Arluddite I

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I can’t believe it’s been five years since I drew this series; it seems like only yesterday. However, from the summer of 2009, Arlo returns to his roots to make a statement.

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  1. Oh, yeah, I remember Arlo Yossarian and the Catch-22 strip! Still love it. From time to time I get the whimsical urge and do the same thing exactly as Captain Yossarian did it. (With the stalking preacher gone it’s now almost safe to do!) Surprisingly, Heller hit on something that does have restorative properties. At least for me. And John doesn’t mind, seems to appreciate the literary value. Last time I did a Yossarian (and now an Arlo) I noticed that even Shelly seems to approve. Oh, my.

    Food morning, Debbe, from the four-cornered Triad.

  2. Was supposed to precede above but was stuk in moderation

    I Symply try to do this and Fargone fail miserably…..I call it a victory if I can get through a meal without looking at it(I get quite a few victories!)! I wonder at some of the vacations I have had where I had no idea and did not care what the rest of the world was doing and now media is ubiquitous, you can’t get away!
    For those interested, Livingston Taylor show Friday was fantastic, his protege’ Chelsea Berry has a voice that is ethereal. No review as the T&G writer was at another event, but what a show. Apparently Liv rides BMWs and we had a talk about motorcycles. Really, really nice guy, I am a bit surprised at all the nice folks in the music industry, from what I had read I expected some really big egos and such and have only run into two examples, most have been stellar folk!

  3. About electronics. This weekend daughter and I had an interesting drive in country, thanks to GPS. Never did get to where we thought we were going but saw lots of new country, which is weird, as I worked throughout this entire part of Oklahoma.

    I told her it was the last time I was going in a car with her without a paper map. I have traveled all over U.S. with paper maps including remote places and parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas that were poorly marked.

    She had Garmin on dash and a fancy big phone with GPS and we still did not know where we were! I told her that was how people ended up mountains and lost in snowbanks until they died.

    Pretty drive, however.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  4. The car automatically tells us what direction we’re going and that’s pretty much all we need. Put me in an unfamiliar building, however, and I become directionally challenged.

  5. Paper maps don’t keep saying “recalculating” when you have to make a detour.

    And Meg called Arlo Papa!

    After a short nap, I am attempting some cleaning. Could be interesting.

  6. The Symply Fargone shirt at the bottom of the website is also pretty cool. Is there a way to get one other than at a concert? As much as we’d like to attend some of your upcoming events, you’re a little too far away to make that practical 🙂

  7. Lady Mindy, you probably slept through my comment early this morning, and I’m still wondering about the source of all the beer you had to clean up.

    Rusty, google the t-shirt. They are all over the InterWebNet. Along with a decidedly scatological version.

  8. What T-shirt

    So much little time…gonna quite while I’m ahead…Indy Mindy, maybe it’ll take the old wax off the floor.:)

  9. Are our female Villagers as disappointed that Arlo wasn’t actually naked as the male Villagers would have been had it been Janis?

  10. simply have quite an upcoming marquee up to October…good music and good times…but, dang….Indiana has me in a “”stranglehold” on me….

    ….and no u tube!

  11. simply have quite an upcoming marquee up to October…good music and good times…but, dang….Indiana has me in a “”stranglehold” on me….

    ….and no u tube!

    About the story arc,,,just gotta think about if for a….wait….kids are leaving….


  12. Saw that “Papa Arlo” from Meg. Our kids called their father “Bud” and still do, after the kid character on the Bill Cosby show. It’s too long to explain. Mostly they called me “Jackie” since we worked together and bellowing Mom didn’t sound professional.

    Not sure what Jack is calling his grandfather? We understand the bellowed “Ma!” Which isn’t me.

    Meg calls her other grandfather “Pops”, right?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  13. Teenagers in Omaha who went out for ice cream ran into Warren Buffett and Sir Paul McCartney and have the pictures to prove it.

  14. Yeah, so that “selfie” Jerry. Not sure if the kid knew who the old geezer was sitting beside the Paul geezer until someone told him. Was a good picture.

