Art for art’s sick

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OK, I never really saw a painting called “Road Kill” at the aforementioned art festival. I did see a lot of cute paintings, though.

What I started to tell you yesterday about Paris, Tennessee, was that my friend who was born there remembers when the town was served by an airline. Now, this is a town that a year ago had 10,000 people, and it probably didn’t have that many a generation ago. Yet, incredible as it seems today, Paris was served briefly by Southern Airways. (You can find just about anything on the Internet, and some of it might even be true!) It wasn’t so unusual as it sounds. Many small cities and large towns were served by regional airlines that after the war flew mostly DC-3s, said to be perhaps the most successful aircraft ever built. When I moved to St. Simons Island, Georgia, a young man just out of college in 1975, something called Florida Airlines was flying the venerable plane in and out of that small coastal town at a regular clip. I wish I’d taken a flight when I had the chance.