Arluddite III

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I realized this morning that I had inadvertently skipped one of the cartoons from the above sequence, the one about 10,000 comic-strip writers being out of work, which isn’t as funny as it once was. Anyway, here’s a bonus cartoon for today, two strips about Arlo up a tree.

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  1. I have a friend who has a young family. They are all very tech-friendly. But… one evening each week, they have a tech-free night. No TV, no smart phones, no “piped” music, no video games… they read, play outdoor or board games, talk… It is a great way to keep balanced.

  2. My favorite A&J cartoon about technology is when Arlo sees a guy with a Bluetooth device in his ear and then realizes that he does not have a phone. My brother tends to talk to himself (not sure if he listens and he rarely does to us) and I told him that he should invest in a fake one. He got a nice laugh out of it. Of course I can criticize my brother, but no one else can.

  3. Good morning, Villagers. I got The Man In My Life a smartphone for Christmas one year. It sits in its charger in the kitchen. “But you can get on the Internet with it.” “Then why do I need that nice desktop?” “You could do it when you are not home (he is retired) like on the golf course or while shopping.” “I want to play golf on the golf course, not get on the Internet. And I have my old cell to call you all when we are at the mall.” Sigh

  4. I will admit to carrying my cell phone everywhere with me, but not because I ^have^ to stay connected. Living in such a rural area with no close neighbors, i would like to be able to call for help if I need to. 🙂

  5. In daily life we are both controlled by multiple connected devices. Our most truly disconnected moments happen when we are overseas. Devices today are a vast improvement over dial up modems and brick phones, plus they have cameras for taking selfies. 😉

  6. I’m chained to my cell phone, not for connectivity, but for my safety. As some may recall, I fell last December and tore the ligaments in both knees. If I had not had my phone in my pocket (allowing me to call 911) I would have been on the floor of my garage for 7-8 hours, until my wife returned from work. Since I am carrying a smart phone, I check email and the A&J blog as I think of it during the day.

  7. In contrast, I’m going to one of the regular Wed. noon [30 min.] Church Musician summer recitals, followed by a free will offering lunch. This one is organ [top quality electronic] by a fine organist, at the local Episcopal church, which has one of the best lunches.

    Happy Wednesday.

  8. T-Ron – Being from New Mexico we get this type of thing frequently. I don’t fly often (read: close to never) but I’ve had colleagues report similar instances where NM drivers license wasn’t accepted the TSA agents.
    I think the best story of this sort I’ve ever heard was when long-time NM Senator Domenici was Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee and one of the most powerful men in Washington yet at a State Department banquet they seated him with the diplomats from Central and South America rather than with the other U.S. Senators.

  9. Ah, The Dark Side. Don’t you just love it? Some over there have apparently forgotten that Gus told Mary Lou MONTHS ago that he was disposing of the restaurant. Plus they seemed to have missed the joke in the cartoon. As before: “Lighten up, dudes and dudads. It’s just a cartoon.”

    I do wonder what will become of the S/V No Name (the schooner) now, if Arlo won’t be able to continue to moor it at the dock at The Dock. But for all we actually know, his $10 check to Gus bounced and the deal never went through.

    If it were mine, it would not be a pier queen.

  10. Ghost: I usually avoid The Dark Side, it makes me want to leave snarky comments. Like, “What the heck does sexism have to do with closing the restaurant and not wanting to set Mary Lou off?”

  11. Never have eaten squab, flame broiled or otherwise, but I have eaten charcoal-grilled dove, every late summer since I was a kid. White-winged and mourning dove season is a big deal in Texas.

  12. Mark, that squib was Sand, not me.

    Lily, recital was tops, and so was the lunch. Audience was ecumenical; the series goes from church to church. Often, but not always, the recitalist[s] is/are members of the host church, less likely when it’s a group, such as the local h.s. brass quintet a few weeks back.

    Peace, emb

  13. Loon…that’s what it looks like at TDS…sheesh…what do they think that Mary Lou is not insightful enough to know that the only thing constant in life is change: I ref: a link a poster posted:

    Besides….49 percent of prime, ocean view property with a restaurant that has already established a reputation. Sometimes, it takes a new proprietor to energize what is fledgling…I know from past experience in my mom’s bridal shop…..

    I lay odds that Mary Lou already knows that the summer season is the end.

  14. Well, Debbe, it might have been if there had been anybody there that had been at the funeral besides me and The Boss Of My Life, but there wasn’t. Just a nice long lunch where I was a little too hilarious and giggly. The Boss Of My Life quoted Dorothy Sayers about the unreliable mood that is apt to follow funerals.

  15. I am not certain why Mr. Johnson thinks “10,000 comic-strip writers out of work” is not as funny as it once was. Because of simply what it seems to be, that the problem is more acute and more serious now?

  16. Thanks to Ghost and Debbe for the beautiful sailing music. I had never heard either one but I am putting together some songs and video for my October boat group and I am making my own DVD’s to play when we don’t have live music or speakers. So, thanks for the links. Also it got me listening to some other beautiful music, as always.

    We went and had Vietnamese spring rolls, dumplings, wild mushroom bisque (well I did) and finished off with key lime cheesecake and dark chocolate layered cheesecake. We are celebrating in advance (maybe bad luck) that Mike won’t have to have more chemo. Today was scan for more cancer and we (me) positively believes it will be cancer free.

    Got my confirmation from Kelly McGuire and Redfish Records that he will play our Saturday night concert. “Blame It On Buffett”.

    Love you guys,

    Jackie Monies

  17. Well what do you know – even Angus couldn’t cause the damage I walked into this morning. Yesterday I left two third-party vendors on my roof working on the air conditioning unit. (Killed the compressor beyond all hope.) My clerk and I wondered if they, who had had never been on our questionably sound roof, would end up going through said roof. As I had to be back in at 3am, I was going to be rather annoyed if I had to go back and fill out paperwork. (I am only halfway kidding after today.)

    So, I walk in at 3am … to a 85 degree store. It would seem, while unsuccessfully attempting to repair the a/c unit, the electricians started poking around in the fuse box. (Cue horror movie mood music of your choice.) The *official* story is the box was mislabeled (which it kind of was, and WE employees knew that, but THEY failed to consult anyone first.) and 220 through a non-220 fuse caused a *bit* of chaos.

    No a/c, no soda, no cappuccino, no phone, no printer, one register, two freezers, a cooler, no door buzzer, lots of scorched wiring, outlets nowhere close to running at the standard 120v, and blown bulbs everywhere. The joy.

    By the time I left today, we had recovered the register, a couple bulbs, the soda machine, and FINALLY the A/C!! Half the fuse box is still missing, but they swear everything is going to work again. However, I am NOT plugging in the new printer, when it shows up, until ALL electricians vacate the area. For some reason, I don’t trust their handiwork.

  18. Jackie: My prayers stay with you and Mike, but if I was in your sailing group, I would disgrace myself with an iPod. Not to speak of falling in the water a lot.

    Mindy: Sounds awful. I have no idea how electricity works (despite two “B’s” in Physics), and have to rely on our neighboring firemen for help when problems happen. Last time it was a smoking ballast in the fluorescent lighting in the hall. The Boss Of My Life was absent in a meeting, so I was temporarily in charge, always an invitation to disaster

  19. Mark, that is one amazing guitarist and I loved both selections.
    “The Border Reiver” was awesome. I am descended from that area of the border reivers. In fact, Faulkner’s “The Reivers” is my favorite of all his books.

    I was showing my 93 year old mom the video and music to “The Long Road” and the Scottish firths and she was amazed! This is not the sort of stuff American group tours get to see, she thought it was beautiful. Maybe we might make one big trip to Scotland and Ireland and the reiver’s we come from?

    We don’t do tours, at least I don’t. I’d rather be lost anywhere.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  20. Jackie, I have little Scots blood in me. I am mostly German on both sides, so my emotional attachments to the border wars is minimal. I did read George MacDonald Frazier’s “The Steel Helmets” but it’s not Flashy nor yet MacAuslan, so, meh. My distaff Great grandmother was a Walton so I do have some English blood, so that maybe accounts for my Anglophila. Zulu and Waterloo are two of my favorite movies. Manchester’s three volume biography of Churchill is a favorite, and when I spend time in The Man In My Life’s library, a bronze bust of Wellington and nineteenth century prints of Nelson and Waterloo look down at me. And I drink tea in the afternoon, so I guess that strain is alive and well.

  21. Jackie, be careful saying you’d rather be lost! That sounds like the opening of An American Werewolf in London!

    Lilyblack, maybe you’ll like this one:
    The musician is great. I’ve seen him live and he is a great one-man show. His string instruments are all originals from the antebellum/Civil War period.

  22. I like the Gunner Asch books. Favorite quote: “Kirst joined the German Army in 1933 and served as an officer during World War II, ending the war as a First Lieutenant. Kirst was a member of the Nazi Party, stating later that he had “confused National Socialism with Germany”.
    Kirst later indicated that after the war he did not immediately believe accounts of Nazi atrocities. “One did not really know one was in a club of murderers”, he recalled.

    Nope. I only like classical and hymns, sorry

  23. Dear Mindy from Indy, Can’t believe the awfulness of electricity gone wrong, causing all that damage in your store. All I can say is, you are a strong woman, and a resourceful one, to deal with it and figure out lots of problems. Good luck chasing all the”grimlins” as Debbe says, from the store. We Villagers wish you no more hard luck.

  24. Lily, Dave Barry has explained all you need to know about electricity:

    “Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking.”


    “…electricity is supplied by the wall socket, which is in turn connected to the electrical company via big overhead wires with squirrels running on them.”

  25. Lady Mindy, I too would hesitate to blame the electrical problems on Angus, especially since all he knows about electricity he learned in his flat back in Scotland by shuffling his feet on the carpet in the wintertime and then peeing on the radiator.

  26. So Ghost, you like Dave Barry too? I liked his idea of titling his last book. “You Mean He’s Still Alive?” Or something close.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  27. I think Dave Barry’s account of putting strawberry pop-tarts in the toaster and holding the handle down is one of the funniest things I have ever read in my life. Along with his dog, Earnest’s feud with the squirrel and the tree

  28. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 Geico did get my attention on that one. My Kenny Rogers has aged well.

    Not much time for a morning rant…..

    Indy Mindy….I see where it’s 43 degrees in your neck of the woods….that’s cold, too funny now that your A/C is working 🙂 I’m with Miss Charlotte is wishing you no more bad luck.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  29. Debbe – for a half moment, that’s what I thought too. However, if you look at the carnage around Arlo, I *think* Gene is counting dear old dad twice. 😉 Still keeping my fingers crossed though.

