And why are my feet stuck to the floor?


One of my old journalism professors would tell us, “Literary allusions are risky, because a lot of your readers will not have read the work you’re alluding to.” He was right, of course, but that never stopped me from swiping a good literary allusion.

Several of you have mentioned that you did not see the movie “Peggy Sue Got Married.” In my defense, it got quite a buzz when it first appeared in theaters in 1986, and if you’re interested in the movie’s premise, you can go here. More than one person mentioned that the movie struck them as “depressing.” I think this was because of the palpable mood Francis Ford Coppola was able to weave by movie’s end. (For the record, events were looking up when the credits rolled.) I, for one, liked the film a lot. As much as I enjoyed watching “Back to the Future,” that other blockbuster time-travel flick, I think “Peggy Sue Got Married” was just as much fun while being much more substantive.