Antidiluvian Art

I ran across this old strip in the archives, and in light of recent events it brought back a memory. I’ve told you this before, but it’s been a while. I gave the original of this strip to a friend in Pass Christian, Mississippi, prior to Katrina. She was something of a painter herself, so I thought she might appreciate it. Apparently she did. She had it framed and hung it in her den. However, her bungalow was flooded to the ceiling during the storm, and the cartoon, along with most of her things, was lost. I had spread several cartoons among friends and neighbors in that town, and all were ruined in the hurricane except one, which was found in fair condition a couple of blocks away from where it originally had been hung. (If you squint closely at the last panel—and I know some of you will—you can see in the broken outline of the bathing woman’s breast the hint of a nipple. Not an easy thing to get away with in the newspaper comics!)
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  1. By the way, I am not as disturbed by losing a breast or reducing tbeir size, as I am the nipples.

    I will lose my nipples forever and as I kept telling Ghost, I have awesome pokies. I am one of those women who has them perpetually, small but hard no matter the weather. I can lose several inches and several cup sizes and be fine.

    But I am not going to LIKE tattoos for nipples.

  2. It’s a slow day in the Village today! I’m catching up on things after several days camping (in the trailer) and fishing. Caught a few, enough to fry up a good batch of catfish fillets with some bluegills on the side. I’m not making much progress on my at home to-do list, though. Tired!

  3. Ghost and I have gotten up and run all three of our “days off.” Today began with picking up Mustang from service in next town. We are on our way to Tulsa for a post mastectomy bra, a red wig and some Asian appetizers and sushi at one of the Asian fusion restaurants at Happy Hour from 3 to 6 p.m. MUCH reduced prices.

    One of my friends said I turn the act of eating into an adventure. Why not?

  4. Jackie A good friend of my wife is also an author and she posted on FB that the airline lost her bag. In the bag was her prosthetics. The main things that got her through the whole process was her faith and her sense of humor. It would be very easy to get really upset at the airline because in order for her to fly she has to pack them away. Instead, when they asked if there was anything that would help them identify her luggage, she told them “Well my left breast and my right breast!” She finally got them at 4:30 am and was able to attend a conference where she was a speaker. I told her that she now has a great story to tell at her future speeches!

  5. A drive around town shows that most of Texas is in Florida. As for the rest of you there was a hack into the tv cable system in California warning of impending doom. I see a whole crowd of people watching Old Faithful. Is there something I don’t know about? Reminds me of the movie “Truman”.

  6. One of my friends told the funniest story about her mama getting drunk and mad and throwing hers at people and losing them.

    On a cruise!

    We are reconstructing. I think I have to wear something until the second one gets cut down to match.

  7. Sometimes they put in an expander, sort of a place holder to keep the skin from contracting till they are ready to do reconstruction. And sometimes they do the reconstruction immediately after the removal. Whichever they do, good luck and you have my prayers.

  8. Jackie I hope you will be wearing “Something” 🙂

    Here’s hoping you can keep your pokies. Many decades ago I read that they reattached
    the nipple or adjusted the skin so everything was centered.

    I know you can get through this – you have all else.

  9. Might as well dust off this story, as it seems to fit in with Jimmy’s and others’ posts. The most common form of nipple reconstruction seems to be by making a small incision at the site where the nipple will be made. The skin is formed into a nipple shape and small sutures are used to secure the form. This heals into the shape of a small mound, and the new nipple and surrounding areola can be tattooed about three months after surgery to give the appearance of an actual nipple and areola. This is the procedure Jackie’s surgeon plans to use.

    Jackie has a younger male cousin whose wife had that procedure used on her following bilateral mastectomies and reconstructions. When it was time to tattoo them, the surgeon asked for their color preferences. The cousin told the doctor he’d like them to be florescent orange, so he could find them in the dark.

    From what I can tell, pretty much her entire family is that way.

