as my hip condition was due to genetic issues. Somehow he has escaped it. We both could stand to lose some weight. I lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks which I think helped on Saturday. However I weighed 4 lbs more on Monday. I am almost back to my weight before the marathon. I attribute this to inflamation and as I heal, the water recedes and therefore I weigh less. My plan is to try to lose a lb or 2 a week. Maybe try to walk the marathon 50 lbs lighter and see if that speeds me up. Fingers crossed.

    Keep moving is my motto.

  7. Nyce to wake up to Symply see some folks about the village again.

    The weather here in MA is warming up and I have thoughts of two wheeling in my head again. Crocuses/croci are blossoming and the forsythia looks to be right behind. Love this time of season….well actually I love all times of season, must be why I live in New England!

    My friends up in Lancaster NH on Take Two Farm have had three kids living in the house with them that are going out to their dams in the barn this week. Another one or two kids due next week or two, I love visiting them when the kids are bouncing all over the house….though I’m glad it is not my house!


    We were up in Derry to see Dave Davies of the Kinks at the new Tupelo theater….I believe you are in the area…would have loved to take you out to tea or coffee; next time?

    JJ glad to have you back in our Fargone lives!

  8. Sacra vaca! It seems like forever since I was able to view this. Anyone ever find out just what a PHP & an SQL are? [Or, whatever those initials were….]

  9. During the er, “intermission”, I had a great colonoscopy result: nothing adverse found and a 5-year reprieve before I need another {I should live so long!} In all my 38 years of having these exams, I have never been granted a 5-year gap. Thanks be to God – and may others receive similar good results.
    Renewed my driver’s license, too, for another 4 years.
    Managed to get a neighbor to the ER, doctor, and hospital several days last week. Also, twice to a pharmacy. The spouse was out of state; that’s what neighbors are for.

  10. Yes. PHP is a scripting language used on web servers and MySQL is a database, also used on servers. There’s no need for either of them to be installed on your computer for you to be able to read this page, meaning that the problem was on the server and the error message was w0rng.

  11. (In my best Robin Williams voice) Good Morning (afternoon)… Village!!

    Almost record cold here last week during the outage, but my recently planted tomatoes survived! They also managed to survive the pea-sized hail and 3/4″ rain we had the day AFTER I planted them. I may plant squash and sweet corn tonight.

  12. No record cold – just persistently below average.
    The highs are below average lows.

    Saw geese flying South again last night. They have had enough too.

    2 Geese were on the wet spot on the lawn Tuesday.
    And a Doe was in the field across the road yesterday – since
    town is encroaching don’t see many any more. Used to see as many as 25
    at a time passing through.

  13. Hey folks!

    We have the first great grandchild for this part of the family. πŸ™‚ Griffin came into our world on Tuesday evening. He’s son to my niece and her husband.Genealogist buffs: what am I to him, great aunt? grand aunt? Or…as another niece introduced me to a schoolfriend, “That’s Aunt Lora, she’s only a little crazy”.


    The kids have been trying to start a family for a while now. I think they’ll do a fine job of it.

  14. Probably either “great aunt” or “grand aunt” will serve nicely. I addressed my grandmothers’ sisters as simply “aunt”. Both of my grandmothers had sisters nearby; none had nearby brothers.

  15. ‘Twas I at 6:17pm.

    For the Bavarian-born grandmother, her sisters received the designation of “Tante”, which is German for “aunt”.

    Yes, the familiar names, etc., are most welcome.

  16. Planted squash– old fashioned Yellow Straight-neck. Didn’t make it to the corn, too tired today. Even though I’m three years post transplant [yay!] I still have little strength or endurance. Hoping that will eventually get better… before I have to start dialysis again someday. I know that is coming, as the transplanted kidney is already losing substantial protein. That isn’t a good thing for a kidney.

    Don’t think I’ve mentioned here, but I will be Großvater [maybe Opa] in early August. Still haven’t decided on what we’d like to be called. My wife is leaning toward PopPop for me. My daughters loved the Dr Seuss “Hop on Pop.” It will be our first grandchild. We found out at the gender reveal last week [is that a new thing?] that the baby is a girl. Her name is to be Kathryn Grace. Kathryn was my mother’s name– though my daughter never new her. She died from a combination of kidney disease and heart disease while I was in high school.

