And what does “exfoliate” mean exactly?


Amazing. I’ve been using this “blog” format for almost three months now. I want to commend you all. You’re doing great! It’s really been fun.

In case you’re wondering, I approve 99.9% of the comments you make here. Well, OK, I pulled that statistic out of thin air, but it is close. The only things I watch for are vulgarity and mean-spiritedness, and there’s been hardly any of that. My approval as moderator doesn’t imply that I agree with what you say, although I often do. It also doesn’t imply that a particular post makes sense to me, which sometimes it doesn’t. Mainly, I don’t want you to think you’re missing a lot of really good stuff, because I’ve round-filed it. (Boy, there’s another archaic term.)

Again, you’re doing great. Pat yourselves on the back, and have a good weekend!