  10. Among today’s errands was taking Jackie to a lingerie shop at Utica Square, an upscale shopping area in Tulsa. One of her breast surgeon’s staff had recommended it as a place to go for a post-mastectomy bra. She added that she bought her bras there, but when Jackie asked if she’d had mastectomy, she said, “No, they just have very nice lingerie there.” And indeed they did. Think Victoria’s Secret for classy (and well-heeled) middle aged women. A couple of the customers I immediately classified as what I call “Furiously-Fighting-Their-Forties Females”.

    I stayed at the front of the shop while Jackie was being fitted, not because I was embarrassed to be there, but to prevent any of the female customers from feeling uncomfortable…which gave me a view of the sidewalk out front, with a lot of FFTFF’s foot traffic. Sometimes virtue is its own reward, and sometimes one gets rewarded with the view of a lot a nice looking ladies in shorts and sundresses.

  11. Knitted knockers are something church groups could do. That hyphen above may make the URL unclickable, so:

    Not necessarily gender-specific groups, though relatively few men knit. Some do; one is a quite hetero male I’ve not seen for years. Lives in AZ, moved there to escape a tiresome academic dean.

    Workout tomorrow.


    Provides reliable, complete, and
    current breast cancer information,
    including: symptoms and
    diagnosis materials, treatment
    and side effects, day-to-day
    matters, lowering risk, community
    knowledge (blogs, chat rooms,
    etc.) and a breast cancer coach.

  13. Jimmy, this retro cartoon is from your “Dark Period” when you were working with negative space and heavy inking. It is in itself truly art. I am sure your friend thought so too and hated losing it.

    It is most effective in black and white, like an old classic movie. Question? Did the syndicate colorize it?

  14. Trucker– don’t think it was a misspelling. Pretty sure it was intended to subtly project Janis’s disinterest in having a nautical/water themed painting.

  15. David and Old Bear, you nailed it. Jimmy is a master of succinct and subtle headlines and dialogue.

    A trait I much admire.

    Jimmy is never verbose, nor does he lecture.

  16. Wooohoo! Just watched Ghost try on his new form fitting blue jeans to wear tonight. He looked totally awesome! He has lost so much weight he does not look like his photos from a few years ago. Amazing difference.

    He says he has dreamed of this, jeans, since five years ago when he began living right and losing weight.

    Oh no! He just moved into the last notch on his tactical heavy leather gun belt that he bought less than two years ago. New belt soon?

  17. Note that I merely pointed out the misspelling. I didn’t attribute purpose to it… but I do believe that it was deliberate, that instead of “before the flood” he did mean “opposed to the flood.” And how did Janis know he’d gone to the nude’s ablutions? With a few brush (pen) strokes he told a great story and replaced needless dialog with proof that he can do more than “simple” cartooning.

    So, for those of us who are ignorant of great art, which paintings were those?

  18. Jerry: When they’re running right, Chrysler vans are hard to beat for comfort and sheer drivability (unless you like super-tight, overly responsive steering that wears you out). You don’t want to own one with the attending headaches and shop time. At least they’ve done away with timing belts (chains are so much more reliable!) and have drastically improved the transmissions over the years.

  19. TR, I think we will survive. After all, we made it through the everything must taste/smell like bacon craze. Now, if the air freshener companies would only make one that smells like fresh baked bread! Or charcoal-grilled meat. They would have a profit boom like they’ve never seen.

  20. Just stocked up cat and dog food for next week, got my hair done, bought fresh cut flowers, picked up last prescription, went to bank, post office, on way home exhausted.

    Dickens threw up on our sheets so have to change those to take a nap!

  21. Dear Jimmy, I know you are deep in producing the new book but how about an auction? Just on ebay maybe?

    I’d like a new strip myself and maybe Ghost would?

  22. Jackie, I removed all artwork from the walls on Saturday evening as the water was rising and moved them upstairs. By Sunday there were 18 inches inside when we rafted out. On our return, the inside high water mark was at five feet.