    Lilyblack – I just reread the poptart piece yesterday. Have been read “Dave Berry Is Not Making This Up” again. Reading about Earnest and Zippy and the screen door makes me laugh every time. The Bimini piece is good too.

  30. Are we a bunch of versions of the same person, or what? 🙂

    Of course, the idea that a bunch of people who appreciate Jimmy Johnson’s creation would find Dave Barry hilarious is not very far fetched, is it?

  31. Mindy! Sheesh! It’s a wonder the store wasn’t on fire when you got there. You have LOTS of fire extinguishers and the fire dept. on speed dial, yes? Luck to you….

  32. Family sins, just family sins. German mothers are bad English teachers. Liberal women are challenging. And I have been so lucky as to have had both infect my life.

  33. Jackie, where is your sailing group? Really like Kelly McGuire’s music…hope to make it to Tedfish for his floating concert Labor Day! Still waiting on word from the diesel mechanic…

  34. Dave Barry’s account is funny, but for a lot of people, the fear of prepping for a colonoscopy is real. I do believe humor is a great way to combat it, but some might read it and decide that it is not worth it. My wife hates the prep, but she did laugh her head off.

    Personally, mine went extremely well. I drink an 8 oz fiber drink twice a day, so the prep was much easier for me. My family has a history of diverticulosis and I had it when I was younger, but the Doctor gave me a complete clean bill of health.

    I now that this kind of a crappy topic…but colon cancer can be beaten with early detection.

  35. Good morning, Villagers. Now is that time of doubt, woundering to cast my pearl-like reflections or see if today’s vintage strip is up. I see it is not, so I wish you all a pleasant good morning. It is raining cats and dogs, here, and I had to dry my hair and change scrubs when we first got to the hospital this morning. The Boss Of My Life more prudently used an umbrella.

  36. Think Jimmy has worked a double on us, Arlo’s eating and Mary Lou expecting? It’d be like him.

    Indy Mindy, when I rebuilt out my gift shop/candy shop/florist I hired an electrical engineer friend from NASA who moonlighted. He got up in ceilings and threw out piles of wiring while cursing the defective wiring. Brought both locations up to Houston codes, completely new wiring, fixtures, air, heat, panels, everything.

    He accepted my payment and told me I would pass inspection without a problem, I did. He ended by saying “Of course, you will be burned down by the 7-11 that is between the two locations next door to you.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. Maybe Lou is, and maybe she isn’t. Something I’ve learned over the years is to never assume I know what’s going on in A&J World. Jimmy has been known to throw the occasional curve.

    I see some Darksiders are still beating up on Gus this morning. You know…Gus…the character who seems to most often be right about things.

  38. Lily, you can send some of that rain my way, if you please! We might have had a wet Spring, but Summer is kind of dry.

    It will be interesting to see exactly what Gene means with his “party of six”. And no, I’m not jumping in with The Dark Side.

    Here’s my addition to the unplugged set today. I’ve always loved this song, of course, but it became really special the night I was in a club in Sioux Falls, SD and a friend sang it to me. He knew I was feeling kind of homesick right then.

  39. Rusty, here is link to Kelly McGuire’s opening at Sail Oklahoma 2012 in my back yard.

    I put longer explanation on what this is and am caught in moderation. It is a not for profit “private” event in my yard and down on beach for four days on Lake Eufaula, OK, which means I include all of you as friends who could come.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  40. But, Jackie, that would mean I would have to drive to Oklahoma. By myself. I can only drive by myself an hour or so, and that is with my dog. Then I get the heebie-jeebies and start imagining things and worrying. I usually go places with either The Boss of My Life or The Man In My Life. Preferably both. Not to speak of spending the night someplace without either one of them. Too, too scary.

    I have decided that the webcomics I like best were those whom I read through the whole archives to see what I missed while I was abroad. That would be A&J (of course), Candi, Peanuts, 9 Chickweed Lane, and Pluggers, the rest are just meh.

  41. Think GR6 and Mark might be on the right track. We have to remember Jimmy’s can at times be misdirections, then bang, we are surprised.

  42. Yesterday on way to Tulsa I was talking about cartoonists I love and respect, like Jimmy, Watterson, Walt Kelly who I consider genius at what they do. I asked Mike what he thought went on in their minds? How do they write and draw, strip after strip, after strip, consistently funny? Could he do it for even one week?

    He said “NO WAY!” Not even for a day! He always says he would not live in my mind for even one day. I am in no way the writer nor anything like my “heroes” but perhaps we are wired differently?

    I see the influences of Walt Kelly in Watterson and in Jimmy’s work, although JJ might not agree on that one. In Jimmy’s work, it is is subtle but I think there, as A and J is a subtle, sneakily funny and harder to “get” comic than brash strips like Garfield. I think A and J requires a thinking mind with a broader fund of knowledge.

    But we probably all know this?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. By the way, husband loved Pogo too and Calvin and Hobbes, read my A and J book, has bought me cartoon books all our lives because he knows I love them. For years I had Schulz cartoons framed in house, favorite was “The heaviest burden is a great potential.”

    Just realized this week that I had owned a “I Go Pogo” political pin/button years ago. Gosh, I wish I knew what I did with that!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  44. The real news is just too sad to know. My new lawn lady was saying she didn’t have t.v. or computer and therefore never knew the news. I told her nothing had changed, she was better off without either most days.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  45. Did you notice what’s in front of Arlo today? He may not be on a paleo diet, but with all those bones on it, his plate looks like something that would interest a paleontologist.

  46. Jackie,
    Sounds like fun! If only we still lived in Bartlesville (we kept our boat on Lake Oologah). Have a great time! He does a floating concert in Galveston Bay on Labor Day weekend, out at Redfish Island. We might try to make that this time, but not sure about braving the anchored masses in my boat…

  47. Rusty, what do you sail? We used to go out to Redfish like everyone else when we lived in Houston. Mike was yacht broker in Kemah too.

    We usually have people come here from east and west coasts, Great Lakes, Canada and Gulf Coast. I know that sounds crazy but we have a ton of fun, a very unserious but serious boating event, unlike any other I know of.

    You would be most welcome. You gotta be in oil bidness somehow, with Bartlesville and Texas.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. The Boss Of My Life has a New Yorker cartoon framed in her office. Shows a king on his throne and he is thinking “I know I am paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?” Me, I’d have to think a long time to think of a cartoon I would frame and hang on my wall.

  49. On my way home today, I noticed the blue sky and the puffy clouds…I was so caught up in it….absolutely beautiful here in S IN. Temps are in low 70’s, a serene drive home…looking forward to my husband’s chicken gumbo he fixed yesterday…taste buds were on alert….

    Then my husband turned on the news when I got home….TR…I can’t think of anything else but to pray…that all victims are recovered…..and just where is our fearless ‘leader’? White house has yet to issue a comment…unless I’ve missed it

    What has happened to the human race….that the only way one thinks to get their idealist insidious, injustice and ignorant ideas across is to….blow something up. I’m off my rant now.

    Jackie, I thought of a couple of songs to add to your DVD playlist…I’ll post them later…remember Christopher Cross….’Ride with the wind”?

    And Mark…started a new folder…Mark Knoepler (sorry if I misspelled it).


  50. I think the 6th person is Arlo’s appetite. The strip is drawn that way. Those bones look to be both chicken legs and pork ribs. And corn is likely slathered in butter. Fat city.

    Temp has got up to 80F, probably the high for today, still 70 in the house, the usual puffy summer clouds, but white haze above that. Turns out it’s smoke from Canada’s wildfires. Odor has not gotten down to ground level yet. Many of you may miss out on it.

    So far, a nice day for lunch on the postage stamp patio, and probably supper. > mosquitos > usual, probably / wet May and June left lots of water to pupate in.

  51. Obama was live just now on Fox I think, husband is watching/listening to it and war in Gaza. This is all too tragic to watch or listen. Sometimes I get swept up in tragedy and it takes over, Katrina did that, Joplin tornadoes.

    It is not good to do this. Better we should pray for their souls and smite the perpetrators. But then I subscribe to Biblical retribution and women’s rights.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  52. My favorite stock strip also. When I make really good gumbo, I do the shrimp shell stock but husband is allergic, so it permeates the entire house. Once I made really authentic Vietnamese stock for pho with roasted beef bones, marrow, etc. It permeated house so entirely with star anise and other spices Mike made me go freeze it in back of house.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  53. The reason I love that stock strip is that when I first moved in to our casa and was a strange combination of dewy-eyed and scared to death, we got home from the office and The Man In My Life was in the kitchen cooking something that smelled delicious. It was stock, of course, and I first went away, ignorant and confused. But after a minute I gathered up my courage and went back into the kitchen and asked him what stock was. I got a lecture, very kindly, and then he opened up the fridge and got out what was left of the prime rib from that Sunday, sliced several choice bites off it and stuck them in the oven with some leftover potatoes Anna. He got it out after a few minutes and gave to me on a piece of crusty French bread half soaked with au jus. I had skipped lunch and was famished. I took a taste, realized it was the best thing I had ever put in my mouth and scarfed it down. I will never forget the look on his face, so proud and affectionate. That’s when I determined to learn how to cook, so I could one day feel like that.

  54. Llee – We have three fire extinguishers. By law, we have to have one somewhere by the entrance. We do, but heaven help you if you ever need to get to it. Apparently it’s been there for years, and nothing has ever been said about it. However, all the fire extinguishers in the world wouldn’t have this joint if it had gone up.

    {A brief bit of humor before facing the headlines of the day} After an easy day of work, General Tso’s chickens were calling my name from a bed of fried rice. I popped into a buffet just down the road and prepared to indulge.

    Unfortunately, two of the three large screen tvs were tuned to the news. (An aside – one was tuned to a “liberal” news station, the other a “conservative” station. I’ve never seen another establishment do that.) Why in the world would a “news” crew show the bodies?! I don’t care if the faces ARE blurred; show some respect for humanity. My thoughts go out to everyone affected. And please, please don’t let this air strike snowball into something more.

  55. “If it bleeds, it leads…”

    And yet these are the same “reporters” that describe every little out-of-the-ordinary thing in life as “chilling”, “frightening” or “terrifying”. Cranial rectitis in action, par excellence.

  56. Isn’t it strange how you lose your appetite. We had just walked into a Dallas area Italian joint and the t.v.’s were on and the Murrow building in Oklahoma City had just been blown up. My same reaction, Mindy. I asked what had happened? Someone in restaurant said terrorists had just blown up this big Federal building and it was live.

    All I could think was that if I had not retired I would be handling the cases and second, did I know anyone killed? My old office had moved to that building. Right over the bomb I think?

    News photographers and commentators do not respect those they report on. All I could think of was, what next?