  15. I am back! I had a great vacation, spending most of it in the Greek islands. Hope everybody here is okay. I have been worried about Jackie Monies, glad to see her posting. Ghost, you would have been disappointed in my swimsuit, it was for sure no bikini. It was a one piece, with a sheer fabric between the top and the bottom. Boy did I get kidded by the teenaged girl from the family in the next cottage. I got her bck, though, by comparing my butt to her wide-load. Love to all!

  16. Ghost – I blame the genius who thinks 12 40oz bottles of beer is just fine in cardboard. I beg to differ. Moving a case when the bottom gave way; then the *!£#%* mop bucket fell over as I was cleaning up!

    Long nap, a few chores done, relaxing bubble bath later, I’m ready to take on the rest of my list for the day: dinner and bed. I timed this perfectly! 🙂

  17. Headline story on Yahoo news, Archie is to be shot and killed this week? Next? Betty and Veronica are on cover with Archie. Could they have not wounded him and let him recover? Too much realism.

    Lilyblack, glad you enjoyed Greece. Last year one of my boating friends had choice of Greek islands or coming to Oklahoma. Guess where he went?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  18. Debbe, you ask ‘what T-shirt?’ This after mentioning cleaning up lots of beer on the floor. Care to share more or are you Pleading A Mindy?

    Jackie, Berkshire Hathaway owns Dairy Queen and Warren owns the lion’s share of BH. Probably took Sir Paul over to Borsheims at Regency Court to buy jewelry afterwards. He had the store opened special for Bill Gates and fiancee so they could buy an engagement ring. He joking told Bill that a man should spend twenty percent of his net worth on an engagement ring.

  19. Lily: Young lady, don’t be going off like that without saying anything and making us worry about you!

    But welcome back, and I hope you had as good a time as it sounds like you did. 🙂

    And I’m sure I would have liked your “non-bikini bikini”. Or would that be a “faux bikini”? 😉

  20. Wow, Lady Mindy. Sorry about that. That does however validate my Life Rule #57: “Always count on cardboard to let you down at the worst possible moment.”

  21. That weather pattern does look ferocious. I did my doctoral fieldwork about a centimeter NW of the dot that obscures the ‘Arbor’ in Ann Arbor. Nice country, hot and muggy some summers.

  22. TruckerRon, don’t know. Big G didn’t make it past San Francisco in the most recent movie. Maybe they were shooting the sequel?

  23. Dear Lilyblack, we have missed you an awful lot, and I worried, imagining goodness knows what. Very glad that you had such a fine reason for being away. You chose a beautiful area to vacation in; no wonder you had a good time; did you learn any Greek?

  24. Charlotte: Thanks bunches * hugs* I am informed by The Boss In My Life that tsipouro, not grappa, is Greek tequila, but what does she know, besides everything? Admittedly, I bought mine at the Athens airport. 😛

  25. Had one of those interesting days on the boat Saturday…beautiful (but too calm) day on Galveston Bay/Gulf, lots of dolphins, about 8 hours of engine time…got back to dock to find 5-10 gallons of diesel in the bilge pan under engine (consumption had shot up towards the end). Finally got the name of a good diesel mechanic down there, so hope to find out soon how bad the problem is. Heartened that it was still running basically fine, so guessing leak is in a fuel line or filter, but am reminded that “BOAT” means “Break Out Another Thousand”… 🙁

  26. Good morning Villagers….

    ….and a food morning back at ya Mindy and Triad 🙂

    Nice swimsuit, Lily.

    Sandcastler…I’m pleading a Mindy 🙂

    GR and Mark….good songs….because I’ll be a happy idiot as I struggle for the legal tender:

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Oh, before Brooklynne left yesterday, she had to play dress up… makeup and in my heels…it was fun. Actually, she did a fine job walking in those 2 and quarter inch heels. And GR 😉 they are black.

  27. Debbe, thanks. I have one, repeat one, pair of heels that high, and I forgot when I wore them last but remember how they hurt my feet. I almost always am to be seen in running shoes (or barefoot). Maybe a pair of inch-high heels to go out o=in. I am a runner and an operationg room assistant, I have to take care of my feet

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