  23. I wonder what will happen with wiring codes now? Will you have to place at the 5 foot level like they did when we lived on Clear Lake, the high water mark?

  24. Hi Jimmy,
    Nobody ever has to tell me to squint at a nude… I grew up ‘watching’ HBO and Cinemax that was scrambled due to non-subscription! Is that last panel a Degas? There was an all-Degas exhibit at the Boston MFA a while back, and it was the best museum trip I ever made. Anyway, it’s too bad about the original. That is some of your very best work.

  25. I agree Jimmy, this is some of your best. Negative space use amazing.

    Think about selling us some original strips again. Seems like it’s that time of year.

  26. Mark, that is excellent work. I can sit down and draw something that isn’t moving too much, but to picture something in my head and transfer that to paper (with reverse inking no less) is way beyond my understanding. I can understand why Norman Rockwell used models for his paintings.

  27. Mark: Chs. R. Knight was as good an animal portrayer as they come.* As a kid, I owned one or two of his books, and saw his stuff often at the AMNH. Unfortunately, paleozoologists knew less then than they do now, so restorations like that Triceratops / Tyrannosaurus confrontation are dated. The Triceratops legs should be upright, like an elephant’s, and the T. rex tail should be off the ground and straight back.

    *Other 20th c. artists who were as good = Louis Agassiz Fuertes and Francis Lee Jaques [no ‘c’]. Jaques may have been the only one who did habitat group backgrounds, at AMNH and U.MN. Bell Museum. Bell is going to move from old bldg. in Mpls. to new one on St. Paul campus. Hope they can move the habitat groups.


  28. Good work, Jimmy, both here and on the daily 🙂

    Jackie, not sure when ‘peak’ is expected. But the main parts of festival happens the week of Oct 21. The 21st when the parade and a LOT of the world is here. Oh- a costume ball (charity fundraiser) has been added, Oct 28. THere will be another festival next year if you miss this one.

    Good links, everyone. Thanks!

  29. Anyone else in/near N. IL. having a current surfeit of flies? Pharaoh had nothing on me – dozens buzzed around in here, and we do not have open windows, doors, etc. I managed to get 8 of them night before last, and another 8 or 9 last night. There are more. Wife, in her gentleness, tries to shoo them towards and onto a window, then opens the window. When any go out to the outer screen, she opens that to free ’em. Wife also uses the door that way. I hear that no others enter during these actions, and I want to believe that. Maybe, when the temperatures drop to normal, the flies will leave/die/sleep and not drive me batty.

  30. Right, ghost, and we have considered that. You’d think something deceased would have come to our attention in another way, though, and nothing like that has occurred.

  31. Greetings to Debbe and to Old Bear; also to Jackie, Ghost, and emb. Thanks for the pages of paintings; love them. Mark in TT I enjoyed the drawings you sent links to. Gee, today’s bunch of thoughts and information is remarkable; can’t get much better than this!

  32. curmudgeonly:

    No flies down here in Central Ohio, either.

    I also noticed that I have not seen one ladybug this year. That has never happened before.

  33. anonymous, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen any ladybugs here in Tulsa either. But I’m new enough here not to know if that is normal or not. Might be due to being in an apartment complex without enough habitat to support them.

  34. Trucker: That’s astronomic winter. May-Sep. have been more moist than usual, making rain and early snow more likely. It’s already winter on the tundra. Also, it’s been unusually moist near the Gulf, drastically so.

    Debbe: House.

    c x-p: House, and many places, they are most common in Sep. When we arr. in Sep. ’58, there was still mild hazing of frosh at BSC [now BSU]. Classes [then] started the M after Labor Day. You could see them going from class to class in their green beanies, each carrying a jar and a flyswatter.


  35. Debbe my guess would be bengal or lynxx but when I began checking I see there are a lot of new breeds of these designer cats.

    I have not done cat shows since Hawaii in 1970. I belonged to Cat Fancy but did not show, just helped put on shows and went to meetings.

