Arlo Unchained

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I know a lot of you are in the Midwest, and most of you like comic strips and cartoon art. I want to mention to you the upcoming “Kenosha Festival of Cartooning” in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Actually, it won’t be coming up until September, but they’re trying to get the word out and raise some funds. The idea is to raise enough money to keep the lectures, the art shows and the meet-and-greets free to the public while paying the expenses of the impressive line-up of comic artists who will appear. Donations of a certain amount receive “perks” contributed by *ahem* well-known comic-strip authors. The Kenosha festival is young, but from all I can deduce it’s a worthwhile production that emphasizes graphic art and artists. Please check it out on Facebook. If nothing else, “like” ’em; they’re into that.