    I have been locked in my office all afternoon searching youtube for sailing/nautical music. Got hung up on HMS Pinafore and a great production by opera company out of Australia I think.

    Gilbert and Sullivan, good for the soul.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  57. Maybe G&S is what I need right now.

    Retired UMC [formerly EUB] minister I’ve known since wife and I first started going to Summer Theology Workshops, has been caring for his declining wife, dementia-presumably Alzheimer’s, over many years. She died yesterday, which yields mixed feelings in most everybody, but gratitude, universally I expect, for the care he has provided all these years. He has lots of support from many, and two daughters + grandkids, and will probably heal well. Sadness and blessing

  58. Debbie and GR8, is it unusual to find a number of people in the village that have done time in chicken coops? I had a part time job cleaning the barns with high pressure water equipment when the layers were done and new layers had not yet been installed. We did 12 hour shifts plus travel time (often 1-2 hours to reach the barns). It made for a grueling weekend.

    As the new guy, I often got the crappier jobs. Crawling under the cages with a 4′ squeegee and hose with the smallest nozzle to clean the pits. These barns were 250′ – 400′ long. Of course I was much smaller back then.

  59. Unlike Debbe’s layers, all the chickens raised around here are like Lily’s chickens…broilers that get “et”. Lots of owner/operators of chicken houses who complain about how they never get any time off, but at least they only have to deal with the birds and not eggs.

    I once flew over a number of chicken houses shortly after they had been hit by a tornado and wiped clean down to the slabs. Almost all of the surviving chickens were huddled together on the bare floors. Seemed odd to me at first, but then I thought, “Well, where would they go?”

  60. Moving on to more sailing music. Did not realize Beach Boys wrote “Sloop John B”, somehow I thought it was a folk song?
    Just listened to Dwight Yokum cover it, I am beginning to get a little loopy here. I love Dwight by the way, so that’s not it.

    He and Garth Brooks and Chris Kristofferson rank about as high as you can get I think in brilliant, educated and smart good ole boys, unless there are some hiding out I am missing.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  61. Trying to make sense of the behavior of terrorists, no matter their defining goal, is impossible for sane people. No force on earth could make me want to wear a bomb, target a plane, or pull a trigger and thus kill innocent people. For me to kill a human, I’d have to be defending an innocent person, trying to stop a murderer who couldn’t be stopped any other way.

    I pray that such a time never comes, but if it does I hope I can be swift enough to be effective and strong enough to do what has to be done.

  62. Brian Wilson REWROTE and rearranged the song to the Beach Boy Sound. It was a folk song, collected by Carl Sandburg and recorded in 1958 by Kingston Trio as folksong. I thought I had heard Kingston Trio sing that live when I was in school in 1958-59 in PA boarding school.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  63. Dear Trucker Ron, I admire what you wrote, and certainly agree with you.

    How could anyone commit this terrible act? It’s impossible to imagine. Discouraging.

  64. Thanks, Ghost- Chris Cross and Sailing, Ride Like the Wind were #1 on list, then Southern Cross. I ended up writing Kokomo and Key Largo above and below, Pina Colado and Sloop John B., Shadow Captain, Cool Change by Little River.

    My list goes on for four pages, has classical music, folk music, operetta, the Muppets, Ray Charles, country and western, tropical rock, sea chanties, Scottish, Irish, bagpipes, Dire Straits, Duran Duran, lots of Jimmy Buffett, Cat Stevens, Lyle Lovett and a whole lot more.

    My friends know I am unusual. My music taste runs pretty wide and wild sometimes. Last time I did a bunch of stuff like this to use was a long time ago and I had a professional audio-video studio right across from my showroom. They helped me but then asked me for copy of music to listen to, said they loved all the songs I picked.

    Theme of that one was “If You’ve Never Been to Texas” party and we did music about Texas with Texas video and still shots. Since this was 20 years ago, video and youtube weren’t around. At least not like now! We used video done for Texas tourism department and recorded songs to go along, so sort of like youtube.

    Well, they loaned me the sound system and the video screens too, so this DIY venture won’t be that good!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  65. GR6, is it you can see why Mary Lou makes 20% more tips or you can see nothing else got revealed in today’s strip?

    Dinner for six was Arlo and his appetite/stomach?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  66. Good morning Villagers…

    GR 😉 thanks for ‘Just My Imagination’……

    So Jackie, did you U Tube and get “Ride with the Wind”? Didn’t click on the U Tube links above.

    Gary…I’ll tell you later about my ‘sanitizing’ for a new brood of layers….my house is scheduled to be ‘purged’ the end of August….my ‘girls’, and a few roosters, are 2 years old in August, and they are spent hens. But I am still getting at least 160 cases a day, that’s 340 eggs in a case, you do the math. Another but here….they are getting a vitamin pack in their feed.

    as Emb says….peace

  67. I may be going against the current opinions on the real-time A & J, but I do NOT think that the 20% refers to tips. I think that Gene is dropping hints before Mary Lou is ready to make an announcement. But what do I know…

  68. TruckerRon and GR6, this is not the first time. Remember the Korean Air Lines plane the Soviets shot down in the Sea of Japan in the 1980’s. And then they did their best to hamper investigation/recovery afterwards. Now, same song, different verse.

  69. Gary: ‘As the new guy, I often got the crappier jobs. Crawling under the cages with a 4? squeegee and hose with the smallest nozzle to clean the pits.’

    Summers of ’49 and ’50 I worked as a ‘vacation keeper’ in the mammal dept. at the Bronx Zoo. That is, when I got to work, about 10 miles from home on the IRT, I found out what house I’d be working in that day, when some guy was on vacation, sick, or had the day off. I could go into details, but will give just one example. In the small mammal house, two civets shared a cage, with a shift cage next to it that I enticed the beasts to go into while I cleaned out their exhibit cage. It had a cast concrete + rock water trough with a plug in the center that you unscrewed to drain it. Trouble is, these civets also used it as a toilet. Civets are carnivores and their p–p is much like doggie do. First item was to reach into the trough and unscrew that drain. I washed my hands a lot at the zoo. Comparable tasks with other beasts. You can probably do a search to find out how pygmy hippos mark their territories.

  70. GR6, I concur. Qantas had moved from that corridor four months ago.

    Yes, we had a discussion before going to Russia this spring. Our Russian hosts were equally concerned about the impact the Ukriane event could have; business conditions are still fragile and dependent on foreign investment.

  71. I don’t check inoften enough… 🙂

    Jackie, we sail a Catalina 400. We are currently spending the summer docked in Offat’s Bayou on Galveston…not the best sailing location, but good as a weekend getaway to the island. As for jobs, got it in one…my wife is an IT manager with an oil company. Between Bartlesville and Houston, we spent 3 years in Anchorage. I used to teach high school science, but have been a stay-at-home dad sinc the kids came along, and love it!

    TruckerRon, we used Uber extensively when in NYC. They have a great iPhone app, and worked a lot better than the cabs. Only a little moree expensive, but worth it to us.

    Trying to stay away from the news today…things are pretty scary over there right now.

    Have a great day, villagers!

  72. TR, they are the up and coming rideshare services. While many major cities are at war with them, Seattle has just announced an agreement with both. This is but one example of fertile minds and wireless technology changing status quo business.

  73. Mindy from Indy: I know that I have mentioned it here before, but 30 years ago this August 1st my Mom was killed by a drugged driver. Since my Dad worked at WOWO, we were shocked that they announced her death before my youngest brother could make it to the hospital to hear it from my Dad first hand.

    Since I was up in Michigan, I made it home for the local news. Imagine the punch in the gut when I saw the video of my Mom being hauled into the ambulance. Her face was obscured, but it is not something easily forgotten.

    So yes Mindy, why can’t the media show respect for humanity?

    Debbe: Thank you for your kind words. My Mom loved to sing too and the Psalm that the song is based on have always given me comfort.

  74. sandcastler tm, big difference between the Iranian incident and this. Iran was specifically warned not to fly through that area due to war conditions. The current plane was in a zone declared safe by the international agency which controls airspace allocations. One story I read yesterday reported that one of the pro-Russian factions posted a video and tweet that it had shot down a transport plane. Said post was then removed after it became clear that the plane was a civilian airliner.

  75. Galliglo, I disagree. I know a waitress that used to wear short skirts and lean across tables to clean them and refill salt and condiments in full view of tables-full of guys. She did it to increase her tips and she wasn’t the least ashamed of it. I think pregnancy references are stretching it at this point. Proof: If Gene had said that and she was preggers, she would have blushed, not attacked him. That’s the way the female mind works.

  76. Thought about that top and tips, daughter and I were back eating at the Vietnamese hole in the wall. The waitress/daughter there wears minimal sized clothing and was wearing a crop top, my mom looked at her and said she didn’t know people could work in restaurants wearing so little clothing.

    I thought to myself we should take mom to Hooters or Twin Peaks or something that caters to men. Although there is a large crowd of workmen who eat Vietnamese and some of them are too young to have served in Viet Nam.

    She really works hard too, I notice.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  77. Our only experience with Ube was while visiting nephews in DC last month. Uber was the choice the time we needed seating for 5. Arrival of a nice, large SUV was prompt and
    the driver was pleasant and professional. Much nicer than the taxi a couple of days later when the driver seemed to think that stop signs were optional.

  78. Forgot to say daughter worked her way through grad school as a casino waitress. When they opened originally they put all the slots/floor waitresses in Bunny styled costumes. Daughter is VERY voluptuous and they were wearing skimpy push up bra’s. She said the day she got fitted for hers (which was custom made specially for her) the entire male wait staff was standing on flour buckets and each other’s shoulders.

    She was really happy to get to go work in the VIP room and they gave up the wired cups, went to unisex pants and shirts like the bartenders.

    Elderly casino customers are poor tippers, so the costumes were no help. They finally went to paying decently by the hour, as tips were ineffective pay incentives.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  79. Jackie, my waitress friend says the best tables to get are young white guys in groups. Singletons try to hard to flirt and if they are disappointed tip badly. Mixed groups are bad cause the women get jealous. I have seen it myself, though I think to be jealous of a waitress is ridiculous.

  80. Jackie, a while back one of my all-female staff members mentioned she was considering working weekend shifts at an area Hooters. I printed this out and gave it to her. She hasn’t mentioned that since.

    I knew a young lady who drove 125 miles to a casino where she worked two 12-hour shifts on the weekends. Her pay check paid for her accommodations and meals, and her tips netted her considerably more than any full-time job she could find in the small town where she lived.

  81. Daughter had worked for Texas A and M and University of Texas, figured she’d get a good university job or hospital teaching school employment. When they offered half what she’d been making down in Texas, she went for the casino waitressing.

