Animal, vegetable or mineral?


I made a new friend Friday night. I won’t go into particulars, except to say his name is Ray, and he is one of those over-the-top University of Alabama football fans. The last fact he did not reveal, until I’d already decided I liked him. Ray used to be what was known then as a “radio personality.” Suffice to say, Ray left radio and never looked back.

I immediately could tell Ray is the kind of guy who enjoys life and doesn’t take it too seriously. His Web site confirms this. You can learn more about Ray on his site if you like, but the reason I bring Ray up here is because he owns the ultimate guy car, an Amphicar! Take a look. I’m so impressed with Ray’s Amphicar, that I’m not even going to mention that he needs to update his Web site. (He might want to remove that Bama-Utah prediction.)