Another year older

I think today you’ll begin to see how things are going to shape up around here for the long run. There’ll be lots of changes yet, especially in appearance, and lots of neat additions to the basic offering–I hope. What I’m about to show you, though, is how things probably will work day-to-day. You’re going to find it familiar. And remember, there can be multiple posts on a day, so be sure you’ve seen it all by scrolling down the home page until you come to a previous day’s date. (We’ll get into RSS feeds, et al, when I understand them better.)

There’ll be some innane comments¬†from me here on the main page, as in the old days. Then, we’ll look at one or more old cartoons. See? I told you it’d be familiar. Things will work a little differently, though. I’m afraid we will be forced to abandon our old “click on the cartoon” method of navigation. I know. I’m sorry, too. Instead, to go to the cartoons, you click on the number “2” below…

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