    That is hard work, no matter where you do it if you do it well.

    Back before women’s rights and political correctness, companies could do and say anything and they did! On the airline applications I filled out in the 60’s a major question was always how many beauty contests you’d won or entered, beauty awards like frat queens, etc. Weights, heights, measurements were all legitimate questions.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  82. Yeesh, makes me glad I never wanted to be a stew (of course, being terrified of flying would have kind of excluded me). When I was in college, people would ask me why I wanted to be a lab technologist and I would just breezily say “So I can stick people and they can’t do anything about it.” 😀 Now, nobody asks me stuff like that. They all think being a surgical assistant is pretty cool. And it is. I love to go to the ER, see (over the shoulder of The Boss Of My Life) somebody sick and push their gurney to the OR (another fun thing to do – sometimes I skip) and then help “separate the patient from the disease.” Cold steel is the best deal, I like to tell the ER nurses, lots of them my friends from the old days.

  83. Well, Jackie, I don’t know about anyone else, but if I were a passenger on an aircraft that is sitting on the runway and on fire, I’d certainly want the person in charge of organizing the evacuation to be shapely and beauty-contest good looking. Oh, and single and wearing a micro miniskirt, too.

    [Since there is no sarcasm emoticon that I know of, and in case my reputation may have proceeded me, let me state that the above comments are 100% sarcastic.]

  84. Really, Lily? You skip while pushing a gurney to the OR? I think I’m going to start calling you “The Angel of Unremitting Mercy”. 🙂

  85. Did Lily say she sang while skipping down the hall with the gurney? My eyes were watering too bad about then?

    I am having visions of a musical version of this kind of like Sweeney Todd with surgical blades being sharpened and clashing sounds of steel buckets and body parts flying.

    Maybe Monty Python? Sorry Lily, I worked in a hospital that was more on the order of Mash and we were more often racing down the hall with the gurney while I tried to draw blood and cross match at the speed of light with no chance to skip, hop or be happy.

    Yeah, Ghost, and we were supposed to do this while wearing high heeled pumps, garter belts, a very skinny thin suit skirt, a white blouse, matching jacket and hat, and hose with straight seams in back. And painted nails and matching lipstick with discreet small earrings in gold. And perfect hair.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  86. ‘Cuse me, I got two lifetimes mixed up there! The screeching gurney races took place in hospital whites, nurses uniform dresses with white garter belts and white hose, white shoes.

    The other was the airline stews uniform in the late 50-early 60’s and you went down slides, threw out the doors and windows and rescued passengers while immaculately attired. Women didn’t get cut any slack in that period, you had to do it all while staying perfectly groomed dolls.

    You know when I thought about that? When the Korean airline crashed in San Francisco and those little Asian dolls in their perfect attire carried the injured on their backs and performed miracles of rescue and salvation, often when injured themselves.

    Loon, you aren’t the only feminist on this group!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  87. Jackie, I’m seeing a trend here. Involving garter belts, stockings and high heels. Making me wonder if the airlines and medical institutions of the day were perhaps being run by males with a certain kind of fetish. As I said, give me someone with the skill and presence of mind to direct me to the nearest exit when the cabin is filled with blinding, choking smoke.

    Ironically, I had the same thought about the KAL flight attendants after the crash, primarily because of their fantasy-themed airline ads featuring fashion model-esque female FA’s. In short skirts and high heels. So I guess maybe it wasn’t just back in the day.

  88. Jackie, I often say life is too short not so skip and dance as often as we can. Mine is, anyway. I sometimes sing (“Doctor My Eyes” is a favorite. “Midnight Special” is another) but sometimes I make siren noises.

    Nursing supervisor to The Boss Of My Life: “Can’t you do anything to settle her down.?”

    (Favoring supervisor with a glare) “No.”

  89. Indy Mindy…old S IN is gearing upr for the annual. replica of the
    German Octoberfest….check out Jasper…..does anyone need a room????

  90. Those Soviet stewardesses look JUST like the ones from my era!
    Amazing! Except no one had red in those days. I applied to all the lines flying to South America because foreign language got better pay. Delta ended up hiring me and I ended up going back to college. Delta was originally founded in my hometown in Louisiana, so totally southern girl oriented in their hires in those days.

    We wore garter belts and hose because panty hose hadn’t come on scene or didn’t work right, I forget which. But yeah, no tennis shoes, flats, loafers, practical shoes. Those Soviets shoes look as what I wore most of my life.

    I moved to Oklahoma with about 50 pairs of heels and don’t think I have worn any since I got here and discovered rural dress codes!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  91. Ghost, I think women’s clothes and dress codes in the 50’s and 60’s were all established and written by men. Men who saw us as paper dolls or dressed up mannequins.

    Who remembers Stepford Wives?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  92. Lily, I actually am happy you love your work and your boss and your patients. You deserve to be happy.

    But I will admit to going on youtube and watching some of Sweeney Todd which I had not seen since the 1970’s theater tour.
    Didn’t see Johnny Depp in movie. Then I went and watched a lot of Mama Mia to take the taste of blood and gore and darkness out of my mouth.

    Don’t drink anything the supervising nurse offers you or eat any apples either.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  93. Ghost, for some reason when I think of funny medical movies, Mother, Jugs and Speed comes to mind. Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch and Harvey Keitel made a good combo for that one.

  94. I actually know three paramedics working for the local EMS that I call Mother, Jugs and Speed. All of them are familiar with the movie, and none of them mind…even “Jugs”.

  95. Just read plot summary, et al. This sounds so much like the Mash “dark comedy” medical movies, I do not know how I missed this one except those two cute little kiddies of mine wanting to see Disney?

    For those who followed the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, as I did, you will remember the part played by Charity Hospital. I worked for a smaller charity hospital but part of same Louisiana state hospital program. It was where doctors went to train if they wanted to see really horrible conditions and not go to foreign countries.

    We treated diseases that were supposed to not exist in America.
    There seemed to be no routine cases, everyone was critical, dying, shot, run over, dying in delivery, in fires, wrecks, neglect.

    And yes, we found humor in the human chaos we dealt with. You did or go nuts. I was nuts, I loved it, couldn’t pass chemistry and calculus.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  96. Jackie, here is a little medical footnote to history with which you are probably familiar and many others are probably not. I had a cousin who passed away from complications from diabetes last year, just 10 days after my sister. She was an RN who, when she was last well enough to work, worked in a Baton Rouge hospital, on its ward for Hansen’s disease patients.

    Her favorite patients were from Carville. Although the leprosarium itself was closed in 1999, there were at the time about a dozen residents still there, all elderly, who had lived there their entire lives and had no families or anywhere else to go. But when they needed acute or long-term care, they were transferred to her ward. She said they were some of the sweetest people she had ever known, and she loved taking care of them.

  97. Add a strange bit of history to your story, Ghost. Carville is the home origin of James Carville, the Ragin’ Cajun now on Fox News but infamous for his political spin doctor plotting for politicians like President Clinton.

    Carville was named for James Carville’s grandfather (I believe not great-grand) who was postmaster there. James and I went to school together when he went to the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette. He dropped out, never finished. I notice he left this off his website and resume.

    James and I were friendly antagonists, he was as crazy then as he is now and just as bombastic and outrageous. Since I wrote most of the political commentary for the school paper, I routinely derided him in print and he spent a lot of time trying to get me to go out with him which I wasn’t the least interested in.

    If you saw Billy Bob Thornton in “Primary Colors” play Carville, you saw a toned down Carville. Doing his “Loving my mama” routines and hitting on women.

    I have visited three leprosarium’s, the one in Louisiana, the one Father Damian founded in Hawaii and an unnamed and terrible one in Venezuela that we weren’t supposed to be in.

    Your cousin was blessed I am most certain to have cared for these poor shunned people.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  98. When there was a big full page ad of Carville and Mary Matlin (spell check says that but it looks wrong) in bed together I went “Ukkk! ” and showed it to my daughter who went “Yuck” so when movie came out I made her watch it and she still said “Yuck” and agrees she would definitely not have dated Carville. Of course, she is a conservative anyway.

    I actually admit that three guys from REALLY good Southern families who went on to become multiple killers were guys I went out with but I drew the line at Carville. I can proudly say I would NOT date Carville.

    This has nothing to do with politics, just personality and obnoxiousness. Mine and his.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  99. Only you could make math indecent Ghost. 😀 What scares me is the distinct possibility you have a pretty solid idea of both Janis’s and Mary Lou’s real world measurements.

    In another two hours, I will have been up 24. After work today, I drove up to Peru (Northern Indiana has a weird facination with giving its towns names after southern locales. See also: Mexico, Galveston, and Chili – there are more.) Anyhow, Peru has a circus connection. Valid after-school endeavors include juggling, high wire, large animal stunts, and flying trapeze. The week-long festival is Circus Days, or the “annual corruption of the local youth to make lots of money” as my best friend’s mom calls it. Didn’t go see the show, just wandered around, eating lots of non-doctor approved foods and people watching. My friend’s sixteen year old niece declared us “too old” for the merry-go-round {whatever}, but not too old to get our faces painted. In a circus town, you get AWESOME face painting. 🙂

  100. Okay, the A&J cartoon for today goes right over my head. I think I could have understood it except for Arlo’s smile in the last panel. I asked The Man In My Life about it, and he said married couples have these ongoing dialogues. I just wish I had been the same age as him and I could have married him and could now see what he sees.

    Peace and Love,

  101. Nah, Lily, Ghost would be a far more interesting choice, even though I don’t know your special man I have known too many nice boys/men from the South and Tulane (right?) Wonderful manners and charm usually and well read. Is your special man my age? Heavens, I may have actually known him!

    Now, Ghost intrigues me for same reason. I have known too many well mannered and charming Southern bad boys too, witness admitting the ones who killed wives, girl friends, family and friends.

    And yet I have stayed married to one man for 47 years. My yard lady has had seven ex-husbands, which I told her that she should have NEVER done! Several of those were from good families too.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  102. Mindy, didn’t you have enough of a circus with the convenience store from hell? Cursed with evil and bizarre acts of mystery?

    I guess a circus of flying acrobats and wild animals seemed plain tame and restful.

    I’ve been watching boat porn for hours.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  103. Good morning Villagers….

    Gary…they euthanize the hens in what they call “kill boxes”. They literally throw them in this stainless steel box, turn on the carbon dioxide (I think that’s what it is), remove them and then literally throw them on a conveyor belt that literally ‘dumps’ them in a huge truck bed. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of this, but such is the agri business. It takes about 2 or 3 days to ‘kill’ 75,000 hens. Then they are transported to the corp and from there I don’t know.

