Arlo Unchained II

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Speaking of social media and comic strips, the A&J series “Arlo Unchained,” from 2009, continues. I’m proud of you guys. The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning, which I mentioned yesterday, had reached 36% of its fund-raising goal as of yesterday morning. Today, it is at 50%. We can’t take credit for all of that, but I know for a fact we can take credit for some of it. There still is one original A&J comic strip available! I wish I could tell you which one it is, but for the life of me I can’t remember which strips I donated. I do know they were recent strips that—in my opinion—did not shame me as a cartoonist. As I said, they’re raising money to pay expenses while keeping all events free for the public. If you haven’t already, go like ’em on Facebook. Several of you have asked if I will be attending. No, I won’t. I will be at the “Backwoods Comics Festival” in Louisville, Mississippi, if they’ll have me. The last weekend in September appears to be big for comics festivals.