  36. We have made it to motel. Totally exhausted of course. Getting ready to do presurgery disinfecting. When did it become DIY surgery?

    Love all of you and thank you for love and good wishes.

  37. Just finished wiping down Jackie’s entire body with disinfectant cloths. Not as much fun for either of us as one might think…she says her skin feels sticky and yucky, and I smell like I’ve used the world’s most malodorous cologne. Plus, I get to repeat that in the morning before going to the hospital.

  38. Thoughts and prayers. As to the procedure, that sort of thing is what couples are for. But I’ve never run into it, and would have no reason to know if it’s standard for invasive surgery here. My last surgery, 2015, wasn’t, really: colonoscopy uses natural contaminated entry, so there’d be little point. Only invasive surgery I’ve ever had has been in ER, with no opportunity for at-home prep. TURP uses another natural opening, and may be quite painful afterward, but the only medical cleanup is the instruments and ‘linens’ afterward.

    I’ve not had a vasectomy, but don’t worry; delivery mechanism ain’t what it used to be. I can still leer, but try not to be obvious. Not very hard in some situations. Went, with a date, to a Homecoming gala where a former student was one of five who got an alum award. Three advantages: 1. they know that I’m either in a polo shirt or turtleneck or won’t be there; 2. they want me there; 3. at a ‘formal’ affair, women don’t have to wear as much as men, so leering is just keeping my eyes open. Lotsa eye candy.

    Hope all goes well.


  39. Keep us posted, Specter.

    Never had to do any superficial skin cleansing for my surgeries. Those would be a McVey hernia repair in ’62 and a combined colon resection & gall bladder some 15 years ago – it doesn’t seem that long. Time flies, etc. I guess my knee replacements qualify for “invasive”, too, and they were in ’08 and ’11. No home prep for either. 49 years spanned therewith.

    If you find out some special reason for the disinfectant treatment, educate the rest of us.

  40. MRSA is a drug resistant staph infection. It is epedimic now. They test you for it before you can have surgery and if you are positive I doubt you’d get into the operating room.

    The wipedown is trying to prevent people bringing it in.

    However, my observations are based on my late MIL who kept getting it. If you are in contact with someone like her that is infected you might be carrying pathogens on your skin or clothes.
    Then you’d bring it with you.

    I understand it is in school locker rooms and gyms now, nursing homes. My MIL got in an assisted living rehab center in Louisiana originally.

  41. Good morning villagers…..

    My mom got infected with MRSA while in the hospital….if I remember correctly, they went back into the would and scraped it..then strong anibitics.

    Eighteen years ago I had hysterectomy, gall bladder and appendix removed AT same time. That morning of the surgery I had to disinfect myself at home by showering with the same solution. Even had to use it in my hair.

    Sending love and prayers hon.

  42. Arlo– what are you thinking? There’d better be a really good comeback tomorrow that repairs that gaff about Janis looking better back then!

  43. David, Yeah: my first reaction was ouch. Elaine changed over the yrs, age 21-80, and I of course realized it, sort of. She never became less fascinating, and kept it under control reasonably well. Her sensory nerve endings never seemed to dull.


  44. … “four and a half hours”, of course. Don’t know what happened to the “hours”. Fact I’ve been up since 0300 surely had nothing to do with that. Fortunately, both her surgeons seemed rather better rested than
    I am.

  45. Jackie’s breast surgeon just called. She completed the mastectomy with no problems. The plastic surgeon is doing the initial phase of the reconstruction now, a process that will take several months to fully complete.

  46. Headed to the hospital to check on Jackie. I didn’t hear anything last night, and since I’ve never had a hospital call me in the middle of the night with good news, I will go with the “No news is good news” adage. I’ll report after I get there.

  47. Sitting up and eating breakfast when I arrived. Had a good night. Breast surgeon’s PA just came in to check her; she’ll be discharged in a couple of hours. #UnsinkableJackieMonies

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