    Before all this happens, they remove two or three hens, terminate their lives, and do an autopsy of sort….taking samples of meat from the hens to see if it is not contaminated with bacteria or other parasites……and I’ve heard many conflicting stories from soup companies to dog and cat food companies

    At the other hen house, they had the ‘kill boxes’ setting on the wooden front deck floor. The boxes were full, the floor had deteriorated due to water lines that had condensation on them for years. You guessed it, all three ‘kills boxes’ went through the floor, into the ‘pit’. My poor son was one of the lucky ones to have to go down there and retrieve the dead hens and boxes. He came home only wearing his underwear.

    It’s a brutal business….and I’m already not looking forward to the end of August.

    How’s that for a morning breakfast treat?

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  104. sand: Down, boy. I doubt that things will progress to Janis and Mary Lou discussing their undergarment preferences and sizes, and showing each other the bras they are wearing.

    But you never know. As I just observed, Jimmy has been know to throw us some curves. And with ML, he threw us some nice ones. 🙂

  105. Debbe 😉 My breakfast went down fine. And it included eggs. 🙂

    There are multiple processing plants in this area that use the broilers produced by the growing operations I mentioned recently, and I could tell you some even less appetizing stories about them. But, hey, we gotta eat. And agribusiness continues to insure that we have adequate, affordable food to eat. (See: “Third-World Food Production and Availability”)

    It’s nothing new. It’s how we all got here. As Janis once observed here, “Nature, red in tooth and claw.”

  106. There have been a few complaints about the length of story-arc JJ sometimes follows… I also follow 9 Chickweed Lane. I was surprised to see that the current story-arc there started last year, November 25 to be precise. THAT is a slowly developing story.

    For the issue of egg houses, broiler houses, feedlots, etc… If you don’t like it, then raise your own. Or buy from someone near you that raises it locally. However, be prepared to pay more for the privilege. The primary reason we have cheap, good quality food is corporate farming. Family farms may produce higher quality, premium, food but in general we have decided that price is more important than quality.

  107. I was reading Chickweed last night and thinking the same thing!
    When will this ever end? It has dragged out for so long I have lost track of the plot and wondered if Brooke had too?

    And somehow this melds with Edie’s/Eda’s story of HER spy/espionage in WWII and she found Bill in the mental hospital with amnesia? See, I have lost track, so the current arc must end badly for him as well- well, that seems inevitable.

    No, JJ moves them along smartly in more ways than one use of word.

    Jokes involving bras and curvature don’t bother me at all. There are a lot of great minds disguised by DDD.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  108. With little better to do, I went to the archives and discovered that the current arc in 9 Chickweed Lane actually started November 9, 2009. It ran until September 22, 2010. So the current thread there is ACTUALLY just a continuation, after a three year gap. My goodness!

  109. Yep, Chickweed Lane has replaced Apartment 3 G as the slowest moving strip in history I suspect. And yes, I was a fan of 3 G back in the day. A strip that also displayed pruriently nubile young women who spent time looking distinctly comely.

    Actually 3 G had better dialogue. And the Professor for a little intelligent observation now and then. What DID he teach?

    David, I always enjoy your knowledge and research. I just complain, don’t look for real data.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  110. Breaking News: According to a source close to the cartoon series “9 Chickweed Lane”, a new story arc will be introduced in late November of this year and run through the second quarter of 2015. In the arc, Edda Burber will cross her legs while wearing a micro miniskirt. A related but unverified rumor suggests that a subsequent arc, running for the following three months, will feature Edda indecorously uncrossing her legs and recrossing them in the other direction.

  111. As long as we’re admiring well drawn comely women, I bet David and Ghost can find some of the women from the Golden Age of Comics which had a LOT of women characters.

    The Dragon Lady was always a favorite of mine. I had fingernails down in Texas that I always called my Dragon Lady nails, a reference that passed over most people’s heads.

    Milton Caniff did fabulous pin up women characters. Al Capp’s hillbilly females were the creators of the original Daisy Mae’s and short skirts/micro mini’s. Who else remembers beautifully drawn women? Terry and the Pirates, Smilin’ Jack, Steve Canyon. There were more, I know.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  112. David, Jackie, et al.:

    I presume the ’09-’10 arc was Brooke’s take on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ The current one, which I check on only sporadically, is Brooke’s version of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Both arcs used only dialog from the actual plays, though not all of it. The arcs will take as long as Brooke’s version of the plays takes. If I’m wrong about the ’09-’10 arc, let me know. I followed Brooke’s MND more closely, but did not record the dates. IMO, given the tasks Brooke has set for himself, the arcs are not unduly long. The ‘courtship’ of Amos and Edda took a while, and was great, and I don’t think it was entirely meant to lead up to his spoof of the Tabu ad [though that was neat].

    Major gripe I have with Brooke is his common waste of the Sunday strip on Solange. My cat, M. Trouve’, is > interesting > Solange, and better looking.

  113. From time to time I watch (online) Old Faithful doing its thing. The eruption I just watched was one of the longest I’ve seen, with water spurting up at least 20 feet for over 3 minutes before it devolved to just steam. Glad I tuned in!

  114. Yes, Lily, but the way things are going for Martine and Bill, the rifle will hit the ground and discharge, killing all the British prisoners and attracting the attention of a nearby Panzer division which will come to investigate, finding them in flagrante delicto again.

    ::Sigh:: What a pair of “secret agents”.

  115. OK, I am going to sound stupid here but I have read both plays and seen them performed. I don’t see the WWII arc’s as using Shakespeare but I did think he was doing a homage to the old movies from period? I am not especially fan of old black and white movies from 1930’s and 40’s but that was what I thought I was reading?

    Guess it is deeper than I see on surface. Deep waters move slowly.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  116. Lily, Correctomundo! I don’t follow Pigborn at all, just occasionally peek in. The arc in 9CWL a few years ago was to explain who was Juliette’s father (and to expose that she was a “love child.) The current strip is to explain how Bill, Gran’s eventual husband, was injured and suffered amnesia. Apparently, it took quite a while…

    Back to A & J… what WILL Gene and Mary Lou do once the restaurant is sold? What will Arlo do with the schooner? Is there an early retirement in store, with sailing around the Caribbean?

    Jackie– regarding Dogpatch. I had the good luck to play ‘Lil Abner in the self-titled musical. There were several voluptuous high-school girls involved as well. One of my favorite lines, part of a song, “You deserve someone good-lookin, namely me. You deserve someone un-tooken, namely me. That is how I’ll remain, unless you get me (shall we say) in the family way, come next Sadie-Hawkins Day.” They are probably passe today, but the Sadie-Hawkins dance was always a highlight of the school year.

    Lot’s of well drawn women in the comics. There’s a newer artist, Frank Cho, that does a comic strip with frequently over-endowed women. You can see it at the website There is also a Frank Cho blog, but I won’t include that address, lest my comment go into the bottomless pit of moderation.

    (PS– It’s completely clear that I need to get out of this wheelchair, off my computer, and back into the real world.)

    (PPS– TruckerRon, disappointed that my stream broke… I missed the eruption of Old Faithful. )

  117. Perhaps Gene and ML will “go back to nature” as Arlo and Janis dreamed of doing, at the same time building a successful organic produce business around their farm.

    Perhaps Gus will be elected US Senator from whatever his state of residence is.

    Perhaps the S/V No Name will be lost in a freak boating accident while on a 3-hour cruise, stranding Arlo and Janis on an uninhabited isle and allowing Arlo to become truly “disconnected”, while Janis is portrayed in the increasingly skimpy remnants of her spaghetti-strap top and shorts.

    Perhaps I should quit daydreaming about Janis in the increasingly skimpy remnants of her spaghetti-strap top and shorts, get off my butt, and go to the gym.

  118. Heh, I don’t understand the romantic (to put it kindly) appeal of Janis, but then I know a lot of guys that crushed on Imoen in Baldur’s Gate, so I guess a lot of these things go over my head. Personally, I think the sexiest character in the comics today is Rip Haywire, but that’s just me.

    David, I follow Frank Cho’s blog, mainly because I love to see Dean get beaten up and I love the Frank and Brandy star-crossed lovers story line. The bear, the duck, and the wiener dog leave me cold, but I would love to step into the Tree-Top Tavern for a couple every night.

  119. Lily, not a gamer, so I had to google “Imoen in Baldur’s Gate”. But from the images that displayed, yeah, she’d do. 😉

    But I’d have thought Rip Haywire would be a bit too macho for your tastes. 🙂

  120. I believe the biggest revelation about the current 9CL arc is Bill *having* relationship with Martine. Bill knew Juliette wasn’t his and made Eddie feel so bad about this, it was a major stressor in their marriage. (As attested by the strained relationship with Eddie’s son/Juliette’s half brother, whose name escapes me.) I forsee a fatal ending for Martine, with blame somehow falling squarely on Bill’s shoulders. Hence, so much resentment towards Eddie and her still-living love.

    I think Gene and Mary Lou will use her half of the profits as start up money for a farm business. And doesn’t Gus still have the condos? I know he sold the hotel for the restuarant, but I believe he still makes money with those and honestly, really nothing stopping Gene and/or Mary Lou from working for the owners. However, Arlo better have some bank for those dock fees.

  121. David….ironically, my husband raised registered Black Angus for years….never did we have one butchered for ourselves. Husband said he would not eat what he feeds….sigh, and we had prime looking ribs roaming around.

    I would love to raise my own hens, but unfortunately, I cannot be around other fowl…Corp rule….diseases…I can’t even own a parrot 🙂

  122. As a teenager I had friend whose parents were Hispanic/central Americans. Her dad would say every time we sat down to eat arroz con pollo, “Someone had better go count the parrots again.”

    Got kinda old joke actually.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  123. Don’t know what dock fees are where restaurant is in Gulf but in a major city a good marina gets about $400 per month for a good sized schooner. Since I haven’t owned anything that big in a LONG time I may be guessing low.

    But I have been spending a lot of time on classic boat porn lately, so I’d be happy to take her off Arlo’s hands if Jimmy decides to sell her. Just don’t have a hurricane solve the problem of the restaurant and Arlo’s schooner. It is getting to be that season and I know that isn’t part of a plot anyone is considering I hope.

    Hint, I know Jimmy was greatly affected by Katrina and a hurricane arc could help resolve the feelings everyone still has who loves the coast. I watched Jimmy Buffett do the Bama Breeze video last night and I thought he wasn’t going to make it.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  124. I wouldn’t want to jinx us, but as I was discussing with my brother-in-law last weekend, except for Isaac in 2012, we’ve gone some time without a serious Gulf storm.

  125. Lily, you are too young! To me it seems like yesterday that Katrina hit. Camille seems that way too. All they ever found of Mike’s family camp was a slab and a pair of binoculars. And it was two blocks inland.