    I’m thankful that I should be able to meet my granddaughter and have at least some time with her. Not expecting to make it to great-grandkids, but taking advantage of every day I am given. [Wow! That drifted away in a hurry. Didn’t mean to be a downer.]

    Elise and I will be traveling with the camper next week, to Beaver Bend State Park in OK. Hoping for good weather so I can catch a few rainbow trout. The nephew will be house-sitting and feeding this year’s crop (2) of beef steers daily.

  17. Llee: I asked the same question when husband’s niece’s son was born. The family history expert said that great and grand tend to be used interchangeably but that genealogy buffs prefer grand as it keeps the same pattern as parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, etc. Since there is no grandfather in the child’s life, my husband has been dubbed GrandBob and I chose to be Ruth Aunt. (Can’t remember now what his mom suggested but it definitely was not my style.)

  18. Oh yeah, the general consensus was that no one really uses Great or Grand in everyday practice – it’s just Aunt Whoever to all generations.

  19. Wow! It works again! Nice to see the Villagers out and about again, and to hear what everyone has been doing.

    We had a cold wet Saturday here in Conroe, and I was out in it helping with the annual Shred Day sponsored by our Homeowners Association. It started out OK, cloudy and in the 60’s, but then just got colder with light rain, and with wind making everything more uncomfortable. We were finished by 1 pm but it took me the rest of the day to get warm again. I guess I sound like a whiny baby to all of you still fighting the snow.

    Wish y’all could be in SE Texas now. The last few days have been wonderful – 50’s at night, high 70’s to low 80’s by afternoon. Great weather for pulling weeds and there are lots of them! I’ll just save up some memories for the heat and humidity still to come.

  20. David, don’t forget to harvest some of the blossoms. They can be stuffed, battered and fried, used in soups or even eaten raw. Just make sure to leave some of the male flowers so that the female flowers can be pollinated.

  21. Sideburns: “Male flowers”? “Female flowers”? I thought binary gender assignments were no longer allowed by the PC police. πŸ™‚

    I actually once got a rather shrill lecture about how “sex” and “gender” are not (or at least, no longer) interchangeable terms. But I’ve also had lectures about “gender inequality” that seemed to deal only with pay differentials between the sexes.

    *sigh* Nothing seems simple anymore.

  22. Apparently, in Oklahoma there is an Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not obey the posted speed limit.”

    And apparently Oklahoma has many very devout drivers.

  23. I’ve stayed at the house today to deal with boutique-related issues on the phone and computer, as well as looking after Jackie, who has been a bit under the weather the past few days. I looked up online last night the common reactions to the Taxol with which she’s being infused weekly (“But, yay! Only four of the twelve left to go.”) and found a list of twenty or so. She has recently experienced about 80% of them.

    It seems the effects are cumulative as the infusions continue, so we can only hope they do not get more severe (or numerous) over the next four weeks. But as we’ve done since this journey began, we will deal with it and overcome it. Non deficere.

  24. Ghost
    There seems to be no striving for gender equality in dirty jobs like coal mining.
    Ask a farmers wife about job equality.

    I wonder how much longer Ben Franklin would have lived if he had followed his dictum of
    “Early to bed, early to rise.” ? While in France was his Circadian Rhythm set to Philadelphia time?

  25. To anyone with expertise: On’s “weather-in-motion” map, there are 4 blue boxes at the extreme left, in a column. I cannot get any of those boxes to work. As one of them allows the viewer to pinpoint rough weather and the direction of its travel – quite vital during tornado season – I am not happy. Yes, I have notified the site, but received only the usual “thanks; we got your message” canned reply.

    Anyone here know the trick to make those boxes work? Or, is it something at the end of things?

  26. cx-p: I don’t use their map so much for local conditions so can’t help. I find the maps hosted by local TV stations easy to use for things like storm tracks; in our area they all seem to use the same one which makes it even easier. You might enjoy the maps at – lots of variations to play with.

