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As I told you yesterday, I’m in Kansas City, visiting Andrews McMeel Universal, the home office. And boy, howdy! I have seen—or tasted—an entire new dimension to our old best-barbecue argument. The barbecue here is great! And much of it is beef. When I was told last evening we’d be going out for barbecue, I imagined picnic tables and a roll of paper towels. Instead, we went to a renovated freight depot which is home to several fine restaurants, including a palatial barbecue establishment (“Joint” does not suffice.) like none I’ve ever seen. I knew you were going to ask me the name, but it escapes me at the moment. I’ll bet someone here can supply it. I must run now. Another day of hob-nobbing with syndicate execs, but I’ll be home tonight. Meanwhile, we wrap up the art-festival series.