    NO Gulf hurricanes. I had a friend whose flower shop on beach in Pensacola area got 20 feet of sand inside twice in same year. He gave up and moved to Central America. Another one who did beach weddings moved up here to Oklahoma mountains, which is about like going to Honduras probably. They specialized in beach weddings and both shops just got wiped out.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  126. EMB, I can imagine the stench. The ammonia smell walking into an empty chiocken barn that has sat that way for a week or two is almost over powering but after a 1/2 with the high pressure hoses going, the ammonia level seemed to have been reduced significantly (or we had just gotten used to it).

    Debbie, I would hate to see those chickens go to waste. From what I have read, CO2 is supposed to quickly lead to unconsciousness and death in chickens. The most stressful part (for the chickens) is getting them into the chamber. There is a small probability that some critters won’t die and will revive later. Sigh.

    I can understand your attitude to purging the barn.

    I have a friend who has a small number of chickens and ducks. She has named each critter and I suspects she pats them on the head when she collects their eggs. I get the feeling that you would do the same thing if there were not so many of them.

  127. Gary: ‘EMB, I can imagine the stench.’

    At the zoo, most cleanup work is done daily before 10, when the public gets in. The smell wasn’t so bad, it was putting my fingers in the civets’ poopy water that took about 10 seconds’ conscious resolve the first time. After that, it was routine. Of course, I wasn’t in the same house every day, unless I was replacing a vacationing keeper. It was an interesting job. The big cat house keeper, or the head mammal keeper [or both in consultation] wouldn’t let me sub there, but I did help as a second keeper on ‘lion island’, adjacent to the African plains. All males, their cages were relatively hidden and not open to the public, and there was an inconspicuous moat separating them from the antelopes on the ‘plains’. There, the NH3 smell in the morning was major.

    I saw 1-2 things not directly related to the job that left me feeling rotten and cynical about some of society’s institutions, and how people treat their fellow humans when they can get away with it. Everybody is created equal, but, as George Orwell wrote in ‘Animal Farm’, ‘some are more equal than others.’

  128. Most of the time, Gus seems the sanest of them all and decidedly practical. What surprised me was Mary Lou’s hair. Was she bleaching it then? Because not only does she have a different style altogether but it is now BROWN.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  129. Learned a long time ago that you don’t want to eat things you name.

    I’ve always loved ducks since I was a little girl, more than chickens. In college I took ducks from my grandmother’s farm to put on Cypress Lake which they promptly disappeared from, probably to duck gumbo for some Cajun.

    We raised some baby ducks from a nest of eggs that got abandoned or the mom got eaten by something. This in a showroom with white fabric walls, white silk carpeting and hardwood floors!

    Ducks bonded to my oldest daughter who taught them to swim in the fancy fountain outside the office by going in with them. I cried so when they got hit by cars on Houston roads.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  130. Yes, Gary. I would…..I had a special when wax deformed and kept her in ICU for a long time, raised her up to drink from the water nipple (leg was swayed backwards) and would actually let her lay in the auger (not running of course) to eat the feed out of it. If one has a heart, it breaks…..

    Andrew just showed me this commercial…..awwwww…..can one just imagine what Budweiser pays for marketing:

  131. When we kept rabbits, rule was we can name the breeders, but not their young. Kids learned about raising meat for the table. Wife’s rabbit curry was A1. I occasionally come across rabbit at Greek or Middle Eastern restaurants. Domestic rabbits are descended from Oryctolagus cuniculus, the European rabbit that the Romans brought to Britannia. It’s the only colonial sp. in the family.

    Brits and Australians have done the usual [unintended] Darwinian experiment, tried to eliminate these pests with the viral disease, myxomatosis [sp?]. But they neglected to mop up all the survivors. Present day descendant rabbits in both places are mostly immune. Fancy that!

  132. A pleasing development in today’s “Stone Soup” comic strip … do any of the Villagers follow this one? It’s on the GoComics page with a bazillion other favorite comics — easy to find as they are in alphabetical order.

  133. You mean about ErrantEvie getting married? Well, they are old enough to do what they want, but I can’t but feel they are both being selfish. And, being a Christian, or trying to be one, I have an innate suspicion of rank selfishness and hedonism.

  134. Lily, if you’d been a few hundred miles east of where you are now on August 29, 2005, you’d remember Katrina. I gar-on-tee.

    You were close to right, Lady Mindy. I had forgotten that one but remember it now. And I really think The Dock’s days are numbered.

    Who remembers the full name of “The Dock”?

  135. Ghost, i was nineteen and in college, not paying a lot of attention. I went home for the weekend and remember that my mother and her friends were all upset. Then the darned thing hit and she had a pair of her friends (with like eight cats!) move in with her for weeks! I couldn’t take it and stayed at the dorm, though they were very nice (except for the cats!) . I remember how glad my mother was when they moved out into an apartment. That is the most unselfish thing I remember my mother doing, and she griped about it, plenty. We had a few families move into vacant rooms in our dorms, but they didn’t fit in and we ignored them. I was busy with classes and studying and pretty much ignored the whole thing. Pretty self-centered, huh? But, that’s teenagers for you

  136. Debbie, we are adding fence across the field behind the house so I can raise a calf to butcher. It will be grass fed, all natural beef. The steer I have lined up is a registered Lowline Angus. They are smaller than standard Angus are are supposed to be better grass converters and have higher carcass conversion rates. We’ll be calling the first calf “Sir Loin.”

  137. Jackie, two possibilities for ML’s hair color change. One, started blonde and changed to brown as she got older. (happened to me). Two, she got older, went to work and no longer had the time to sun on the beach and get natural bleaching. Either one sound likely to you?

  138. Lily, I am Episcopalian and not sure what faith (?) you are now as a Christian but most Episcopalian or Anglicans are pretty broadminded and ecumenical. Not that I follow that strip mentioned but we tend to believe that those in a committed relationship are o.k. whether married or simply living together. In fact we don’t even care which gender you are I would guess.

    Of course, I am about the most back slid Episcopalian you will find since Henry VIII. But I would say you would find N9CW to be described as hedonistic and selfish in their character’s behavior in most instances.

    Wait, I am getting confused over which viewpoint I am defending here—– I think I vote for hedonistic? And I am fairly sure we don’t encourage coveting thy neighbor’s wife or plow?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  139. I don’t intrude on people’s relationships or publicly shame them. I quietly pray for them to find God’s path for them and to make the wisest choices they can. When patients at the hospital ask for advice in making choices, I ask them to select the consequences they want to live with.

  140. Jackie, I too, am a high-church Episcopalian, but I don’t follow the higher-ups very closely. I’m not about to get into relationships since I fight shy of any except friendship and unconditional love. But it is not the Evie/Arnold relationship as such that makes me uneasy, it is that there are people that care about Evie (like Alix) that she seems to be ignoring. We are talking about Stone Soup. Bill and Francine in 9CWL are caught in a war zone and can do what they want for all of me.

  141. Yep, I’m another big fan of Stone Soup and was wondering if such a wedding would ever occur. I don’t see marriage as being at all selfish; when an available man and an available woman decide they want to be together, marriage is certainly better than shacking up. Too, the happily married pair are, apparently, great at building Habitat houses and long may they continue doing so.

    Grandma (Evie??) has no responsibility for raising the grandkids even though she’s been kind enough to help. That job is the responsibility of the parent(s).

    If I am being blind to some kind of selfishness, I hope someone will explain.

  142. Mark, I vote that Mary Lou was using peroxide to bleach hair or the coloring ladies mixed the dyes at the syndication office a little too light?

    I find her new look to be softer and frankly the long braid, softly gathered is a much more voluptuous look. In fact, she has most definitely gotten better looking as she has aged. Now the granddaughter apparently took after her unknown father? Who had darker hair? Unless that was Gus’ original dark hair color?

    Personally, I married a man whose entire genetic pool seemed to come from the Mediterranean and everyone had dark or silver hair, dark skin, dark eyes, tanned REALLY dark. So we have first child who I name Malia since we thought we’d still be in Hawaii.

    We were expecting Hawaiian surfer girl. We got natural blonde Barbie doll who looked like Cinderella most of her life. Whose baby was that? She was born in a hurricane, so she says switched at birth?

    Some blondes are real.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  143. CEXP- Some of us just type fast and don’t think or edit. Free flow, like the monkeys who can write the Bible or dictionary, I forget which!

    Goodnight Gracie!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  144. Punchier than usual, I thought for a minute there we were talking about Pigborn again and Shakespeare. No, make that Pearls Before Swine where pig just got called home by death……..

    Heck, I have been writing letters trying to pin down all my boating programs and lectures, watching videos that included Orca’s swimming beneath the boats during the Fastnet races, a friend who’s up in Georgia Bay and sent me video from yesterday running a tidal bore, all the while reading and writing with you guys! No wonder I am more than a little nuts!

    Who sent link to a great “Brown Eyed Girl” recording that was NOT Van Morrison’s or Jimmy Buffett’s? I can’t find it now!

    Good night again, Love, Jackie Monies

  145. Good morning Villagers….

    Running late….have to set out the ingredients for my ‘griddle cakes’ so Andrew’s girlfriend can assist little Brooklynne in making them…….Brooklynne Rose wants griddle cakes and she’s going to get them 🙂

    David…Sir Loin…..good one.l

    GR 😉 that is a good song, I remember when you posted it.

    But what I want to know is who sings that song in the Budweiser commercial link I posted above….come on guys……

    later……………off to work, it’s been almost 4 weeks since I’ve seen the Boss man, talked to him once…..I answered the phone a couple of days ago, and he said “yeah, Debbe, this is Mike.”….and I replied “Mike who?” He’ll be around now that the county fair is over. I told my husband he takes one month off and works the other 11 months, every day.

    ya’ll have a blessed Sunday

  146. My PSA for the day:

    Today is National Ice Cream Day. It is also National Lollipop Day. (It is also obviously not National Diabetes Awareness Day.)

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

  147. Good morning, Villagers. Just back from my wind sprints. I am definitely getting better. My endurance is stronger.
    My dog is, as usual, all hurty because I left her behind the fence when I went off. Silly thing, I have been doing it this way for months. When will she get used to it?
    Debbe, I just have to admire your sticktoitiveness. Give Brooklynne Rose a hug for me.

  148. Dear c ex p, I heartily agree with you, and am glad to find a fellow fan of Stone Soup. Let’s hope that Lilyblack’s comment was thoughtlessly sarcastic, or something. Alix will miss her grandmother very much, but when a woman wants to marry and share her life with a wonderful man, other family ties have to stretch farther. That’s just the way it is. Grandma will visit as much as she can, I’m sure.