  27. 14″ in the driveway and still snowing.
    18th on the ALL time snowstorm list.
    Thunder snow = 6 months to first snow in fall

    Liked the comment made on TV — January 75th

  28. Some folks are digging their way out! Here in Utah we had our unusual, “never snows this late” snow on Friday. And there’s another snowstorm heading our way on Tuesday? With highs tomorrow in the 70s?

    We shall see. I’m leaving my shovel, push broom (for windshields), and ice melt near the front door in case they’re right again.

  29. On April 4, I received my early birthday presents: A decent pair of Celestron astronomical binoculars with a tripod adapter, a set of Plossl eyepieces, a Celestron NexStar 102SLT refractor telescope, and a Celestron Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) Power Tank. Of course the skies didn’t cooperate until, finally, Friday night, but we were out for the evening (watching Casablanca on a big screen at a local university). Saturday was still decent, so I finally got to play with the telescope.

    My wife was more impressed with the binoculars than the telescope, I think, because there weren’t any electronics involved and she knows how to use them. πŸ˜‰

    For anyone bemoaning the fact that I’m skipping over the steps of learning the night sky, I’d like to offer a few reasons for going with the computerized (GoTo) system the telescope uses.

    First, I’m turning 65 this month and I’ve already found out what it’s like to survive a cardiac arrest. I don’t want to spend too many hours studying how to find things by star hopping.

    Second, I’ve already had the experience of having what I’m trying to view slide out of sight before I can drag family members out to see anything. With the GoTo it tracks, so that’s no longer a problem.

    Third, I’m wanting to play around with astrophotography, so tracking is important. Without tracking the stars’ apparent motion turns them into light trails within a few seconds. With it, I can get exposures of up to 20 to 30 seconds before other problems interfere (such as field rotation).

    Finally, with the light pollution we have here I can only see perhaps two dozen of the brightest stars without a telescope. But once the GoTo has been aligned to 3 of the brightest, it can point itself to anything in its catalog of over 4,000 stars, nebulae, galaxies. Through its 102 mm lens I can then see so much more… and that’s easier and quicker than driving for 45 minutes each way, not to mention loading up the car, setting up the scope, and reversing it for the return home.

    Ad astra!

  30. Llee, I posted that here instead of my blog because of a recent “upgrade” to the computers at work, using Google Docs and such for everything… I don’t have the right access level anymore to get to the blogspot site as a blog owner.

  31. Happy Faux Income Tax Day. Jackie and I are celebrating it by visiting the OK State Tax Office in Tulsa. Apparently, they are our silent partner in the boutique businesses. Silent as long as we pay up every month.

  32. JJ if you are watching (or not)
    The colors in today’s (04/16/18) strip are fantastic.
    We know it was you doing it because Arlo’s shirt color changed.
    And Janis’ colors are subtle.

  33. Wow. A couple of good friends of mine started a Running Project 25 years ago to train Marathoners to compete on the world stage. They have had Olympians in the last 3 Olympics and today, Desi Linden won the women’s marathon in Boston. I’ve known Desi for a while and she is SO tough.

    Today’s conditions were as rough as it gets. My son succumbed to the heat the last 2 years and skipped this year. He was sure that the weather was going to be perfect. When we saw the forecast, he STILL said he would have prefered today over 2016 and 2017. I told him that Desi was so strong, that the weather was going to play in her hands. Really gutty performance. My son works next to a guy that has run Boston and he dropped out at 19 miles. He might still be in the top half of the finishers!

  34. Steve from R O, I felt so bad for the runners in Boston! I live 40 or 50 miles north of the Marathon route, even went down years ago to cheer on someone we knew. The heavy rain and the cold wind was just awful here today. Congratulations to your friend Desi, she is surely a strong woman.

  35. Did I hear, or read, of heavy snow today in Wisconsin, and Minnesota? Any stories from the Villagers?

    To Trucker Ron, I loved your story of getting the telescope and the other great stuff. So you have a blog about all that? I have been missing the boat! I hope you get it back so I can follow it.

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