Arluddite II

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Here’s the next installment of Arlo’s technology rant. I’m staging my own mini-protest against digital tyranny by cutting short today’s commentary in favor of a hands-on project involving wood and sharp blades. Don’t take it personally! I did update the page, and those ideas about a new Web page that I discussed months ago are still percolating in the old noggin. Those are the speeds of the creative mind: slow and stop—my creative mind anyway. One of the phrases I hear most often are, “I didn’t think you’d ever really get around to doing it!” How about that? The commentary ended up not being so short after all.

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  1. Arlo still isn’t naked as Janis said in the last panel yesterday. Is it wishful thinking of her part? Or did the Censors ooze out of the wilderness? Goodbye.

  2. “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”–Albert Einstein

    So is this the secret of the mind that created “Arlo & Janis”? Yeah, right.

  3. @sandcastler and Rusty,

    Sorry for the late response, I Symply go to the Fargone website called to find the shirts I wear….the favorite seems to be “So Far This Is The Oldest I’ve Ever Been” enjoy!

    @RuthAnne in Winter Park,

    If you are referring to the black tshirts on our web site, send an email to the info email address on the web site and give us your contact info and we can get you one mailed out(no shipping charge) for $20, I believe they’ll need your size S-XXL….

    @Mindy say Hi to Shelley, Ginger and John for me and the village(-VM) and nice to hear from 1/4-1/3 of you….


    My partner has done a good job of finding acts that pull in 400-1500 folks for a show. Hoping our venue gets enough exposure in the next year to become self sustaining….and of course our demographic shrinks every year 🙁

  4. AFAIK, the “nekkd” part was to emphasize Janis’ servitude to the electronics of today: she feels nekkd without her toys. The look of consternation on her face shoul show how far from her wishes that is. Heh, when we were staying in a little house in Salonika, the only shower was a perforated oil drum in the back yard, which I alone would only use in my swimsuit. The lady in the sweets shop told me the men of the town complained about it. I guess they were wondering whether I am a boy or a girl. 😀

  5. GR6, I don’t wear kilts, but been known to proudly display on certain beaches.

    Lily, Loon and I enjoyed the outdoor shower at the bungalow we stayed at in Vietnam, it can revitalize one. 😉

  6. Daughter and I bought a couple of outdoor shower kits on close out, heavily marked down, to install for October boating gathering. She wants to install them out on the new rock walk so they will run into creek and put them in separate bathroom tents we own for privacy. Unless we hook up the hot water aspect of those showers they will only have cold water showers.

    Uummnh, perforated holes in a large steel drum for a shower? That sounds like an easily obtained Okie shower kit and cheaper than what we bought! How do they work? You turn them upside down and invert when you want hot water to come out?

    Boaters use a spray shower that comes out of a black plastic sprayer like you use to poison weeds with. Water heats while it hangs on boat somewhere in sun.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. Rusty, diesel in bottom of bilge doesn’t sound good at all. I had a friend and his daughters get blown out of boat when it exploded in Kemah channel from a bilge full of gas/diesel. They weren’t killed but the boat was a loss.

    Get that looked after! Maybe just a bad hose?

    You guys forgot the classic, Ford, Fix or repair daily. (Which isn’t true, my Ford Truck is now 14 years old and doing just fine)

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. In Vietnam we used 500 gallon fuel bladders on a rack with pipe and facets for a shower. Water was solar heated. During monsoon season you could just strip, lather, and rinse.

  9. Jimmy, normally I don’t worry too much about people doing hand projects with sharp tools, as most of my friends do. I make the exception for certain people, like surgeons, veterinarians and special skilled people who use their hands.

    Cartoonists and artists and musicians fall in that category of “Be careful with those tools and don’t cut your fingers off, boy!”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  10. Dull knives are *much* more dangerous than sharp ones. Thy are more likely to slip and go deeper when they do cause you are pressing harder on them to do the same work.