  149. Debbe is at top of my list of “Most Admired Women” right alongside Mindy from Indy. I know strong women when I meet them. To Hades with idiots like the K. K. K. Women, Kim, Kloe and Kourtney!

    True beauty is something altogether different!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  150. You guys made me look at Stone Soup, which I had not for a long time, so I had to go back and read archives to see what was going on. Love can be rewarding at any age or stage in life and is deserved by all.

    As a florist, I had a rule, “No holiday weddings” which I broke for a wonderful 86 year old customer who married her childhood sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. They refound each other after all those years and refound love.

    Hedonic all the way! Go Seniors!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  151. Jackie, I got a laugh in a store yesterday. Was standing in line and saw this: one magazine titled Discovery’s Big Book of Sharks and nest to it was a celebrity magazine with the K sisters on the cover. Wonderful product placement!

  152. Back when we landed on the moon I refused to own a t.v. set, so we watched at a neighbor’s. My grandmother who raised me refused to believe we had actually gone to moon and was a conspiracy theorist (or fundamentalist religion or both) My best friend’s grandfather was minister at huge African American church in New Orleans and preached a sermon on same motif.

    Friend was so embarrassed. She said at least my granny had a more limited congregation! We decided that except for major issue of skin colors, we should introduce them, as both were single having outlived spouses.

    I was not born into an Anglican family. Dropped off by aliens instead of a stork.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  153. So, the conspiracy theories have to do with fundamentalist religion? Call me crazy, but I sure haven’t read anything in the Bible that says that man couldn’t go to the moon. Maybe somebody could enlighten me.

    Charlotte, I may be thoughtless, and, I am told, frequently am, but almost never am sarcastic. 😛

  154. My question to conspiracy theorists (moon, JFK, etc.) would be this – How many people can be involved in something and ALL of them keep it a secret, especially when there would be money to be made by revealing it?

    Lack of understanding of the history of technology helps to feed some of their ideas. Sure it would be easy to fake some of the images we’ve seen – with today’s resources. Not so easy with the computers of the 1960s and 2″ videotape on a reel-to-reel machine the size of a large refrigerator.

  155. Because I was looking for a Brown Eyed Girl, not a Brown Eyed Woman! Thank you, Ghost. Always look for women, not girls is a good rule for life.

    That is a truly beautiful song and video as well. You have good taste in music, by the way.

    I love Righteous Brothers so have no idea why I’d not heard it?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  156. Funny, I had ancestress who were left at age 15 to take care of farm in wilderness, had child already, middle of winter freezing in log cabin, chopping own wood, nursing another young male farmhand who was critically ill, delivered her own baby in middle of all this, cared for any animals still alive. I don’t think she was a girl, I think by then she qualified as a strong woman.

    It slips my mind where the heck the husband was in all this but I’d venture he was off “adventuring” somewhere? Funny, I remember her and not him?

    Some people become women and men too ahead of schedule.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  157. You guys are funny! With men it’s called a Peter Pan complex. Now Wendy, that’s another whole can of different worms. Wendy complex people want to mother the young male childs.

    I can’t remember what women who want to stay girls are called?

    Husband is asking for leftover meat loaf lunch!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  158. The Man In My Life calls me shorty, short stuff, gremlin, smurf, brownie, and cutie, but never “Princess.” My dad calls me “sweet baby dumpling” and has ever since I can remember.

  159. Wouldn’t a conspiracy that no one knows about be an oxymoron? A conspiracy can go from a secret to public knowledge and that doesn’t change the fact that it began as a conspiracy. It also doesn’t preclude disagreement about all of the facts. There is still disagreement about Dr. Mudd and the woman who was hanged with the Lincoln conspirators. UFO’s have been seen by large crowds of people and captured on film and there is still controversy. To live on top of an active earthquake fault line is to deny reality.

  160. To quote Benjamin Disraeli, “I don’t believe a word of it.” Somebody would have talked by this time. Paranoia is not one of my faults. Being a smartie and an attention hog are two that are. 😀

  161. Being in a magnanimous mood, I will simply concede that Lily is still a girl. 😉

    Jackie, I believe the female version of a “Peter Pan” would be a “Princess Pan”. And one sign that she is a Princess Pan is that she will sleep with a Peter Pan. (What other woman in her right mind would?)

    Ref whether the moon landing was real, I will simply observe that back in the day, the people who thought the landing was faked were very often the same people who thought professional wrestling was real.

  162. Lily:

    ‘Get ‘em, Buzz. Of all silly theories, I have never understood that one. What would be the point?’

    Maybe the point was that someone suddenly realized there was no conspiracy theory about that subject. That seemed suspicious to them, so . . ..

  163. I checked the History Channel 2 schedule earlier, and I was disappointed to find no listing for any shows that examined the theory that NASA contracted out the Apollo program to aliens.

  164. 1. LOVE Stone Soup. Probably next favorite after A&J, or maybe also just after Pickles.
    2. I have always said that I don’t mind getting older, since I plan never to “grow up.”

  165. Dear Lilyblack, I like your quote about staying immature; it’s funny. However, I must say that although I’m pretty old, I’m still immature in many ways and it’s not so good. Reacting without thinking; procrastinating; not being able to decide about things. At least I am not a spendthrift … I can say that. I am extremely frugal!

  166. The only comic besides A&J I read daily is Dilbert, to demonstrate solidarity with him, as we both seem to work for an evil, pointy-haired boss.

  167. GR6, of course we didn’t contract out Apollo to aliens. Never would have had the 3 deaths in the testing phase if someone who had done this before had been in charge.
    Now, with the way this Administration has handled NASA, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Obama contracted out missions to aliens. After all, he has already made us dependent on the Russians for lift capacity.

  168. The “What’s Up Dock.” At least it was until Gene told the name to everyone and Warner Brother’s sent their bunny ears lawyer in to “fix” things. 🙂

    Jackie – I got nothing on Debbe. I just go in and do what I can with what I have. Although if my employees don’t get in line, I’m borrowing Debbe’s whip. I could use Blacklight’s cat toy as a bullwhip, but she likes to sleep with it and doesn’t let it get too far.

  169. The nicest compliment I ever got as a boss was the employee who told me that until she worked for someone else, she didn’t realize how I made it possible for everyone to work and do their job. She said we were like an army where each person knew what they had to do and we did it together, but it was me who planned the battles and was the general. But no one knew who the general was because I was in the trenches with them fighting.

    You’d have to work in a big busy flower shop at Valentines or Mothers’ Day or weddings to understand that one. But I think a convenience store or a chicken house could be just as bad. In fact, growing up in the wedding industry you quite likely know!

    Going to bed! I am “boated out” and punchy and have to get up early and go order more concrete and pay EARLY before the workers make it here to spread it.

    I used to tell my employees that if anyone came in and tried to rob them, to give them the money and then beat the heck out of them with the REALLY long stemmed roses with REALLY big thorns.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  170. Jackie, I guess that is like a medical facility. The doctor, mainly The Boss Of My Life, is the general and we are the little enlisted people doing our duties. I like to think I have made sergeant.

  171. Up late (early?) proofreading, and Jimmy’s breaking of the 4th wall in today’s strip almost made me laugh out loud and wake the rest of the tentatively asleep household. Excellent!

  172. Good morning Villagers…..

    Gosh guys, thanks for the kind words, I am humbled…..of all the jobs I’ve had from the bridal industry to doing night audits at hotels, I love this job….I think it’s the solitude.

    Yesterday afternoon, the 15 year old and I were walking the aisles looking for the dead, and the hens were all cooing….I stopped, looked at Dakota, and said “listen, isn’t that the most peaceful sound you’ve heard?” He looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Simple things in life make me smile. And I’m still trying to find out, and I know he did it, why a hen’s head came in on the rod conveyor into the packing room. He’s denying it, but, he’s the mischievous one and he did my point about how disgusted I was with that episode.

    And Indy Mindy…you are to be admired….you work with The Consumer….and Jackie knows about that too.

    GR 😉 (blushing here) so sweet to have found that song. (Never heard of the group Passenger, gonna check out their other songs) Thanks, and Angel of the Morning? Day off? Don’t know, another monthly inspection is coming up….and I see too much to get done.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Oh, my husband assisted Brooklynne with the griddle cakes yesterday…my husband said it didn’t turn out very well…edible, but messy 🙂

    And Lily…when Brooklynne returns I’ll give her an extra hug.

  173. Jackie…the kindest words ever spoken to me by an employer are the ones that came from the Boss man I work for now.

    Thought I’d broken the new “used” packer….I was crying, over the phone to him, and he said “Debbe…it can be fixed…you are the kind of employee every employer wishes they had working for them.” I stopped crying, and said thank you….then he made me overseer-er of my hen house!! Men sure know how to ‘woo’ you!

  174. Debbie, when a kid is making or helping to make a meal, messy is always the best. It is how you know they really had a hand in it (literally).

  175. I need to correct my previous post. A couple of years ago, I read an excellent biography of Neil Armstrong by James Hansen. Recently another biography by Jay Barbee, NBC space reporter came out. His book strayed a bit from Armstrong’s story but if you enjoyed the space program, it was interesting.
    Late in the book, Barbee mentions Buzz’s punch and I realized that this happened in 2009. Buzz is now 84 and not 79. However Barbee explained that you would have to believe that the US government killed the Apollo 1 astronauts if they were trying to fake it. I am sure these folks have a convoluted explanation.
    I think that it is important not to believe everything that you read and sometimes things are portrayed in a positive light, but organizing a lie is a very difficult things

  176. Good morning, Villagers. I didn’t see it coming. Well, not in that strip, but then I am famously (among my friends) non-percipient. It’s a beautiful morning, here, after a beautiful weekend. The Man In My Life roasted a chicken yesterday, and I thought of Debbe.

  177. Steve, since I handled the benefits paid to the civilian astronauts from Apollo 1 who died in the fire in the capsule, that would make me part of any conspiracy. Yes, all I saw were the documents the government sent me to substantiate payment of benefits but I did pay such awards. I also personally knew at least one of the widows later in life.

    The only conspiracy I knew of that was a cover up was the deaths were not instantaneous nor painless. Even the witness statements I got were probably sanitized and less gruesome than reality.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  178. Re conspiracy theorists: One thing I’ve noticed about them is that the ones that ride their particular hobby horses into the ground are usually the ones that make a considerable amount of money from their books, paid appearances, and now (I imagine) their web sites.

    As always, “Follow the money trail.”

