Arlo & Janis World History 104

The Arlo & Janis shutdown is greatly exaggerated, but things continue to be otherly hectic around here. I guess we’ll be living with “summer hours” for a while, after all. I am giving you the final two cartoons in the “Arlo & Janis through History” series, two of my favorites from that week, if I may say so.

Baseball playoffs begin today! By winning their division, the Atlanta Braves (“my” team by virtue of geography) are guaranteed to make it past the wildcard round. Of course, they won’t play until Thursday, reason enough to bring out the Champaign in the Atlanta clubhouse. By the old A&J formula, it’s an American League year, with teams from Detroit, Boston and Tampa Bay. Remember the old A&J formula? We generally favor teams from cities where Arlo & Janis runs, or has run, in the major newspaper.