Arlo’s Last Stand

We’re back, after an unscheduled holiday hiatus. Did you have a good 4th of July? I remember last year: the 4th was on a Tuesday. Therefore, actual Independence Day represented, for many, the fitting finale of a long, exhausting, happy weekend. This year, it was on Wednesday. Try as one might (and I tried hard), it wasn’t easy to sretch the thing into a five-day marathon. I’m looking forward to next year, when it’s on Thursday!
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10 responses to “Arlo’s Last Stand”

  1. I am just glad that we have not altered Independence Day to a Monday holiday. Fortunately business and manufacturing tend to stretch those days around the 4th and make a week out of it. The same holds true for Christmas and New Years where a lot of places shutdown. My parents both worked jobs where they often had to work on the holiday, so they usually got paid a little extra. With 7 kids, that worked out OK.

  2. Perhaps Arlo began with only a half-pitcher of drink and a loaded trash basket just so that Janis would think he was in demand. Subtle!

  3. Charlotte, I know. Sometimes I have covered up the title and tried to come up with something myself. It’s never as good. That’s why he gets the big bucks!

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