  179. Jackie, if you need some more sailing songs, here are a few I found…

    Sailing Ships (White Snake)
    When I Go Sailing (Kenny Peck & The Smokey Jack Band)
    Sailing I Would Go (Gareth Watson)
    Sailing to Philadelphia (Mark Knopfler)
    I Go Sailing (Stevie Wonder)
    I Will Go Sailing No More (Randy Newman) (also by Los Lobos)
    Let’s Go Sailing (Shara Michelle Austin)
    Ship is Sailing (Jimmy Cliff)
    Sailing on a Ship (Phil Wickham)
    Big Ship Sailing (Freddie McGregor)
    The Sailor’s Alphabet (Seamus Kennedy)
    I Could Go Sailing (Cruize Control) -This is probably my favorite on this list.

    I would suggest Jimmy Buffett’s False Echoes (Havana 1921) but that would probably make most everyone cry, even the SEALs and other spec ops guys. It does me. (Reminds me of my dad and his closest brother.) If you must have a Buffett song, Son of a Son of a Sailor, perhaps?

  180. Good morning, Villagers.
    I’d forgotten that story about Aldrin punching out a “theorist” until reminded of it today.
    I had the pleasure of listening to Harrison Schmidt talk of the Apollo program a number of years ago. I even got to speak directly with him for a short exchange.

  181. Talking the day today, supposedly to clean up from yesterday’s leaking ice-maker water line, but mostly because I felt lazy and have so much vacation time accumulated I’m about to lose some of it. No biggie. Hey, I lived through Katrina. At least the water wasn’t coming through a big ol’ hole in my roof. Or from not having a roof. Or walls.

    Maybe I should do like the guy in the computer-backup TV commercial and spend the day eating ribs, racing a go-cart, practicing tennis and diving for lobster. Well, eating ribs, anyway.

  182. Thank you Ghost!!!! I only had one of those songs so far.

    Were you a disc jockey playing music at one time in your life? You are quite good at locating and on mixes!

    If anyone wonders, I am going to do song mixes to play on loops on CD’s for audio/sound background but also DVD’s with the videos to do on screen with continuous play loops too, so I am working on subjects of tall ships and historic ships, cruising and sailing videos, music that has sailing or water videos to go along, and some just plain fun videos and music.

    Since I have never done any of this on my own, I will be going to e-how for instructions and how to do.

    Like we don’t have a great program(s) already, but I thought I’d do this for people who might want to sit around, rest, watch or listen, drink some beverages, whatever.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  183. Good afternoon mates, appears the Chief Petty Officer is still in the machine shop. Smoke ’em if you have ’em. I will mosey up topside and relieve GR6 from mermaid watch; those 20×50’s cause eyestrain after four hours on.

  184. Here’s a song that will tear out your heart if you’re from the Delta area. Aaron Neville doing “Louisiana 1927”. My mom lived through this one and evacuated, water got into some of house but it was sitting on cypress pilings that a man could still walk under in those days. The drain holes to let water through cypress floors were still there when I mopped the floors in the 1960’s.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  185. OK, I am computer idiot! Why can’t I get these video links to work? Someone out there please link Aaron Neville and Louisiana 1927 for me!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  186. Never in the Navy; known and worked with a Senior Master Chief and a couple fine CPO’s. Also have broken bread with Marines, Air Forcees, and a former NVA political Officer.

  187. Jackie, add: “High and Dry” by Gordon Lightfoot.
    “East India Company” by BJ Stevenson
    “Rolling Home” by The Brothers Four
    “Whup Jamboree” ditto
    “Bell Bottom Trousers” by lots of singers, some of them naughty
    “Sink the Bismarck” by Johnny Horton
    “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash
    “Farewell to Tarwathie” by Judy Collins
    “Shenandoah” by Tennessee Ernie Ford
    and my favorite:
    “The Last Farewell” by Roger Whittaker

  188. Jackie: Nope, hon, no DJ experience. I just have very eclectic tastes in music; have spent a lot of time listening to it over the years; and was blessed with some degree of my paternal grandmother’s near-eidetic memory. Since I seem to have some time on my hands today, I’ll see if I can come up with a few more sailing tunes for you.

    I was going to say, “Now, if I could just get Lily to broaden her tastes in music. It seems to me that listening to only two genres of music is like eating only two food dishes; no matter how good they are, you are missing a lot due to a lack of variety.” But from the play list she just posted, she must have listened to some other genres at some point.

  189. Multi Airforce personnel of both genders and varied rank. Pilots, nurses, crew chiefs, and flight nurses. Hence, I call ’em Air Forcees.

  190. Ghost: You don’t seem to remember that I live with a geezer and so I just called him and he reeled off that list. I haven’t heard half of them, but I do like “The Last Farewell”.

  191. “The Last Farewell” by Roger Whittaker
    A great favorite of mine also, Lilyblack. I had a double album of his that I played a lot back in the day.

  192. Oh ho, so you cheated, Lily. Then let me say, I wish I could get you to broaden your tastes in music. It seems to me that listening to only two genres of music is like eating only two food dishes; no matter how good they are, you are missing a lot due to a lack of variety. 🙂

  193. I have listened to other genres, Ghost. They mostly bore me when they don’t actively disgust me (rap and country are high on this list). I heard parts of a country ditty at the grocery store that said in part something about if you want to ride my (something) you have to ride it all night long. I am still revolted. Like I say, I like to sing but I don’t particularly like to listen to other people singing. I like listening to instruments, though

  194. I just returned from the post office. As I was leaving, I paused to help an older gentleman using a walker navigate two sets of double glass doors at the entrance. Because of the delay, as I approached my car in the parking lot I was rewarded with the sight of a very attractive young lady wearing a very short skirt alighting from a very tall FWD pickup.

    Although I do believe that virtue is its own reward, apparently there are sometimes bonus points.

  195. Your geezer you live with would probably love my “regatta”. It is full of gray haired, bearded and distinguished men, most of whom are highly educated and articulate. And happen to build and sail small traditional boats mainly!

    It just isn’t a serious, stuffy yacht club regatta. I tell you we are dubbed “Boatstock” for a good reason!

    Oh, and we like music of all kinds, many of our members play musical instruments and bring them along.

    Am not sure if our “Super Model” member will be coming this year? She is for real and the sweetest, and most Christian, beautiful woman. Without her we’re usually not covered with bikinis, sorry Ghost.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  196. Lily, in case I could change your mind about boats, I will add that among my members are at least eight ordained ministers. One was head of chaplain training at the Air Force Academy.

    Sometimes the boat names give them away, like Jubilee.

    How about opera? I used to keep a set of box seats at the Houston opera and symphony.

  197. Whatever blows your skirt up, Lily. (Not a reference to my above comment.) I’m just glad that you like and appreciate some types of music. I’m a bit of a Mozart geek myself. And I will agree that some C&W song writers seem to have checked both their taste and good judgment at the door when they arrived for work. I used to listen to a local C&W FM station on the way to work, until I realized that many of the songs they played were inappropriate for that time of day. And some of them were inappropriate for any time of day.

  198. Did someone say “Super Model”? 😉

    I recently said that Lily was the only model I know. Now I know two. A tall, brunette, 30-something lady who, as a teen, did quite well as a runway and print model. She even worked in Europe for a while. Now, of course, she has gotten “fat”…by model terms. Meaning she has a normal, attractive figure.

  199. Actually, sand, if I’d been a perfect gentleman, I would have stopped and spotted for her while she did her 3.5-degree-of-difficulty dismount from the pickup…while not looking at what she was displaying.

    Oh, well, no one is perfect.

  200. Jackie, I have truly tried to develop a taste for opera and the ballet, since I have friends that I attend the Dallas Symphony with. Some operatic songs, like “Habanera” from Carmen I find quite exciting, but I get bored between songs. I think it would have been better if they had not installed those electronic thingies that translate. I can’t keep my eyes off them. Even the words to “Habanera” are pretty dull in translation, but I think that is pretty much the problem of all poetry translations. Ballet is simply excruciating for me. Maybe Ghost would like it with all the pretty girls.
    As for The Man In My Life, I have yet to see him in a group that he didn’t wind up being the center of attention. He loves to tell stories and he has a great laugh, not annoyingly loud but very amused, as he views most things, especially me. But he wouldn’t go anywhere without The Boss Of My Life and she dislikes travel. It’s as much as we can do to get her to take a vacation once or twice a year.

  201. A lady at a car show demanded that I stop playing “Save a Horse,
    Ride a Cowboy” because it was a dirty song. I didn’t stop and she came up again and she wasn’t happy. I stopped the song and instead played Little Richard singing “Sure Love to Ball”. Apparently that was ok as I didn’t see her again.

  202. Darn it, I missed it again! I was over watching video’s on HMS Victory, USS Constitution, other historic boats.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  203. Next OF eruption is predicted for 8:16 pm CDT. A few of the faithful are sitting there in rainwear or with umbrellas. Peace, emb

  204. He/she’s late. I’m watching the stream now, at roughly 1930 MDT and there doesn’t seem to be much going on. Everyone is standing around, watching expectantly but the only action is poofs of steam. Looks like there has been a rain shower, so not a huge crowd.
    I remember Yellowstone as amazingly striking. My best moment was not the geysers, mountains, bears, bison, or moose. The best moment was catching a cut-throat trout in Lake Yellowstone with my ultra-light rod and reel. It was a cloudy day, but just as I pulled the trout in close a sunbeam broke through and highlighted the fish’s glorious color.
    Thar she blows! At 19:36 we are treated with huge clouds of steam. Can’t tell for sure what the water is doing. Lots of steam in the background, some of the other geysers may be doing more to show than Old Faithful. The viewing crowd seems to be bored and moving on to other sights.

  205. Good morning Villagers….

    Loon 🙂 I once saw that sticker on the bumper of a car and have remembered it since.

    Gremlins running amok at work along with testosterone……and it’s going to be 91 degrees here today.

    Running late…

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

    GR 😉 you’re such a gentleman not to have ogled on…….but I have a theory about tall trucks and women in short skirts…..if you’ve got it, flaunt it 🙂

  206. Gary, and you’re so right about the “hand on” mess….but the kitchen was clean when I got home. When I let her do the mixing and pouring the batter into the pan…I just let it go….there’s plenty of water and dish soap. She loves the electric mixer. May have to look for a mini version.

  207. Loon, I remember that shirt, but never owned it. My claim to fame was the “Conserve Water- Shower With A Friend” shirt…worn at a Baptist college. 😉

    Lily, I can’t say I like all country music, but I do like a lot of it. Sometimes it just takes a while to find the perfect country song.

    Debbe, as “they” say, sometimes it ain’t the heat, but the humidity. I went outside yesterday before 8am and the air felt like wet cotton so I stayed inside in the air conditioning for the rest of the day.

    Ghost, 🙂

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