    Jackie, this drum was welded onto a four-legged stand. You pulled water out of a well and then tipped the bucket into the barrel. There was a little ladder to get up onto to tip the bucket, another reason to wear your swimsuit. We tried wrapping some canvas around the four legs but there was little to hold them on, simpler just to shower in your swimsuit and stick it in the laundry hamper afterwards for the maid to wash and hang dry. It wasn’t like we had a lot of dirt to wash off, just the salt from the sea.

  11. Speaking of Scots pride:
    A Scotsman clad in kilt
    Left a bar one evening fair
    And one could tell by how he walked
    He’d drunk more than his share
    He stumbled on until
    He could no longer keep his feet
    Then staggered off into the grass
    To sleep beside the street.

    A pair of young and lovely girls
    Just happened to come by
    And one said to the other,
    With a twinkle in her eye:
    “You see yon sleeping Scotsman,
    So strong and handsome built..
    I wonder if it’s true
    What they don’t wear beneath the kilt?”

    They crept upon the sleeping Scotsman,
    Quiet as could be,
    And lifted up his kilt above the waist,
    So they could see…
    And there, behold, for them to view,
    Beneath his Scottish skirt
    T’was nothing but
    What God has graced him with upon his birth!

    They marveled for a moment,
    Then one said: “We’d best be gone.
    But let’s leave a present for our friend
    Before we move along!”
    So as a gift, they left a blue silk ribbon,
    Tied into a bow,
    Around the Bonnie Star
    The Scottish kilt did lift and show!

    The Scotsman woke to Nature’s Call,
    And stumbled towards a tree
    Behind the bush, he lifts his kilt,
    And gawks at what he sees!
    Then, in a startled voice he says
    To what’s before his eyes:
    “I ken not where y’been, m’lad,
    But I see y’won First Prize!”

  12. @Blinky the Wonder Wombat,

    I have heard that sung somewhere…bet if I look well wait a sec…..

    There you go, Symply googled it!


    Enjoy, they have some good ones; another fave. “What I Really Need Are Minions”

    Fargone nekkid in the water? Been there, still do that, same thing for outdoor showers, prefer not being watched, but hey you need a shower you take a shower…

  13. Lily, sounds like you’d work up enough of a sweat preparing the shower that you’d need a shower afterwards even if you didn’t before.

  14. Jackie, Jimmy hasn’t mentioned Super Truck lately, but I’d be very surprised and disappointed to learn it’s not still running.

  15. Yeah, Ghost, but I’m a runner, sweat doesn’t bother me. Especially if I am about to take a shower anyway.The main thing was to get the salt out of my hair and it did real well at that. Then I would run into my (heavily curtained) bedroom, kicking off my muddy clogs at the back door, and quickly towel off and dress for dinner. My poor clogs, they were such a mess when we left I just left them at the back door.

  16. Good morning Villagers…

    Blinky…liked that one 🙂

    GR 😉 anything higher than 2 and a quarter and I would fall over, as I usually went dancing in them 😉

    Speaking of Vietnam…my favorite actor, as Captain Kilgore:

    Then I found a link that had his quotes from the movie….love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    The gremlins got loose again at the hen houses yesterday…still no sign of the Boss man, county fair going on and he has horses, barrel racing I believe.

    Gotta go…..

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  17. Jackie,
    Really glad it was diesel and not gasoline! Still waiting on the mechanic’s verdict, but I think it must be on the low pressure side, probably around a filter or somewhere. Glad your friends were OK!

  18. Worst sailboat sinking I personally know was a beautiful prototype boat called the Sundowner designed and co-built by a good friend of mine. It left on a highly publicized round the world voyage and barely got to sea when the diesel tanks somehow came loose and began to leak into bilge and then into cabin of boat. Fumes seems to have knocked out the owner/sailor who let boat crash into rocks of cliff but managed to revive and get off. He was rescued but boat ended in smashed splinters. This also qualifies as one of most bizarre sinkings as owner put in tanks himself?

    There are finally new Sundowners being built, it is one of the most beautiful of new modern wooden boats. A lot like the Flicka, a classic beauty.

    I miss Galveston Bay and Galveston a lot I guess!

    Love, Jackie Monies

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